In the ‘burbs with Suburban Jungle Strategist PAMELA GOLDMAN!​​​

May 8, 2017

This Bay Area mom of two didn’t just leave the city for the suburbs, she also made the leap from East Coast to West Coast—and she’s never looked back.


MEET PAMELA GOLDMAN, San Francisco Strategist for Suburban Jungle!


University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia


The Limited clothing store


Commercial Real Estate Lawyer


“The ability to understand what a client really needs and wants. In negotiating contracts you can’t always get everything you want, just like a house hunt, but the key is focusing on what is really important.”


“Calls with clients! As a lawyer I spent most of my day in front of a computer writing and reading contracts. It could get lonely!”


“I love helping families find their forever town!”




Pamela’s husband Dan works in private equity for a real estate fund. He’s an avid runner and hiker.Her son Noah (7) loves art, building with blocks and Legos and is a big fan of parkour and the beach. Her younger son Justin (4) is also a big beach-goer and builder, who loves books and reading.


New York City—Manhattan, specifically.


Tiburon, California


Pamela and her family moved cross-country in the summer of 2013


“The proximity to San Francisco and the water, the beauty of the area and access to running, biking and hiking trails were all big reasons behind choosing Tiburon.”


“As your kids get older and are going to activities and friends’ houses, you’ll discover that living within walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants might not be as important as you thought…”


“I love helping families realize that a town is more than thecommute and school scores. What if everyone in the town is obsessed with sports but your son hates sports and your husband hates watching sports? Or, what if most of the moms don’t work and are always volunteering in the schools? Do you see that as a plus, that there’s so much help in the school, or would you feel guilty that you can’t help as much? Is the community environmentally conscious? I wantmy clients to think about all the intangiblesand focus on what is important to them and what would really bother them. Nothing is perfect, but assuming the commute, house prices and schools are within your comfort zone, it’s about asking the right questions so you can determine what can you live with and what will drive you crazy. I’ve lived this move to the ‘burbs after thinking we would never move, so I know that the intangibles can really add up.”


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