Meet Laura Schwartz

Laura Schwartz

Laura was born in Chicago and grew up in the western suburbs. After graduating from the University of Dayton, she decided to live in Chicago, despite the reverse commute to her teaching job in the suburbs. After many years of condo living in Lakeview and loving city life, she and her husband decided a move to the suburbs seemed to be the next right step for their growing family. They knew they wanted more space, a front porch, yard, and to still be able to walk to restaurants and stores.
After an extensive search, they realized that a lot of houses and towns can check the boxes of must haves, but it’s the atmosphere and feel of a town that will help turn that new house into a forever home. Laura and her husband now have three children who help her discover everything her community offers, from block parties to human foosball at their summer festival to skittle bingo at the library. She laughs thinking that she once thought life in the ‘burbs would be boring. Sharing what she has learned along the way comes natural to Laura, and she can’t wait to help her future clients find the right fit for them.  

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