Meet Allison Levine

Allison Levine
New York City

Allison graduated with a BA in Public Communication from The American University in Washington, D.C.

She started her public relations and marketing career in Miami, Florida. There, she worked with a variety of commercial, residential and resort real estate clients, as well as professional services companies.

Allison moved to New York City to join Porter Novelli’s Corporate Practice as Vice President. There, she managed client relationships for companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Financial Times, Macquarie Bank, Timberland and TXU.

In 2000, she was featured in PR Week Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30, recognized as one of the top public relations professionals in the country.

After living in the city for several years, Allison and her husband decided to move to the suburbs to start their family. The process of selecting the perfect town was daunting and required a tremendous amount of research. She wishes that Suburban Jungle existed then, and now she strives to help others find their dream suburb!

Allison and her husband Dave have two daughters, Rachel and Sasha, and a maltipoo named Brody.

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Scott P.

My wife and I finally decided to branch out of Jersey City and give the single family home a try. Both of us not knowing anything about the surrounding towns we decided to use Suburban Jungle and it was the best decision we could’ve made. The idea of driving from town to town aimlessly to try and learn about an area was daunting. We reached out to Suburban Jungle and matched with Alli who guided us in a few directions based on what we wanted out of the town. It was a great process of visiting each location and then finally landing on the one we fell in love with. The best part of the experience was talking with Alli’s contacts in a specific area to really get a feel of who is living here. We have even made a few friends in the town we are moving too based on this experience. I just wanted to say thanks to Alli for sticking with us and giving us the support we needed when it looked like we may have to extend our lease but were able to find a home in the 11th hour! I would highly recommend this service and Alli!

Michael M.

Allison and her team are truly A+. My wife and I were looking to move from the city and into the suburbs. We were set up with a team of different realtors that were specific to the towns we were interested in. The local knowledge of each of the realtors was exceptional from top to bottom. After some viewings we were fortunate enough to narrow down our search to about two towns. We eventually found a place that we liked and place an offer. We are so thankful to Allison, and her team. They are the best.

Sara D.

Suburban Jungle is an amazing service!  There is no catch.  They help you find the perfect town for you and your family, connect you with wonderful real estate agents (we had an especially great agent for Beacon, NY named David Cross), and are there for you every step of the way.  I 100% recommend this service for anyone looking to move outside of NYC.  I worked with Allison Levine from Suburban Jungle who was awesome!!!

Julie P.

My husband and I worked with Allison Levine for several months and are thrilled to say we are now under contract for our dream house in a wonderful town! We never would have ended up here on our own without going through the Suburban Jungle town search process, and are so glad we made that first phone call to Allison. As first-time home buyers who are used to that 1-bedroom urban life, we felt lost and nervous about figuring out where we could settle down, and Allison was so great in making town recommendations, setting us up with local realtors (including our current agent, who is the epitome of professionalism and a dream to work with), and keeping us on track. She was insightful, communicative, and helpful throughout. Thank you, Allison!

Allison G.

Working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle was such an enjoyable experience! It was like having a supportive friend in your corner at all times during one of the biggest chapters of your life. Alli listened to our hopes, wishes, and desires for what we were looking for in a town and compiled a list of possible towns that would interest us. Alli hit the nail on the head with the towns she suggested for us. We toured many of them before deciding on where we wanted to focus our house hunt, but we honestly could see ourselves living in several of the towns we toured. Every agent Alli connected us with in each town was top-notch; they were all knowledgeable, experienced, and relatable! Throughout the process, Alli offered us advice and suggestions while allowing us to bounce ideas/thoughts off of her (at times she was even like a therapist)! She made herself available to talk with us at all times and was always in our corner. My best piece of advice is to use suburban jungle because why wouldn’t you? It’s a free resource with knowledgeable, helpful people looking to help YOU find the perfect town for YOU! We were open-minded during the entire process, and truly took advantage of all that suburban jungle had to offer, and I highly recommend everyone to use them!

Winston L.

Allison and her team were able to put us in touch with a local realtor who not only knew the area but actually lived there!  Our realtor was awesome and incredibly knowledgeable.  She referred us to our real estate lawyer as well as a mortgage broker.  From start to finish we had a very smooth process that was detailed, clearly outlined, and without any headaches.  We have heard horror stories about the home buying process, we had an amazing time getting to know everyone involved in purchasing our home and will be recommending Allison and her team from Suburban Jungle every time.  Thanks again.

Elizabeth D.

Super helpful agency! They make the suburb choice, and home buying process seamless!

Zeke R.

