Meet Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson
New York City

Eleanor is a native New Yorker, having been born and raised in Manhattan. She left the city to attend Connecticut College for her B.A and the University of Texas for her M.B.A but always came home to New York. After her second child was born, Eleanor reluctantly realized it was time to consider moving out of her beloved city. Thankfully, Suburban Jungle was there to help Eleanor and her family find the right town and make the transition to a better lifestyle.

Suburban Jungle was able to do what seemed impossible: Turn Eleanor from a dedicated Urbanite to a happy Suburbanite. And having benefited from the Suburban Jungle experience, Eleanor was thrilled to join the company as a Strategist.

And as a former Suburban Jungle client, Eleanor brings a unique, personal perspective to her role as a Strategist. She knows firsthand how overwhelming it can be to find the right town and she is eager to help make the process easier. Eleanor truly listens to her clients to understand their needs and concerns so she can effectively guide them to the town that is right for them.

Prior to Suburban Jungle, Eleanor worked in media as an Ad Sales Marketing professional. She has created custom marketing programs for numerous Fortune 500 brands while working at companies like NBC, Time Inc. and A+E Networks. She has a passion for collaboration, creativity and client service.

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