10 Tips for Moving from New York to Florida from a Strategist Who’s Made the Move

Melissa Schneider shares insider tips and tricks for making this life-changing journey  Making the leap from urban to suburban is always a major change. But when you layer in a major lifestyle shift – in this case, from New York to sunny Florida – it can feel...

Welcoming Spaces: Newcomers Groups in Connecticut Suburbs

Moving to a new place often comes with challenges, but finding a sense of community shouldn't be one of them. Many commuter-friendly Connecticut suburbs welcome newcomers through local meetups and newcomer-specific groups happening year-round. These groups provide a...

The Surprising Things We Fell in Love With in the Suburbs

These Suburban Jungle clients made the leap – and share what they love most about their new towns! It’s Valentine’s Day – and what better day to celebrate what we love about living in the ‘burbs. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve rounded up some recent clients to...

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