The “Prime” Effect: How Prime, Seamless and Uber and FreshDirect are Changing the Suburban Search

Nov 24, 2018

No worries if your new suburban digs aren’t near a Target, Whole Foods or that favorite Thai restaurant…

In the not-too-distant past, suburban searches were structured around access. City families wanted access to A+ schools, easy commutes, and core amenities—think Whole Foods, Target, and some amazing restaurants, for starters. Now, though, things are different. While schools and commutes still top the must-have list, those added stores, shops, restaurants, and other services have dropped down more than a few notches. Why? Because of the “Prime” Effect.


Amazon Prime has, likely, revolutionized the way you shop. In the city, you can easily snag same-day delivery on everything from clothes and shoes to last-minute birthday gifts and more. And in the ‘burbs? With next day and two-day delivery standard for Prime members, there’s nothing you can’t get fast, even if you aren’t minutes from a shopping mall or big box store.


Prime, though, is just the beginning. More and more brands and businesses are taking a page from the Prime playbook, offer lightening-fast delivery anywhere—weekends included. The end result? Your suburban search instantly expands, encompassing communities you might not have considered before. Now, though, why not explore? Just because you aren’t near a gourmet grocery/wine shop/mall/Greek restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage with a few quick clicks. Some of our faves?

#1. Prime Now

Not only can we “Prime” virtually anything from Amazon, but Prime Now offers up same-day delivery from Whole Foods, even in the suburbs. We’ve had milk, bread, eggs and even premade meals delivered to our door in as little as an hour—no pre-planning and no endless driving required.


#2. FreshDirect, InstaCart, and PeaPod

If you have a day to plan, FreshDirect, InstaCart, and PeaPod are also great options for grocery delivery, now in the suburbs. Order the day before and wake up to bags of fresh groceries sitting on your porch as early as 5AM—or as late as 11:30PM. Better still, many of their offerings are local and seasonal, meaning you get the very best and freshest even if you aren’t near a farmer’s market or artisanal grocer.



#3. Seamless, DoorDash and GrubHub

Hankering for some pad thai, but no city-worthy Thai in sight? Sites like Seamless,, DoorDash, and GrubHub can connect you to your favorite delivery, even if it’s a few towns away. It’s another best-of from the city now in suburbia and ensures you’ll always be able to get your favorite dish even if it’s not super local.


#4. Autoship

From Target to Amazon to, tons of brands are offering auto-ship on key household and family products—think diapers, cleaning supplies, soap and more. Not only does that mean dodging countless runs to the drugstore, but it ensures you always have what you need when you need it, even if there’s no immediate buying option in your neighborhood.


#5. Uber and Lyft

Everyone’s go-to ride-sharing services are now in the suburbs. With Uber and Lyft’s respective expansions into the suburbs, it’s easier than ever to be a one-car family, even if you aren’t super close to amenities or public transportation.


That’s just the beginning—and these are just a few more reasons to expand your suburban search radius.


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