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The Suburban Jungle team uses on the ground research, technology and personalized know how to help you find the perfect neighborhood free of charge.



We do the research for you. Finding the perfect neighborhood is hard. We make it easy for you. We listen to your needs and match you with the perfect neighborhood. A fully personalized home search strategy delivered right to your inbox. A fully curated process from start to finish.


Dedicated Strategist

We pair you with your own personal strategist who will help you every step of the way. Our Strategists are extremely well-versed and familiar with all of the suburbs (hundreds) within commuting distance. Not only alumnae of Brown, Penn, Cornell, Columbia Michigan and more, but also experts on EVERY town possibility for you.


Free Forever (no catch)

We took the traditional real estate way and turned it on its head. We will never send you a bill. We aren’t Real Estate Agents. We add invaluable, incredible services that every buyer deserves and truly shouldn’t be making intelligent decisions without.

How it Works


Speak with Strategist

Schedule a time to speak with a dedicated award winning Strategist. Your Strategist will be with you through the entire process, working hand in hand with you so they can create a curated list of neighborhoods that match your needs.


Explore Neighborhoods

Once your perfect neighborhoods are selected, you will get an insider's look inside with the help of our “locals” in each town. Unbiased and real information, NOT FROM SALES AGENTS trying to sell you.


Find your Perfect Place

Once you settle on the neighborhood for you, we help you find the perfect place for you and your family. Not just the perfect home but the perfect community and lifestyle for you.


Find a Suburb In Your City

No one knows the suburbs better than us

Great, smart group that really has its eyes and ears outside the city, helping to make your move successful.

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Finding your neighborhood has never been easier. Speak to a Strategist today and work with them to find your ideal neighborhood.

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