Dads We ❤: Harris Rosenblatt Brings His Passion (and His Tennis Game) to the Suburbs

Jun 29, 2019

In our second Father’s Day installment, we talk to Harris Rosenblatt and find out why Lux Manor was his dream community—and why can’t believe he now calls it “home.”

Harris Rosenblatt can’t believe he lives in the house he lives in. “I was the old homeowner’s tennis coach 20 years ago, at this house,” he explains. “There’s a court right in the backyard. I used to come here and think, ‘if I lived here, I’d be happy.’ Now I do. And I remind myself of that every day.”


Growing up, Harris had always lived near Lux Manor, an upscale DC suburb, but never in it. Now he does along with his wife and three teenage kids—and he’s never looked back. “It’s THE DC suburb,” he says. “I can’t believe I’m talking to you from this place. I love, love, love my neighborhood. And my backyard is a country club!”


The neighborhood, he explains, includes the amazing people, A+ schools and incredible vibe that permeates every aspect of Lux Manor living. Throughout the years, Harris has played tennis at the highest levels, traveling and competing among the most elite in the sport. Now, living in Lux Manor has given him an opportunity to strike a true balance between his passion for tennis and his passion for his mortgage lending business—both businesses that deeply serve his community at large.


We chatted with Harris about his love of Lux Manor, his family and how his businesses fuel one another—and how, as he shared over and over, this is the place to be when families leave DC.



What town do you currently live in—and where did you move from?
“We live in Lux Manor! My wife was a New Yorker, and she moved down. At the time, I was in a townhouse in The Willows in Rockville.”


When—and why—did you move to Lux Manor?
“We bought the house two years ago when, like I always say, the miracle finally took place and we got a tennis court at our home. Like I said, I’d always loved the neighborhood—and this house, in particular—and I just loved it here. It is a crazy, awesome town.”

Why Lux Manor? What was the most important factor in deciding where to call “home?”
“We looked extensively—all throughout the Potomac, Bethesda and Chevy Chase. This house became available and we jumped at it. But it wasn’t just the house, it was the neighborhood. People are happy to be here. It’s an amazing school district. It carries such a vibe, and everyone you meet here honors that. They look out for each other.”

How has your community impacted your career, and inspired you?
“I love where I live and I live where I work, so it’s great. I have two businesses—I coach at the Ballis Tennis Club and at my home—the club is very close. And it’s a huge part of my narrative. A huge part of my business comes from tennis—from my notoriety in the area, and my coaching. Then, my office is a minute away. I’m a mortgage banker for Eagle Bank. And, again, they really feed each other—and living here has made a profound difference because of the people I can avail myself to.”


What’s ONE thing you would tell families considering moving to Lux Manor?

“That this is THE DC suburb. It’s amazing. You won’t be sorry.”

What would you tell aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their business?
“The bigger your commitment, the better the environment that supports it. I have a huge commitment to changing people’s lives on the tennis court. And as a result, I live in a life-changing environment—the tennis court is at my house! But I was always aware of this home. I knew what an exquisite house it was because I coached tennis here. You see how it all comes back to this profound commitment. The commitment could have been anything. But I think if you get very committed people, they live in very cool neighborhoods.”



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Images: Harris Rosenblatt

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