Finding Whole Family Care in Your New Community

Nov 14, 2019

Suburban Jungle considers the big picture when strategizing with clients—and we love how these South Florida experts do the same when it comes to all-around care.


Suburban Jungle focuses on the town first. It’s a powerful process that enables us to help countless families find the right community to call home.


And as we’ve seen over and over again, finding that “just right” town means taking a holistic approach to a family’s wants, needs and lifestyle—everything from considering future commute to thinking about childcare, finding the right school district, activities and overall “vibe.” It’s a “whole family” view—and it goes into every Suburban Jungle strategy.


Meet our Forever Freckled friends!

When we launched our newest office in South Florida, we were psyched to meet another crew who shares that “whole family” approach: the amazing sisters of Forever Freckled.


As busy working moms and entrepreneurs in the area, they see first-hand how much goes into navigating a new community—especially if you’re a parent. After finding that perfect suburb for your family, you then need to get yourself fully in the mix and connect with the right resources to support your crew along the way.


That, the trio says, means finding the right care for your kids, your pets and yourself. Together, Katie, Alison and Carrie tackle each of the care-centric pieces moms need, speaking from their own area of expertise as a pediatrician, veterinarian and stylist, respectively.


Suburban Jungle chatted with our friends and—now—South Florida neighbors, Forever Freckled. Just like the Suburban Jungle team, Forever Freckled recommends really digging into your family’s—and your own—personality and priorities to find the right care right now. The best part? Whether you’re heading to South Florida or anywhere, this is amazing advice you can use to find your ideal care providers.


How to…find the right

We can’t emphasize this enough: when you move to a new community you need to get a new pediatrician lined up stat. Forever Freckled’s resident MD agrees.

“It is so important that you interview potential pediatricians and line up your child’s doctors appointments before moving to a new area,” Dr. Katie Friedman, mom of two and one-third of the Forever Freckled crew, says. “This is particularly important if your child has a medical condition such as asthma or diabetes.”


Thankfully, that’s easier to do than ever. If you’ve got friends or family in the area, start there. If not, head online. Social media groups, moms boards and other local resources are ideal for getting recommendations and first-hand reviews. Then, armed with your list of potential pediatricians, do your due diligence and ensure your doctor’s ideologies align.


“Ask people what they like and dislike about the practice,” Katie suggests. “Then interview the pediatricians. Bring a list of questions you might have about the practice and their policies.

Also, make sure to ask where your physician has hospital privileges, their after-hours availability and their policy on vaccination schedules.” This, she notes, will help you zero in on the right practice for your family.


How to…find the right

As we see more and more, families are moving to the suburbs with pets in tow—often even before kids come along. Those pets are major considerations to families who want the right space, the right environment and the right care so their four-legged family members can thrive.


“Just like your own doctor, you want to feel comfortable with and love your veterinarian,” says Dr. Alison Streit, Forever Freckled’s vet and pet pro. “Everyone has different wants and needs. It’s important to find a vet that provides your pet with a health and wellness plan that makes you feel comfortable.”

Like Katie, Alison suggests starting with personal recommendations. At the same time, though, “Do not be embarrassed to ask to speak to any potential veterinarian before choosing the right one for your pet,” she says.


That said, Alison notes, pet care extends far beyond just the vet’s office, especially for families coming to South Florida or moving out into the suburbs. The area, she explains, has some unique health considerations for pets that the rest of the country doesn’t deal with—hurricane season, for example, as well as certain parasites and allergies that can appear in both dogs and cats.

“But it’s a small sacrifice for beach days and sun all year!” she says.




How to find…the right stylist

Care, though, isn’t complete without caring for yourself—and your closet. When you move to a new spot not only do you need clothes that sync with the environment, but you’re also likely adapting to a new lifestyle—you’re staying home, you’re tackling a longer commute, you’re starting a new job or maybe launching a business. And getting yourself ready from head-to-toe takes some serious care.


“In South Florida, you are always going to see a lot of fun colors and prints,” Carrie Greenberg, Forever Freckled’s resident stylist and lifestyle expert reports. “Animal print is huge right now. Slip skirts paired with sneakers is a really fun trend and I am loving the interesting combination! And of course, the puffy sleeve and headband look. It’s everywhere and one of my favorite trends this season.”


But, she adds, there’s no need to totally overhaul your wardrobe, even if you’re new to South Florida.


“The great thing about living in South Florida is that I never feel like I have to change my wardrobe seasonally,” she says. “Invest in great basics you can wear year-round and a couple layering pieces that you will use for the cooler days. You can always add trendy pieces to your wardrobe from season to season, but you can never go wrong with classic staples that will get you through the year. “


Beyond just looking and feeling good, Carrie recommends finding a solid support system, wherever you and your crew land—and we couldn’t agree more.


“The biggest support system is right outside your door,” she says. “Find fellow moms experiencing the same stages of motherhood as you.”


To do that, head to a local mommy and me class even before you settle on a community. Often these are great opportunities to mix, mingle and get a taste for a town before you make the leap. Carrie also suggests hitting up local events with an eye on getting involved in your community post-move.


By taking these simple steps you’ll find the perfect care for your family, all while increasing and enhancing your local support system—and that will make you feel incredibly “at home” in your new community, which can be the best care out there!



Choosing the right town to call “home” is the most important decision you’ll ever make—why go it alone? Get in touch and our expert Suburbs Strategists will help you navigate the ‘burbs and find the right town to call “home.”



Images: Forever Freckled

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