TRAVEL AGENTS OF THE SUBURBS - if you've ever used a travel agent, a good one at least, you know how valuable they are. They take the headache out of managing your travel or move. WONDERFUL SERVICE! DREAM BUILDERS! NO REASON NOT TO SEND THEM AN EMAIL! My wife and I have been NYC residents for 10 years. We are transplants from Arkansas so we have zero knowledge about the towns and communities surrounding the city. Yes, we have visited towns here and there but never with intention of moving to these towns or raising our family in these communities. Usually, it was for day parties; so we drove to the house and back to the city. However, my wife and I have 2 children under 2, so we are outgrowing the hamster cages that are NYC apartments. With no friends or family in this area to educate us on where to go; CT, NJ, NY etc, we found ourselves stumped on how to begin narrowing our focus. THERE ARE OVER 600 SUBURBAN TOWNS! Enter Suburban Jungle! While researching towns, schools, neighborhoods, homes, condos, apartments, public transit, taxes, cars...the list keeps growing...WE FOUND SUBURBAN JUNGLE! At first, I was hesitant. HOW DOES THIS WORK? They call you discuss your budget, interests and must haves both out of a home and out of a community. Then they connect you with people in the communities that have inventory that matches your needs. They send you on town tours first... WTF IS A TOWN TOUR? I thought the same. It's just a nice day with a nice person who's trying to get your business showing you the towns they represent. NO CATCH. You get to choose who you work with and what community you want to see. My wife and I connected with an agent in our first community immediately and we ended up purchasing a home with her. THE WHOLE PROCESS TOOK US ONLY 6 WEEKS...but we did see 10 towns across NJ, CT and NY with 4 or 5 different agents. I think we saw 20 homes total. We ultimately circled back to the community and agent we saw on day one. Shout out to Amanda Spatola! THE TEAMS THEY CONNECT YOU WITH IN OUR EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN TRULY A DREAM TEAM. VERY TRANSPARENT, PERSONABLE, ACCESSIBLE AND HELPFUL. We are first time buyers so transparency and hand holding was necessary and comforting, and we never felt anyone was taking advantage which is a paranoia as a first time buyer. HOW DO THEY GET PAID? I have no idea, but I haven't seen it hit my checkbook HOW USEFUL WILL THIS SERVICE BE? WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THEM After we chose our town and agent Suburban Jungle stayed in contact and just provided support which we are/were so grateful for. They emailed us weekend happening on our new community as well as detailed information about our community. MY WIFE AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER AND WE THANK WHATEVER YOU PRAY TO FOR SHOWING US THE PATH TO THIS SERVICE. GIVE THEM A CALL/EMAIL...YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED BIG THANKS TO ALLISON AND HER TEAM AT SUBURBAN JUNGLE

Bridget M.

Allison Levine was terrific and helped us find a wonderful place to live. We are so thankful!

Joseph A.

Their whole team was amazing to work with. Alli is very knowledgeable and gave us great information on so many different neighborhoods. They connected us with awesome realtors who all gave us valuable advice (even if we didn't end up working with them in the long run). We're first time home buyers and they helped make the process a lot less intimidating.

Nicole H.

I am so thankful for Suburban Jungle's assistance in finding an amazing town and leading me towards the purchase of my first home. I loved the extensive PDF insights Suburban Jungle provided on NJ towns, which helped me navigate the schools, commute, and community activities with confidence. I worked with Allison, who was so attentive, kind and patient. She walked me through the home buying process over multiple calls and set me up on tours with very knowledgeable guides, put me in contact with moms in each town, and sent me very helpful articles so I could get a very clear picture of the communities I was seriously considering. I don't know how I could have done this without SJ and Allison.

Adriana S.

Unlike a realtor, suburban jungle will match you with the place (town) and then find you the space (home)! I had been “looking” with an independent realtor for months without making any meaningful progress before a friend introduced me to Suburban Jungle. Within days I had eliminated towns that didn’t match my needs and had narrowed my search. Despite narrowing the search, the agent recommended by suburban jungle found many homes for me to see and now I’m waiting to place an offer. It hasn’t even been 3 weeks yet! I highly recommend suburban jungle!

Gaurav Y

It was fantastic working with Allison. She was able to identify towns for me based on the criteria I set across the tri state area. I looked at many different houses with 3 different agents across 3 states. All the realtors were extremely professional, responsive and patient. As it turned out I settled for a place in NJ!! Many thanks Suburban Jungle!

Mariel G.

