Find the right town first, and then a great home!

You can renovate your home.  You can add a bathroom or a bedroom.  You can landscape your yard.  But one thing you can’t change?  Your town.

Meet the Team

Our Strategists are local experts that learn about your lifestyle, wants and needs, and then match you with the right towns and real estate agents.  We are passionate about helping you with your search — providing guidance and insights, and answering questions along the way.

We are well versed in all commutable towns and will help you understand all options to make an informed decision based on lifestyle, not just real estate!

We can relate to our clients…We’ve moved from the city to the ‘burbs…We’ve relocated to new towns…We know what it feels like to move to a new area!

We’ve got your back every step of the way! And Yes, our amazing service is free!

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New York City
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We want you to end up in the right house, AND the right town. After all, it is about LIFESTYLE, not just real estate. Hear directly from our clients about why our Town-First approach works.

Allison and the team really helped us to narrow down our search in New York’s suburbs to the most suitable areas. I also thought that all of the real estate agents she connected us with in the different towns were top notch - smart, knew what was important, not too pushy. Would definitely recommend the service.
I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa Schneider for the past two years, and I couldn't be happier with the service she provided. Melissa was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process of finding my home. Not once did I feel pressured to buy anything; she was always patient and understanding of my needs. She went above and beyond, connecting me with various agents in different locations and guiding me every step of the way. Her dedication and commitment are truly commendable.Melissa has also become a friend through this journey. Even though we've never met in person, she has always been there to help me find resources, whether it was a vet for my puppy or a recommendation for places to live. Her support went far beyond just real estate. If you are looking for a real estate professional who genuinely cares about her clients and provides exceptional service, look no further than Melissa Schneider. Highly recommended!
Allison helped us find our dream town as we prepared a bittersweet goodbye to NYC in search of more space for our family. She listened to our concerns, must haves and desires in a new hometown and presented great options in the NY and NJ area. We had great town tour experiences and ultimately fell in love with our town and realtor and just bought our dream house!
Suburban Jungle was the perfect way to find the right neighborhood to settle down.We didn't really know where we wanted to live, so we came in with a list of things we thought we wanted in a neighborhood. After talking with Eleanor we came away with a list of areas to look into more and then picked one to visit.We did this a few times, picking an area and then being matched with a local realtor to drive us around town and tell us about the neighborhood. We found it really helpful to get a tour of each neighborhood rather than just wander around ourselves. And even better, if we didn't like an area we just told Eleanor and dove into what didn't work!Eventually we found a couple towns that we loved and we're able to buy a house there! Without Suburban Jungle it would have taken us a lot longer to figure out where to live. And their only fee is taken from the realtors commission, so it was free for us.
Suburban Jungle and our contact there, Allison Levine, were instrumental in our home search. Over the course of three (three!) years, she guided us through exploring multiple towns in the NYC suburbs and finally to our dream home. When we hit speed bumps in our home search, she made herself very available and was super focused on making sure we had what we needed to move forward. She also made sure the brokers we matched with were great fits for us. Finally, she also connected us with families who had moved to the areas we were interested in so we could see which towns were the right fit. Our family would highly recommend Suburban Jungle. Thank you!
We would not be moving into our home without the help of Suburban Jungle! They helped set us up with the right agents, took their time to get to know us and our needs and ultimately found us our dream home! The process was so much more seamless and less stressful with their help. The resources and information they provide are very customized and unique to each individual. Would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home or relocating to a totally different town/city!
When it came to finding our dream home in the suburbs, we were overwhelmed by the many choices and didn't know where to begin. From the start, we were impressed with Suburban Jungle's personalized approach. We were assigned a dedicated agent, Alli, who took the time to listen to our needs and preferences. She understood what we were looking for in a home and a neighborhood, and she made it her mission to find the perfect fit for us.Alli was incredibly knowledgeable about the suburbs, and she was able to provide us with valuable insights into different neighborhoods and schools. Alli helped us narrow down the choices to a few towns that met our criteria. She arranged for us to visit each of them with a local real estate agent. She even connected us with residents who had recently moved.Ultimately, we found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, thanks to Alli's hard work and dedication. We are so grateful for her help, and we would highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone looking to buy a home in the suburbs.
I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Robin at Suburban Jungle. Making such a huge life decision can be overwhelming, but Robin was thorough and patient, giving me valuable insight and guidance that ultimately led us to finding the perfect town that ticked all the boxes. Through Robin's support we had a smooth transition and I am so very grateful for her stellar service!
We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle. Alli was super helpful helping us throughout the entire process, from helping us find potential cities we were interested in to matching us with a great real estate agent. We'd highly recommend working with them!
