Simplify Your Move With These Hacks​

Oct 14, 2015

We know that moving can be very exhausting, so we have listed some hacks to make your move as smooth as possible.

Getting ready to make your move to the ‘burbs? With these simple moving hacks, it’ll be a breeze (well, almost…).

Hack #1: Take Pics of Your Electronics

Remember how much time you spent getting your computer, TV or other complicated electronics set up? The majority of it was probably spent connecting, disconnecting andreconnecting all of those wires, cords and plugs, right? Don’t do double duty — this time, take pics of the pack of your electronics plus any power cords, strips or other connectors and, when it’s time to set up in your new home, you’ll have a leg up on last time.

Hack #2: Pack ClothesHanging

If it’s going back in the closet as soon as you get to the house, why bother taking it off the hanger, folding it and wasting valuable box space on it? Instead, take clothes out of the closetonhangers and simply place in a garbage bag hanger side out. Tie the bag closed around the hanger and hang back in your closet until moving day. Clothes can be hung inside wardrobe boxes this way or can even just lay flat on top of boxes. When you arrive, simply hang, tear the bag away and toss. Easy as that!

Hack #3: Pack Your Plates Easily — and Safely!

Hate wrapping every single plate? Try inserting a few disposable foam plates between the real ones. Because they’re already the right shape and size it’s easy to simply pop them in. After you’re done, pad the box with newspaper or packing peanuts and you’re good to go, no wrapping required!

Hack #4: Just Pack the Drawers…

Same rule of thumb as your hanging clothes: if it’s just going to stay in the wardrobe, bureau or dresser, why unpack today just to load it back up tomorrow. Grab some industrial plastic wrap to seal your drawers closed and go. When you arrive just cut away the wrap and you’re good to go. And — bonus! — this wrap will protect your furniture from any bumps, bruises and dings on moving day.

Hack #5: Don’t Forget a “First Night” Box

Each family member should pack an overnight bag with the essentials they’ll need for night one — think pajamas, a change of clothes, toothbrush and other must-haves like a favorite toy, nightlight or books. Your collective “First Night” box should be a combination of thingseveryone’sgoing to need, like phone and tablet chargers, toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, toothpaste, snacks, bottled water and disposable dishes. Rummaging through a million boxes or having to drop everything and run to the store can seriously derail your moving mojo — with this simple step you’ll avoid it altogether.

Getting ready to make a move? Try these simple hacks to streamline the packing and moving day process and you’ll get out (and thenin!) in no time.

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