Meet Jodi Bloom

Jodi Bloom

Jodi Bloom was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she spent fifteen years living and working in New York City. Jodi’s work spanned the entertainment industry, first working on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Dateline NBC and the Rosie O’Donnell Show as an NBC page. She then worked as a talent manager to child actors where she would guide her clients through the process of auditioning and working on commercials, television, movies and theater. Jodi then continued her career in entertainment, producing many top reality television shows while working as a production manager, line producer and executive in charge of production.

When her first son was almost a year old, Jodi moved back to the Philly suburbs where she resides with her husband and two boys. She was initially hesitant to leave the city, working hard to make the urban to suburban transition as seamless as possible and loves advising her clients how to do the same. As a native to the area and with a wide network scattered in different neighborhoods, she has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her clients.

Read Jodi’s Reviews

Martin G.

By the time we were in touch with Suburban Jungle, we had already begun our search and were even working with a realtor in one of the areas we were considering. Jodi was flexible and willing to limit her involvement to the areas where we weren’t already represented. She provided helpful insights, guidance and validation around the towns we were considering, and helped us zoom in on a couple of specific areas. She was quick to respond with comprehensive answers and suggestions to our questions.

Suburban Jungle refers you to local realtors who operate independently of them. This is a great structure because they’re able to freely offer advice in a way realtors can’t, and the realtor pays for the referral so there’s no cost to the client.

Of course, this means Suburban Jungle can’t totally control the experience you have with the realtors. For us this was sort of a mixed bag  — for example, one of the realtors they referred me to never called me back after 2 attempts. But Suburban Jungle was always responsive and helpful and willing to get involved where necessary to move things along. 

In the end, we did end up buying through them, at a very difficult time in the market — so I guess the proof is in the pudding. We’d gladly recommend Suburban Jungle to other families considering relocation.

Stephen Y.

Amazing free service. Really helped hone where we should be looking based on multiple factors.  They had the info on what was taking me months to piece together. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Toni M.

I worked with Jodi at Suburban Jungle and she really helped me understand the area which we knew nothing about! She connected me with a fabulous realtor who was able to get us a house in a heated market.

Jennifer L.

Jodi at Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource for us when we decided we were ready to leave the city. All we knew was that we wanted to find a good school district for special needs, and Jodi was quick to connect us with very knowledgeable realtors. She was also very informed about the community feel of each neighborhood, which helped us narrow down our choices. We had no idea where to begin when we first started this process, and looking back, I'm so glad we started with Suburban Jungle!

Eric M.

We used Suburban Jungle in our move to the Philadelphia suburbs, and Jodi was such a great resource for us! We were moving to be closer to family, but were not very familiar with the details of each suburb. Upon telling Jodi our preferences, she was able to list out and discuss the details of each neighborhood. She also connected us with a few brokers, one of whom we ended up using to ultimately buy our new home in Lower Merion! Thank you again for all of the help Jodi!!

Jeffrey M.

We worked with Suburban Jungle to relocate from the Bay Area to the Philly suburbs.  It was a great experience since we had no knowledge of the area.  They worked with us to tailor the areas to target based on our living style, budget for a home, and commute to work.  It was an invaluable service that we continue to leverage well after our move!

John S.

My wife and I worked with The Suburban Jungle Group, specifically with team member Jodi Bloom, during the process of purchasing our first home (which we just completed last week!). Jodi saw to it personally that my wife and I were matched up with the perfect realtor for us, one who knew the areas in which we were looking to buy, as well as would get to know us and what is important to us. Jodi made that happen, and we believe it was unlikely we could have come upon the perfect realtor for us without Jodi's help. Jodi also took the time and energy to reach out to us throughout the whole process and check in - and we so appreciated that extra kindness and professionalism. I would say for anyone who is considering moving, it is a must to start with The Suburban Jungle Group, and if it's possible to request Jodi Bloom, I would go right ahead and say make working with her a priority! Working with her felt more like working with family, right off the bat, and you will be so glad that you did.