Working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle was an awesome experience. She helped us narrow down our search to find the town we wanted and she was super helpful and responsive throughout the process. 5 stars. I highly recommend Suburban Jungle (and Alli) for anyone looking to make a move
I couldn't be more thrilled with the exceptional service we received from Eleanor at Suburban Jungle. She went above and beyond, connecting us with local agents in multiple towns we were interested in.Eleanor took the time to truly understand our needs and preferences, and then expertly matched us with the perfect realtors who specialized in the areas we were interested in. Her personalized approach made us feel like valued clients every step of the way.What really set Suburban Jungle apart was Eleanor's dedication to providing us with a comprehensive experience. Not only did she connect us with top-notch realtors, but she also organized tours of the towns we were considering moving to. These tours were invaluable in helping us get a feel for each community and ultimately make an informed decision about where to settle down.Throughout the entire process, Eleanor checked in with professionalism, integrity, and genuine care for our family's needs.If you're looking for an agency that will go above and beyond to help you find your perfect home, look no further than Suburban Jungle.
I worked with Suburban Jungle for the better part of a year. From identifying towns and personalized consultations with Barbara in Boston, to connecting us with a realtor who helped us get under contract on a house 3 weeks after arriving in Massachusetts from Arizona, Suburban Jungle helped me transform my scattered cross-country moving plan into a reality! I’m so glad I came across their company online and would recommend them to anyone considering a relocation of any scale.
We had a great experience with Suburban Jungle. We were living in Brooklyn with our 2 kids, age3 1/2 and 6 months old... when we first reached out. We had no idea of a good affordable location that wouldn't put us into culture shock! They made the process very easy. Everyone we had contact with was very nice, professional and helpful.Four years later when we had to move across the country for a work opportunity, we reached out to Suburban Jungle again.Once again they recommended a great town and we were very happy. We are very happy where we ended up both times and have Suburban Jungle to thank!
Such a useful service! My husband and I had very different views on where our perfect location would be. The strategist was so helpful in focusing on where we were aligned and finding us a place we were all happy. 😊
Great offering and fantastic supportive team led by Alli!
We have connected with Suburban Jungle three times in three different locations. Each time they have been helpful, but I have to highlight our recent experience with the Dallas team, particularly Jana. I legit don't think we could have successfully relocated from S. Florida to Dallas without her help. She provided so much guidance about the school systems, the communities within and surrounding Dallas, and really helped us figure out what and where would work best for our family. She connected us to an AMAZING realtor in TX, and consistently checked in with us to make sure all our questions were answered and provided her guidance along the way. She also connected us with the SJ team in S. Florida who helped us connect with a realtor there to sell our old home. Anyone who is relocating, especially from out of state, should connect with SJ. A HUGE THANK YOU to Jana for her support- we <3 SJ!
Melissa Schneider was a pleasure to work with. She listened to our wishes and set us up with two perfect realtors. DeeAnn Becht and Doris Arnold showed us homes in two areas that we did not know well. They introduced us, and really helped us to get to know the different areas. We found our perfect home! I would recommend using Suburban Jungle to anyone that is looking for their new home.
Working with Suburban Jungle, and specifically with Alli, was just a magnificent experience! When we started considering a move outside of Brooklyn into the surrounding areas it was overwhelming. Alli and her team were amazing at helping us identify prospective neighborhoods to explore based on our personalities and criteria, and then connecting us with local agents who lived and breathed those areas to hold our hands through the process. From exploring neighborhoods, discovering houses, and navigating the local real estate markets, everything was made possible through this experience. Highly recommended!
Working with our SJ strategist Melissa Schneider was better than we could have ever imagined. Working with Melissa is like working with your best friend. She truly takes the time getting to know you so she can make the best recommendations (and she does have THE BEST recommendations). I’ve joked that she is more like my life coach because she has helped us find not only our ideal town, but schools, restaurants, hangouts, etc. I truly feel like we stepped into our dream lives and Melissa was a huge part of making it happen. We were making a big move from CA to Florida and Melissa helped us navigate different areas as we tried to find the dream spot. Looking back I realize she somehow knew all along where we belonged, but she never pushed it - she helped us figure it out in our own. She was always super available and calmed any stresses we had. It was a simple and enjoyable time finding our new home and community and that is all thanks to Melissa!!
Working with Suburban Jungle and Alli was an amazing experience! My family and I are from the New York area, but we weren't familiar with many of the suburbs surrounding New York City.Alli spent time with us sharing details and information about Westchester County and the New Jersey suburbs. We were able to narrow down our search really quickly, which saved us so much time, energy and stress!We were also living in California at the time so to have Suburban Jungle help us with narrowing our options so quickly was a life saver. I highly recommend working with them!
Critically instrumental in the current and future happiness of our family this bespoke, personalized service is essential when moving. Their philosophy that moving is like dating; that you need to pick the town THEN the house is frankly revolutionary. We are endlessly grateful for Patti and the whole SJ team.
