Crime in Chicago is Up—and That’s Sending Many to the Suburbs

Dec 26, 2017

An increase in crime rates is making the Chicago suburbs an even more appealing—and safer—option

If there’s one thing we’ve discovered in working with countless Chicago-area families it’s this: no two areeverthe same. Sure, every parent wants A+ schools for their kids, but “A+ schools” means something different from family to family. And, likewise, people want access, opportunities and plenty of activities—but, again, each of those must-haves looksprettydifferent from family to family.


That said, though, there’s one thing moms and dadsdon’twaiver on: safety. Parents consistently rank their kids’ safety as their number one concern. Not surprisingly, a host of crime- and safety-related fears account for eight of the 10 “big problems” parents worry about nationwide—think bullying, internet safety, gun violence and school violence, among other hot buttons. And, in that vein, it’s not surprising that more and more Chicago families are heading to the suburbs—the most recent census data indicates Chicago islosing more residentsthan any other city in the U.S.


Violent crime in Chicago continues to rise. Between 2015 and 2016, shooting victims rose by46%, and homicides were up57%—levels the city and the country haven’t seen in more than two decades. The city alone accounted for22%of the country’s homicide increases—more than New York City and LAcombined.




On the heels of these recent increases, more and more families are packing up and heading to the suburbs. Last year alone, Cook County saw a21,300resident drop, more than any other county. Just outside of city limits, though, two popular Chicago suburbs—Lake in the Hills in the northwest and western suburb Bartlett—were named theseventh and ninths safest spotsin America, respectively. Bartlett had 90% less crime than most U.S. cities. Crimes were even lower for Lake inthe Hills, which reported by 19 violent crimes in 2017.

And these suburbs aren’t alone. Other Chicago suburbs to make thetop 50safest included Buffalo Grove (#12), Wheaton (#32), Hanover Park (#37), Huntley (#43), Hoffman Estates (#46) and Arlington Heights (#49).


It’s a stark contrast to what’s happeninginthe city, and a big reason so many families are finally opting to make the move from urban to suburban. For many, it was a long time coming—they wanted the suburban schools, the big backyards, the space and the overall experience of raising their kids in suburbia. Seeing these increases in crime and citywide violence, though, was the tipping point, though—and judging from the latest numbers, we’re expecting to see more and more families make the leap in the New Year.


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