My husband and I recently used Suburban Jungle to help us decide what NJ town to move to. From my first call with Alli Levine, it was clear that SJ was a wealth of information. Alli took time to listen to our wants in a town, a house, and a real estate agent. She connected us with other locals in the area. And she set us up with our real estate agent (Jillian Nolan) who was FABULOUS. We are so happy to be newly settled in our home. Thanks so much to Alli and Jillian for helping us along the way!

Emmanuela B.

This service was amazing! Being native Brooklynites we had no clue about the suburbs. Suburban jungle helped us to narrow down our search and connected us with a fantastic realtor. They were super responsive and addressed all our needs. Would highly recommend using them for your move out of the city.

Lindsay D.

Allison Levine at Suburban Jungle was an incredible resource to us as we started the search for our first home purchase. We were previously transplants to NYC, and had no prior knowledge of the suburbs surrounding the city. For us, that meant we were considering 3 different states, and multiple cities in each! Allison got on the phone with us right away and was always available at the drop of a hat for a text, email, or phone call. With her extensive knowledge & perspective, she became a true partner in talking through the pros and cons of each town, each house, and each decision - all in great detail. We laughed, we cried, we had the unique advantage of Allison on our side to help us make sense of it all. Five months after our first call, we are moving into a home we are so excited about. I’d recommend checking out Suburban Jungle and asking for Allison if you are thinking of settling down in any of the NYC burbs.

Naomi Y.

As a first time home buyer, the process can be daunting and overwhelming. Suburban Jungle helped ease my fears and make the process as smooth as possible.  Allison L. did an amazing job of helping me find what I was looking for.  Not only was she very friendly and personable, she took her time listening to me and finding out what it is I wanted!  She matched me with a perfect realtor and I found my first home! I am very pleased with this service and I cannot say enough about Suburban Jungle. Thank you!

Lindsay G.

My family could not be happier with our experience with Suburban Jungle! Everyone we worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, a lot of fun to talk to. You can tell they not only take pride in their work, they really enjoy it as well. After our first phone call, our wonderful representative Allison recommended a few towns we hadn’t even been considering—and we are forever grateful, because we just closed on our perfect house yesterday! I have already recommended Suburban Jungle to a few friends, and will continue to do so for anyone looking to trade in city life for a home in the suburbs. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Bill F.

Worked with Alli from Suburban Jungle. Helped us really explore different neighborhoods and figure out which place really fit our vibe. Then connected us with AWESOME agents and eventually helped us find a home! Great to have a point person to circle back and help us reflect on our experience and help coordinate everything. Recommend them to everyone!

Amy N.

When we moved from San Francisco to NY, we did not know which town would suit us best. Suburban Jungle helped us figure out the towns that we would like and connected us with an agent that was able to get us the house we wanted in a sought after location. I would highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone relocating from a city!

Rimjhim D.

Allison Levine has been super helpful in identifying towns for us and connecting us to property agents . She is super responsive and very professional. Overall great experience working with Suburban Jungle.

Kate S.

We had been planning on moving to the suburbs in a couple of years. When COVID happened, we began to reassess our plans and decided that we needed to start looking sooner rather than later. We knew we wanted to move to New Jersey and had an idea of towns we wanted to explore. A colleague of mine told me about Suburban Jungle and we decided to give it a shot to help us narrow our search and educate us about the towns we were considering. This is how we met Alli Levine. Alli was amazing to work with! She spent more than an hour on the phone with us, trying to better understand who we are and what we’re looking for. She then set us up with a dashboard with a ton of useful information about each town and, most importantly for us, introduced us to great local realtors. Thanks to Alli and our wonderful Westfield agent, Kristen, we’re moving into our new home in 2 weeks, less than 4 months after our first conversation with Alli.

Justin K.

We worked with Allison and she was super helpful! After hearing our needs, she guided us through the process of picking suburbs to explore and then connected us with a wonderful real estate agent who gave us expert tours of the towns we were interested in. Allison was really patient and knowledgeable, and Suburban Jungle has wonderful resources about every suburb. We'd highly recommend working with Allison and the SJ team!

Lauren C.

After 14 years of living in Manhattan, our plan was always to move our family to the NYC suburbs.  Then COVID hit and our plans accelerated, although we weren't sure which town would be the right fit.  Suburban Jungle, and Alli specifically, helped us narrow down our search based on things we didn't even realize were important to us (school size, train vs. bus commute for eventually returning to the office, mom and pop vs. big box store accessibility, etc.).  Between our phone conversations with Alli and the detailed dashboard, the process was truly stress-free and enjoyable. We were set up with our amazing realtor and just closed on our house last week. We are so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives and owe a lot to SJ and Alli for guiding us!