Allison and her team at Suburban Jungle were fantastic from the beginning to the end of our journey! They helped us navigate and were always there to check in and answer our questions. We are now in our new home and are so happy! Thank you SJ!
Suburban jungle helped point us in the right direction as far as a great community for our family. They connected us with our exceptional realtor and we closed on our first home. Strongly recommend!
Suburban Jungle has been an outstanding resource for my family twice. We could not be more relieved with the exceptional care we received in our most recent transition. Our realtors were so knowledgeable and high touch. They managed out of state constraints and a long wishlist. I was happy with our new home, but now that we are moved in, I’m falling in love. What a lovely way to transition to a beautiful new community?! There should be no hesitation from anyone to try SJ. Be informed and rest assured you are working with experts!
It was great working with Barbara at Suburban Jungle to learn more about the Boston-area suburbs. With limited knowledge of the area coming into the housing search, Barbara helped us learn more about each town and connected us with superb realtor referrals to help us find a good fit. As first-time buyers, we’d highly recommend working with Suburban Jungle to explore the region and find the right town and home.
Numerous people had mentioned Suburban Jungle to me, but I was skeptical. However, I'm so glad that I contacted them. I worked with Robin and she recommended some towns that I was unfamiliar with. Turns out, she had a good intuition because she set us up with a local agent in one of those towns, we did the town tour, and just purchased a home in one of the towns she suggested that was not on our original search criteria. Thanks Robin and Suburban Jungle team!
What an incredible resource! My partner and I went into the process of finding the right suburb completely unprepared and overwhelmed. Then we found Suburban Jungle and Robin. I think we'd still be lost and confused was it not for this service. We got matched with the most fantastic real estate agents who gave us incredibly thorough town tours which resulted in us closing on our dream home this past January. We love where we landed and I think Suburban Jungle really contributed to our successful search.
I love Suburban Jungle! Eleanor was so helpful in suggesting neighborhoods to explore, connecting me to great agents, and making sure the process wasn’t so overwhelming. I started really early because I didn’t know where to begin, and so glad I did, because it helped on jump on the right opportunity when it was fleeting. Definitely recommend!
We are a growing family looking to get out of city life and move to the suburbs, but the question of where was always the stressor. Thankfully we found this service through a mom group and was able connect with Allison Levine to learn more and for her to learn about us. The first agent she connected us with in NJ was amazing! She gave us a tour of what each town offers in regards to homes, activities, shops, community events and more so that we can see if these areas fit what we’re looking for. We fell in love with the areas but we eventually had to go back to the drawing board because the commute wasn’t going to work. Alli then referred us to another agent on Long Island who was able to help us find our perfect home. Alli was there to check in with us throughout our process! All in all, it was great! If you want to move but not sure to where, this is the service for you! It’s brilliant!! Best part is, it’s all free!
We called on Suburban Jungle to help guide us with our move from Manhattan to San Francisco. We weren’t sure if we wanted to move to the city or to a suburb. Pam Goldman was so warm and helpful and provided lots of support and insight along the way. When we decided to stay in the city, she referred us to a wonderful agent who helped us buy a house. I recommend this service for anyone who is moving and wants a reliable and trustworthy advisor.
My family moved from New Jersey up to Boston pretty suddenly for a job opportunity. We knew we wanted to buy a home but we didn’t know the area. After a lot of research I thought we were set on target towns, but a colleague recommended suburban jungle. I figured we’d give it a shot since it wouldn’t cost anything, and after working with Barbara we confirmed the area we were targeting was a good fit for what we wanted, but we were also recommended a town we hadn’t considered. We were matched with an agent in that town, and after a day of touring the town and some houses I knew that’s where I wanted us to live. We saw a house a few weeks later and were up against 6 offers, and our offer was accepted in part because of the relationships our agent has and her expertise in the market. We couldn’t be more excited about moving into our new house!
Have had such a fabulous experience with Barbara and the folks at Suburban Jungle! My husband and I were moving to the Boston area in December 2020. We used the Suburban Jungle website to help narrow the towns we wanted to consider on the North Shore for renting. When we were ready to buy, in summer 2022, Barbara recommended a couple of great agents to work with. We went with Maura Allard, who has been a FAB real estate agent. Maura knows the North Shore and brought together a team of folks to support our journey to buying our first home. Maura is incredibly responsive, and gives it to you straight - exactly what you need in an agent. We wouldn't have found her and the incredible town of Salem without Suburban Jungle - so very appreciative!!
Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource when we were trying to decide which town to live to move to. We are originally from several states away and knew very little about the area. SJ made it so easy and stuck with us throughout the entire process, even after the move was made!
