Suburban Jungle Strategist Katie Ostrander Moves to the Foothills West of Denver

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Today, this lifelong Coloradan is helping families from around the state — and around the country — discover Denver


Suburban Jungle Strategist Katie Ostrander is no stranger to the greater Denver area. A lifelong Coloradan, Katie grew up just west of Denver before heading to Colorado State University in Fort Collins. After college, she spent a decade in the city of Denver.

“I got set up on a blind date with my now-husband,” Katie says. “On our third date, I took him up to the foothills near a neighborhood called Genesee. We rode bikes then sat outside, in this spot that overlooked the city. He had recently moved to Colorado from Washington, DC and I remember him saying, ‘this is exactly what I imagined when I moved to Colorado.’” 


Katie, too, loved the area but, as she explains, it wasn’t exactly the place 20something singles moved. 


“It’s in the mountains — this definitely isn’t downtown Denver,” she says. “It’s an amazing spot for young families and people who love being outdoors. That’s what I always imagined doing — having kids in the city, spending a few years there, then moving to a spot like Genesee.” 


A pre-baby move to the Colorado mountains
Weeks later, though, everything changed — and Katie’s suburban timeline shifted. After exploring condos and lofts in downtown Denver, Katie and her now-husband wound up back in the foothills — and bought the fourth house they saw. Eighteen months later they got married and, a year after, welcomed their daughter. Seven years later and they’re still loving life in the mountains. 


“We love this neighborhood,” Katie says. “It’s also been great for our daughter, especially in this last year. So many young families moved to the area recently, from Denver and all over. During the summer we’d head to the neighborhood pools and we’d meet families who’d just moved here a month or two ago. And it hasn’t stopped!” 


This influx of new residents, Katie says, is partially attributed to a boom in tech companies in the area. Downtown Denver, she notes, has welcomed enterprises including Wix, DAT Solutions, Pax8, Sophia Genetics, and more. 


“It’s like our own Silicon Valley,” she says. “In the last few years, Denver’s tech profile has really accelerated, and that’s changing life in the city and the suburbs. I grew up here so, for me, the change is considerable — the Denver area is much more cosmopolitan and feels more like a big city, especially downtown.” 


Helping families find “home” in the greater Denver area
In February 2021, Katie joined the Suburban Jungle team, with an eye on introducing the brand to the greater Denver community. After launching in South Florida, Austin, and Dallas last year, Denver is the latest addition to the company’s 12-market reach.


“I’m thrilled to be part of Suburban Jungle and thrilled to introduce people to the Denver area — a place I love and love living,” Katie says. “I’m looking forward to helping more families explore and get to know suburbia. As people quickly see, there’s truly something for everyone — the suburbs here are so diverse and have so much to offer.” 


She also loves showing people the real Denver. 


“We’ve had so many people coming from other parts of Colorado and other parts of the country — and the world,” Katie says. “Many people who haven’t visited have this perception of Denver as this sleepy Western town. While that may have been true decades ago, Denver is hustling and bustling now. It’s a sprawling city with lots to do in the city and the suburbs. And, now, Suburban Jungle is here to help families navigate the landscape and find their ideal place to call ‘home.’” 


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