Meet Barbara Hirsch

Barbara Hirsch
Head Strategist

With a background in the real estate, corporate and non-profit sectors, Barbara is the consummate professional and brings unique insights, knowledge and a hands-on approach to Suburban Jungle. She launched both the San Francisco and Boston offices and now serves as the Director of Operations and Head Strategist of Boston.

As Director of Operations, Barbara ensures the company runs effectively and works with all the Strategists to establish best practices and protocols, oversees operating efficiencies, and ensures a great overall client experience in all Suburban Jungle markets.

As Head Strategist of Boston, she loves getting to know her clients and is passionate about helping them find their right town. Her savvy clients expect the best and Barbara strives to surpass their expectations. They appreciate her honest, straightforward approach, and benefit from her personal experience of having lived in the suburbs of NYC, San Francisco and now Boston. She loves sharing her knowledge of the area’s vibrants towns and all the wonderful things each has to offer.

Having made multiple cross country moves with kids in tow, she understands how hard it can be to not only move to a new community, but get settled in quickly to your new town. She is thrilled to be able to help other families discover the right suburb, navigate all the options and learn the nuances and personalities of each town and neighborhood to make the best and most informed decision.

Barbara has a B.A. from Brandeis University.

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Jane B.

Have had such a fabulous experience with Barbara and the folks at Suburban Jungle!  My husband and I were moving to the Boston area in December 2020.  We used the Suburban Jungle website to help narrow the towns we wanted to consider on the North Shore for renting.  When we were ready to buy, in summer 2022, Barbara recommended a couple of great agents to work with.  We went with Maura, who has been a FAB real estate agent.  Maura knows the North Shore and brought together a team of folks to support our journey to buying our first home.  Maura is incredibly responsive, and gives it to you straight - exactly what you need in an agent.  We wouldn't have found her and the incredible town of Salem without Suburban Jungle - so very appreciative!!

Alison P.

We had a great experience with the Boston office! We had a small timeline to work with when finding a town that was right for us in the Boston suburbs. Barbara really helped us narrow down our town list and find a town that I know will be a great fit for our family!

Stephen C.

Suburban Jungle in Boston has been extremely helpful and resourceful in lending time, attention, and otherwise essentially unavailable assistance to us in our search for a new town and a new home. The realtors to whom we were referred earned our trust and have been first-rate. We were also pleased to be put in contact with residents willing and eager to answer questions and provide insights on their communities. Barbara Hirsch from Boston Suburban Jungle is tremendous and overall for buyers this is a great service without a downside. Definitely recommended.

Eleanor B.

Thank you so much for your help; having you and Suburban Jungle as a resource was incredible. We felt like I was starting from zero with the home buying process, and you really listened to us and helped us to focus on what we wanted out of a house and a town. You also connected us to excellent agents. Thank you, again.

Jordan H.

Our experience with Suburban Jungle Boston couldn't have been better! It happened so much faster than we anticipated, but that's because our consultant and realtor got to know us, found us exactly what we were looking for in a suburb and home and made the process so easy and fun!

Jordan H.

Suburban Jungle was just what we needed! Barbara helped us find the perfect Boston suburb, we worked with great realtors and found the entire experience to be fun and easy!

Scott A.

Suburban Jungle was just what my family and I needed as we began thinking about moving out of the city and into the suburbs. Barbara helped us crystalize our thoughts about what exactly we needed (train access to the city, access to the highway for my job, a town center, etc.) and then was incredibly helpful in narrowing our search. Once we had narrowed our search to a few, very different, suburbs she put us in touch with current residents so we could learn more in depth about each. Finally she put us in touch with a knowledgeable realtor who had grown up in the neighborhood and was fantastic throughout the process. We ended up in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood! Highly recommend utilizing Suburban Jungle no matter where you are in the buying process, or even just thinking about it!

Jocelyn D.

Suburban Jungle was helpful for me as I had cast my net rather wide in the Greater Boston area to find the right next town and condo for me. It was great to have multiple touch points with the company, getting advice and insight, and opening up many opportunities for visiting various listings. It is definitely tough in this seller's market, but one agent was able to help me purchase an off-market property that met my needs. Thank you Suburban Jungle!

Colin B.

Knowledgeable and attentive. Excellent adjunct to have on your side as you navigate the housing market.

Karen M.

Suburban Jungle is a phenomenal service made even more fabulous by the people with a laser focus on the customer. Right from the beginning, Barbara made us feel comfortable and allowed us to be transparent and free with our journey to find our next family home. She provided great insight and perspective and linked us into amazing agents in each of the towns. I have recommended the service to family, friends and colleagues and never felt any pressure throughout the entire experience.

Srini K.

Suburban Jungle was an awesome experience for us. We had great chats (at least twice) with Barbara, who understood our needs and recommended cities & a realtor for us. The realtor we were matched with went above and beyond to help us find our dream home.

Lindsey H.

Suburban Jungle is 100% the reason we now own our first home. I first came across SJ as an ad on Facebook and when I explored the website and realized it was free to me, I thought, “why not”? I was immediately connected with Barbara, and after she got to know me and my family, she recommended some places for us to look. She was super patient with me, answering all questions timely and thoroughly, and even when we found our suburb but didn’t love the real estate agent, she found a great match for us. Barbara is actually coming to see the home she helped us find tomorrow! I am FOREVER indebted to SJ for helping us navigate our city and find the perfect spot. 10/10 recommend!