By the time we were in touch with Suburban Jungle, we had already begun our search and were even working with a realtor in one of the areas we were considering. Jodi was flexible and willing to limit her involvement to the areas where we weren’t already represented. She provided helpful insights, guidance and validation around the towns we were considering, and helped us zoom in on a couple of specific areas. She was quick to respond with comprehensive answers and suggestions to our questions.Suburban Jungle refers you to local realtors who operate independently of them. This is a great structure because they’re able to freely offer advice in a way realtors can’t, and the realtor pays for the referral so there’s no cost to the client.Of course, this means Suburban Jungle can’t totally control the experience you have with the realtors. For us this was sort of a mixed bag — for example, one of the realtors they referred me to never called me back after 2 attempts. But Suburban Jungle was always responsive and helpful and willing to get involved where necessary to move things along.In the end, we did end up buying through them, at a very difficult time in the market — so I guess the proof is in the pudding. We’d gladly recommend Suburban Jungle to other families considering relocation.
We worked with Pam on analyzing the different parts of the Bay Area and she was suuuper helpful with ideas. It's a really comforting relationship in what can be a stressful search.
Suburban Jungle is a great resource for those not sure where they want to move. My husband and I worked with Alli, who spent a long time listening to our wishlist for our first home and town. She asked us questions that we hadn't initially thought about but were important to consider. She was extremely helpful and put us in contact with people living within the towns to hear more about life there. She also set us up with great agents in the short list we came up with after our first call. We just moved into our first home last week thanks to the help of Alli and Suburban Jungle!
Suburban Jungle is an awesome resource! My husband and I started working with our strategist, Alli, who talked with us all about what were looking for when we move, what we want in a town, etc. She suggested great towns and set up tours for us. We landed on two areas after the fun tours! The brokers Alli set us up with were also awesome and the interesting details about each town she shared was so thoughtful and useful! Overall, Suburban Jungle was great but Alli was and still is beyond helpful! She made our experience really awesome!
Moving from Lancaster, pa to a NYC commutable city in New Jersey was overwhelming! Using Suburban Jungle helped us narrow down to a few towns that checked our boxes. The tours were invaluable! Getting to know each town by a local gave us a feel for all of the small and personal details you just can’t get from googling! We finally narrowed down to the perfect town and Suzanne Veninata was our representative. We LOVED her! This market was not an easy one to navigate. She was like our therapist, realtor, and friend all in one. She fought for us every step of the way. Can’t speak highly enough!Great experience all around and would definitely recommend!
I am writing this review for Melissa Schneider at Suburban Jungle in Florida. Melissa has been amazing to work with - she’s a true professional with a easy going and friendly personality to match. Soon after we established contact, I got on a call with her and she instantly made me feel supported and relieved my anxieties about considering a new hometown several thousand miles away. Having made the move to Florida herself many years ago, she was very patient answering all my questions and always followed up afterwards if there were anything she couldn’t completely answer. In addition to her personal insights in the S Florida market, Melissa was able to take me on a ‘walking tour’ (on email) of the neighborhoods we were interested with details that only a local would know. She even gave us tips on things to do/places to go while visiting Miami with young children. I strongly recommend Melissa to anyone looking at the South Florida market - she’s truly the best!!
We were moving from a totally different area of the country and didn't have any friends or family in our new area to give us intel on the cool/affordable/safe towns. We really had no idea where to start. Suburban Jungle connected us with an expert in the area who interviewed us to help us match our lifestyle and budget with some prospective towns. She then connected us to realtors in those areas who helped us further narrow our search and stuck with us while we hunted for the perfect home during a really tough market. At first I didn't believe this service could possibly be free, but it is! Highly recommend.
We loved Suburban Jungle. They connected us with many great realtors and towns. Allison Levine is the best
Jodi at Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource for us when we decided we were ready to leave the city. All we knew was that we wanted to find a good school district for special needs, and Jodi was quick to connect us with very knowledgeable realtors. She was also very informed about the community feel of each neighborhood, which helped us narrow down our choices. We had no idea where to begin when we first started this process, and looking back, I'm so glad we started with Suburban Jungle!
I highly recommend working with Suburban Jungle when looking to buy a house outside of the city. Their team is super helpful, and the realtors they connect you with are so knowledgable about their communities, incredibly kind and helpful in teaching about the home-buying process, and are so great at navigating the crazy housing market.
It was a great experience working with Melissa from Suburban Jungle. I read her story on Suburban Jungle and immediately felt connected to her. She is very professional and compassionate. She always checked on us through our entire journey of finding our new community and home. She is also very knowleagable and has great information about South Florida communities. Melissa and Suburban Jungle helped us find not only our own new home but our new community. She had great recommendations of true professionals for every step of the process. In today’s tough market we got exactly what we wanted, great community, neighborhoood, amazing schools and our beautiful home. Thank you so much Melissa.
We used Suburban Jungle in our move to the Philadelphia suburbs, and Jodi was such a great resource for us! We were moving to be closer to family, but were not very familiar with the details of each suburb. Upon telling Jodi our preferences, she was able to list out and discuss the details of each neighborhood - from proximity to Philly, school reputation, demographics, etc. She also connected us with a few brokers, one of whom we ended up using to ultimately buy our new home in Lower Merion! Thank you again for all of the help Jodi!!

