Creating Her “Gotique” in Greenwich

Sep 17, 2018

Entrepreneur Penny Goffman finds her “where” and “what” in this suburban hotspot

“My husband says I still have an accent,” says Canadian-born entrepreneur Penny Goffman. After college Penny left her native Montreal—“a very fashion-forward and foodie city,” she notes—and headed for Manhattan “to eat up all that it had to offer.”


While Penny loved life in NYC, after starting a family and a business she and her husband decided to make the leap. “When we were looking to move to the suburbs,” she explains, “it was a priority we find a town that had ‘life’ to it.” That town? Greenwich.


“Greenwich fits the mold,” Penny says, seven years after moving from the city. “There are so many restaurants, activities, public facilities, events, and shopping. You will NEVER get bored here. Those were my selfish reasons for wanting to move here!” Beyond that, though, the family was drawn in by the top-ranked public schools (perfect for her “two spunky kids,” she says) as well as low property taxes and proximity to the city.


The proximity, she notes, is essential considering her lifestyle business—Jolie Gotique—is thriving. “Two and a half years ago I launched a fashion and lifestyle business named after my daughter Jolie. My passions in life are very focused—family, fashion and fitness. I’m constantly balancing these priorities and there’s no better town to do it in than Greenwich.”



In the time Penny and her family have spent in Greenwich, she adds, the area has evolved considerably. “More families are transplanting from NYC to Greenwich as an alternative to raising kids in the city.” Much of the appeal, she explains, is the incredible balance between a very New England and a very urban vibe.


This balance, Penny adds, has also been a major influence in Jolie Gotique. “My business was founded and launched as a result of this evolution,” she explains. “Moving to Greenwich opened my eyes to the power of suburban women. There are so many intelligent, powerful and thoughtful women in this town that have influenced me personally and professionally.”


To cater to these inspiring suburban women, Jolie Gotique carries a curated collection of contemporary styles for women and girls, sourced mainly from NYC- and LA-based designers. “At our core, we’re a boutique on wheels that pops up at private events by booking—birthday parties, fundraisers, sip & shops, things like that. We also have a very active online boutique and by-appointment private style-and-shops.”


Looking back on her journey from urban to suburban, Penny is quick to offer some important advice to city families considering making a move. “Location,” she says. “I fell in love with a beautiful home in a different location. It was new construction and gorgeous and my eyes were set on it. Thank goodness my husband thought beyond the house and focused on the town! The location wasn’t good and he saw it—I didn’t at first.”


Greenwich, she adds, is the perfect location for her lifestyle, her family and her business. “Seven years later I’m grateful I listened!” she says. “I now see WHERE you are is more important than WHAT you’re in. For us in Greenwich, the ‘where’ and the ‘what’ aligned perfectly!”


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