5 Reasons Thanksgiving is Better in the ‘burbs

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Best Thanksgiving in the NYC Suburbs

More space means more fun — and that’s just the beginning.


Cities definitely know how to celebrate the season — but there’s something extra special about Thanksgiving in suburbia. Some of the reasons we love holidays in the ‘burbs…


1. One word: SPACE 
Chances are you’ll score a lot of extra space once you settle in suburbia. While that’s a perk year-round, during the holidays more space means a bigger table and plenty of room for even more guests to gather ‘round. While cramming 20 of your closest friends and family into your apartment might not have been doable, in a house people can spread out and enjoy. 


2. Create a next-level feast 

With that suburban space, often, comes a more spacious kitchen — and oven. Gone are the days of cooking in shifts or, even, asking to borrow your out-of-town neighbor’s oven for the day. In the ‘burbs you’ll be able to make all the sides and pies you want, without the hassle or headaches. Cheers to that. 


3. The fun doesn’t have to end with the pumpkin pie… 

In addition to the bigger kitchen, you’ll be able to host friends and family for more than just a meal. Whether it’s an extra room (or two) or simply using your space more creatively, in suburbia it’s much easier to invite guests to stay for the weekend — no hotel required. 


4. Spots to snag local produce…and pies 
Farms, farm stands, farmers’ markets — they’re all suburban realities. Sure, cities have farmers’ markets, too, they’re usually limited to one day per week and, during the holidays, jam-packed with urban dwellers hoping to fill their bags with seasonal eats. In the ‘burbs, expect even more access, from local go-tos to small bakeries and stands offering fresh holiday favorites.


5. Local football games 
It’s a holiday tradition — but in suburbia you’ll no doubt have a chance to cheer on your local high school teams on and around Thanksgiving. Not only is this a great way to mix, mingle, and meet new friends and neighbors, but as your kids get older, heading to the game will help you and your crew stay connected to the extended community. 


6. Easy ways to burn off the stuffing 
We loved our annual post-dinner touch football game in Central Park, but heading to the backyard for kick-off is even better. Not only is it easier to just step out the backdoor (versus packing up overstuffed kids, pets, and relatives and attempting to snag a cab), but if the temperature drops or it winds up being a little rainier than expected, there’s no worrying about finding a last-minute Uber…on a holiday. 


Football not your thing? Countless communities host Turkey Trots, downtown strolls, and Black Friday shopping events so you can get your steps in without the city crush. You can even set up a family-friendly scavenger hunt, kickball game, or other low-key activity in the backyard pre- or post-meal. 


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