Have Questions?

Are all of the services that the Suburban Jungle offers FREE?

Suburban Jungle does not charge its clients for services. We will help you find a new home by putting you in touch with a real estate agent who specializes in properties and areas which you are interested in. Suburban Jungle then receives a referral commission from the real estate agent once you close on your new home.

Wait. Will I save money if I represent myself?

NOPE. It’s that simple. If you actually don’t have a dedicated buyer’s agent, you will most likely lose money because you have no one representing your interests in the transaction. Statistics show that unrepresented buyers pay more for homes than those with buyer representation

How are you different than working with a typical real estate firm?

For starters we ONLY WORK WITH BUYERS. There is no hidden agenda, no inventory we are trying to push. WE work FOR YOU. We also are NOT Real Estate agents trying to sell you anything, ever. We are corporate strategists working for a lifestyle advisory firm, managed by a real estate brokerage firm, whose entire job is to make certain that your best interests are represented – from the start of your search, before you step foot into a house, to post closing when you are trying to find the best paint color. Full Service. Full Disclosure. Our philosophy is that it is easier to upgrade house than to upgrade town. We want you to be sure you love the town before you love your house. Our goal is to make certain you are looking in the right places and asking the right questions. Questions which you may not even have thought to have asked.

Real Estate agents are sales agents. We are not. We employ salaried consultants who understand the dynamics of every part of every potential suburb (HUNDREDS) that you can potentially move to. We don’t have a vested interest in where you end up. We built the business this way so that objective advice is what is paramount to our business.

Do you have your own real estate agents?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We found that in order to provide truly objective advice and service, we need to separate ourselves. We have sifted through thousands of agents to find the best for our clients, but we need to be able to, at times, pull you away from a deal or send you in a different direction and we wanted no conflicts of interest that would arise if we had agents selling you things on behalf of our company.

How can Suburban Jungle not charge clients a fee?

Traditionally, the seller of the home pays all the commission. As an example, a seller hires their own seller’s agent. They agree to a commission with that agent. That agent then goes out to the real estate community and invites selling brokers to help sell that home, agreeing to split the commission he/she receives.

When one of our clients buys a home with a Suburban Jungle partner agent, that partner agent shares a portion of their commission with Suburban Jungle. The seller does not pay anything extra as our commission agreement is between Suburban Jungle and the buyer’s agent!

In order to receive all of our incredible services, you must work with our highly experienced, curated selection of partner agents to buy a home.

Suburban Jungle has taken the traditional real estate way and turned it on its head. We add invaluable, incredible services that every buyer deserves and truly shouldn’t be making intelligent decisions without. It’s that easy!

What if I already have my own agents?

You might be out of luck…and then again you might ask yourself if you already have great agents…why are you looking for more info? Yep… you just discovered why we truly exist. Because agents SELL, and we EDUCATE. We work exclusively with hand picked and trained agents in each town that our team has curated specifically for the Suburban Jungle experience. Each agent we select is extremely qualified and knows their markets inside and out. While they do not work directly for us so that we can work for YOU and provide truly objective advice… they are in fact part of our team so that we can better guide you. Agents who we don’t communicate with, use our technology and are not trained by our staff are not able to provide the insight we need in order to guide you properly. We also don’t want to step on your agent’s toes if you are currently happy with them. If you would like to work in other areas that your agent won’t cover, or are interested in switching agents we are happy to help!

What if I am working with a relo package from work?

No problem… only thing you need to do is let them know you want all the benefits but want to use our partner agents… ( you need to do this before you start working with us of course! ) and let us know who the relo company is so we can help you make sure all of your benefits are fully in play!

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