Meet Jodi Bloom

Jodi Bloom

Jodi Bloom was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she spent fifteen years living and working in New York City. Jodi’s work spanned the entertainment industry, first working on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Dateline NBC and the Rosie O’Donnell Show as an NBC page. She then worked as a talent manager to child actors where she would guide her clients through the process of auditioning and working on commercials, television, movies and theater. Jodi then continued her career in entertainment, producing many top reality television shows while working as a production manager, line producer and executive in charge of production.

When her first son was almost a year old, Jodi moved back to the Philly suburbs where she resides with her husband and two boys. She was initially hesitant to leave the city, working hard to make the urban to suburban transition as seamless as possible and loves advising her clients how to do the same. As a native to the area and with a wide network scattered in different neighborhoods, she has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her clients.

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