Jessica S.

I've been trying out this great resource, Suburban Jungle. So far they have been fantastic. They help you navigate the area you are relocating to, and narrow down your search to a few towns. I love the realtor that they set us up with! 

Beatrice N.

I cannot say enough good things about Suburban Jungle! My husband and I are moving to Boston from a small town in Michigan and I was feeling overwhelmed by the process of finding the right town for our family.  We had 2 one hour consultations with Barbara and it changed the whole move experience for me. It was so refreshing to talk to a real local who was deeply knowledgeable about all the towns and able to give the "insider" perspective that you just can't get through data driven town rankings. She also connected us with a fabulous real estate agent who has been amazing to work with.  We just bought a home in the town Barbara recommended and spent this past weekend falling in love with the community. She totally nailed it - this town is the perfect fit for us

Amar K.

This team helped us narrow down our target list of suburbs and, more importantly, connected us to two fantastic realtors who helped us find a great home. All at no cost to us! If it seems too good to be true, it's because they have found a really creative way to support home buyers and connect them with high quality agents in the target communities. I have already recommended several friends to this company and will continue to do so!

Peter Z.

We could not have bought our house without the help of the realtors we were paired with from Suburban Jungle. The realtor we purchased with was fantastic, and knew the market, builders, everything you needed to know to make a wise decision. This helped us attack a difficult market effectively and get our home in almost record time in this competitive market! If you are looking for a realtor, you must use Suburban Jungle. They will absolutely give you the best chance at winning your dream home.

Kate H.

I am so grateful that I found Suburban Jungle! When moving from NYC to CT, I was so focused on finding the right house - not necessarily the right town. When we moved from CT to MA, I found Suburban Jungle - working with an expert strategist to help us understand different towns and neighborhoods was such a different experience. From there, we were connected with a fabulous agent to find the right house in one of our top towns. Even though the market right now is wild, she was with us every step of the way - and we have found our dream home!

Jacqueline D.

We really valued our experience with Suburban Jungle. My partner and I knew we wanted to buy a home but didn't know where to start (first time homebuyers!). Our biggest question was "Where?". Barbara was so helpful in understanding what we had envisioned for ourselves and made recommendations based on our geographical and lifestyle preferences. One of the most valuable experiences is being connected to real estate agents who gave us tours of different towns and neighborhoods. It was so helpful seeing neighborhoods come to life in person and helped us decide which towns we wanted to narrow our search in. Barbara was extremely accommodating as we went back and forth on a few towns and was responsive to our changing needs. Though the home buying process is inevitably a stressful (but exciting!) process, having another person to guide us through the process really made us feel like we were making the best decision for us. Thank you Barbara and the rest of the team for your insights and support!

Caitlin, Purposeful Nomad

We recently moved from the west coast to the Boston area and trying to figure out where we wanted to live was a daunting task. We found Barbara at Suburban Jungle and it made the whole process SO much easier. She suggested towns to look at and provided amazing realtors for each community. She consistently checked up on us along the way and was always there if we needed anything. We are just about to close on a home in a town we love and Suburban Jungle helped get us there. Highly recommend using their services if you aren't sure what town or community you want to live in. They really help navigating finding your perfect community.

Jacob M.

Was very helpful in info before our move to Boston, giving intros to the surrounding area and in touch with multiple agents. All recommendations were spot on and has really made our move as smooth as it could possibly be!

Sarah A.

Barbara and Suburban Jungle are worth their weight in gold. Barbara was invaluable and critical to our next home search in Boston. We would still be googling and trying to narrow our search if not for the insights, expert knowledge and connections Barbara provided. I could not have imagined a smoother, stress free process. Getting connected with top notch realtors both for the purchase of our new home and sale of our condo eliminated so much stress and worry. We are exceedingly grateful for all of the support. Thank you!

Maria L.

I worked with Suburban Jungle for the better part of a year. From identifying towns and personalized consultations with Barbara in Boston, to connecting us with a realtor who helped us close on a house 3 weeks after arriving in Massachusetts from Arizona, Suburban Jungle helped me transform my scattered cross-country moving plan into a reality! I’m so glad I came across their company online and would recommend them to anyone considering a major relocation.

Kate P.

We were moving from a totally different area of the country and didn't have any friends or family in our new area to give us intel on the cool/affordable/safe towns. We really had no idea where to start. Suburban Jungle connected us with an expert in the area who interviewed us to help us match our lifestyle and budget with some prospective towns. She then connected us to realtors in those areas who helped us further narrow our search and stuck with us while we hunted for the perfect home during a really tough market. At first I didn't believe this service could possibly be free, but it is! Highly recommend.

Emma R.

I am so pleased that I reached out to Suburban Jungle last year. My family knew we were ready for a move to the suburbs (and more space), but had no idea which towns were a good fit for us, or even how to go about finding this out. We spoke with Barbara so many times throughout our search and she gave us such great advice and information about nearby towns. And always great food and ice cream recommendations :), not to mention a referral to a stellar real estate agent! We are in the process of closing on a house now and we are so excited to explore our new town.