Let’s rethink your where.

The Suburban Jungle team uses on the ground research, technology and personalized know-how to provide a curated and objective approach to helping you find the perfect neighborhood.

Imagine if you had someone who would learn your lifestyle, your wants, and needs—then match you perfectly with the town and home that’ll begin the next (incredible) chapter of your life…
Our no-rush approach comes at no cost to you – we only get paid through the agent commission once you find your dream home. We created Suburban Jungle because we knew that deciding where to plant your roots and call home deserved a lot more attention than just opening a door to a house you found online.
Meet Our Innovative Strategy Team

Tell us about YOU! You can get started through either of our two options:

Our INNOVATIVE STRATEGY TEAM will be your “go to” unbiased, truly objective advisor throughout your entire search. We’ll help you understand where to look + why. Learn how hundreds of towns stack up against each other, and find out about everything you simply can’t google.

Oh and by the way…

We are NOT real estate agents, so rest assured knowing that we are not set on selling you on a house. Our goal is to make sure that you take this next step in your life with complete confidence.

Receive Your Personalized Home Search Strategy
(on your app in minutes!)

Our strategy team + our proprietary technology will develop a customized home search strategy uniquely for you.

From your Jungler dashboard, you will be able to review detailed town information, prioritize neighborhoods, schedule tours with our partner agents, chat with locals, review insider guides, schedule follow up strategy calls with your strategist, and more!

Get Out And Explore!

Now the fun starts… get out and explore with our local partner real estate agents, and even chat with locals to get a true insider’s look into life in town. You can schedule easily on your app!

After each tour, your strategist will help you digest all of what you have seen, and understand how it compares to the other towns on your strategy. We are here for you every step of the way.

All of the great insight, service, handholding… Everyone always asks us "why is there no charge to me?"

In the world of real estate, the seller typically pays all commissions, and our fees come from those commissions.


How We Work

Free forever … no catch. And no joke.


Speak with your personal, objective STRATEGIST.

Nope, not a real estate agent but rather your own personal advisor who is part of our innovative suburbs strategy team. They know not just one area or town, but ALL the towns you can possibly move to so they can provide real unbiased advice. Award winning, know it alls who can provide the inside look into hundreds of towns— not just commute and taxes, but the true personality of the town… all of the things you can’t google … Talk to real people, who have done the research for you… Click here for an overview of what to expect during your strategy call.


Home search strategy on your app and in your inbox in minutes!

Know where to look and WHY…. and with WHO! Everything you need, within minutes at your fingertips- fully curated. Here you can schedule with our local partner agents (or have our personal concierge coordinate all tours and experiences for you)... chat with your personal strategist (more therapy than real estate!) And more …


Get your INSIDER info, tour your selected towns, meet our locals who tell you like it is. Find your happy place and live happily ever after.

Tour with our local partner agents who have been hand selected and trained to work as part of our innovative suburbs team. All of these tours are fully curated and managed by your personal strategist who is there from start to finish. Our personal concierge will also set up personal suburbs “experiences” for you and your family, on demand!.... As part of your curated team, you also get a town insider, or “local” that will be able to guide you and provide you all insider insight into town living. An insta-friend before you move!


Helping You Find Your Happy Place

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Great, smart group that really has its eyes and ears outside the city, helping to make your move successful.

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