Keren H.

I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Suburban Jungle! Working with Allison Levine was a great experience.  She helped us narrow down our search and tailor it to what we were looking for in a home.  She listens, supports, and truly cares. Working with Allison felt more like working with an incredibly knowledgeable friend who has the inside scoop! Highly recommend!

Mark F.

We worked with Allison Levine at the very beginning of our process of exploring many different communities in NJ. She helped educate us on the various towns, put us in contact with many local market brokers who were all great fits, and ultimately saw us through to a successful closing. High recommended.

Alison L.

Suburban Jungle was such a valuable resource in our Westchester search. They patiently connected us with contacts in the various towns so that we could learn more about them and hone in on the right fit.

Kari V.

We started our home search in July of 2020 and weren’t sure where to turn.  A friend suggested suburban jungle and we’re so happy we listened.  The beginning was a little rocky since we didn’t mesh well initially with one of their strategists but they quickly contacted us to resolve the issue and connected us with Alli who was wonderful.  Through Alli we met Shari who ended up being our local agent in Rockland.  Shari is absolutely fantastic! We’re over the moon to share that we are currently under contract on our first home.  Thank you Shari and Suburban Jungle for holding our hand throughout this entire process.

Elyssa M.

I can’t say enough good things about Alli at Suburban Jungle NYC and Vanessa our local realtor through Suburban Jungle.  Buying a home during the pandemic with a toddler was pretty stressful and they made the process fun and actually enjoyable. We weren’t sure where we wanted to live and they guided us through many potential neighborhoods and helped answer every question we had. And we had a lot ha. They supported us in probably the craziest buying market and were always there when we started to feel like we’d never find something. We wound up finding the perfect house and honestly have them to thank. Cannot recommend them enough!!

Adriana S.

My husband and I knew we were ready for the NY suburbs but had no idea where to start. As foreigners we had very little knowledge of areas outside of the city and were overwhelmed with the choices. Allison was just what we needed! In our first phone call she got to know us - what our priorities were, if we had any anchors to any particular areas, what schools we were considering for our kids etc... and recommended several areas she thought we'd be well suited to. She then put us in touch with several realtors in those areas to arrange tours. The area we settled on it turns out was the one she later told us that she could definitely see us in - great instincts and such a breadth of knowledge of the vast suburbs in the tristate area. Allison was incredibly helpful from the start right up until signing the contract on our home, and beyond. We are so grateful to her and highly recommend her and the Suburban Jungle team.

Kristen C.

Allison Levine was the best - was with us every step of the way. And she also found us a broker that found us a home! thank you so much.

Jennifer K.

Working with Allison Levine was wonderful and I don’t think my family could have found our new home in Connecticut without her. With a very small window of time to find a house, two small children and doing everything virtually from Florida, Allison was able to narrow down our search and determine the right town for us. Within a week, we viewed several homes online and then flew to CT for two short days in which we found our perfect house. It was a hugely nerve racking experience to do things so quickly but with Allison’s knowledge, counseling and incredible warmth and kindness, we pulled it all off and are so happy in our new home!

Christina A.

Allison was so helpful in narrowing down our search of communities in Westchester! We never would have looked at the town we ended up in if it weren’t for her guidance. We are so grateful! She checked in with us regularly and we always knew she was available for any questions/ advice. We’d recommend her and suburban jungle to anyone navigating the jump to the suburbs.

Carly G.

Allison was an amazing resource and helped us find a perfect fit!

Heather M.

Allison was super helpful narrowing down our aimless search into something actionable.  We are lucky to have had her as a resource!

Patton C.

Alli Levine and Suburban Jungle was great. Immediately responsive, understanding of our situation and needs, and hit the nail on the head right away. The first town Alli sent us to was the perfect fit, and she connected us with a broker that also understood our situation and helped us move quickly on a great house. Hugely helpful from start to finish.

J. Rodrigues

Their help to navigate the surroundings of New York City was priceless to us. We had long, nuanced conversations into what was important to our family, and what communities would fit better our needs. If you see yourself lost on where to even start looking, check with them, after the first call you will feel that you have now a compass in hands.

Keara T.

I had heard people mention suburban jungle so many times, but didn't quite understand how valuable of a resource they would be until I started working with Allison Levine. I loved how she dug into my husband and my upbringing and lifestyle to think about the type of town we would most enjoy. She hit the nail on the head and long story short, we ended up buying in 1 of the 3 towns she recommended. Throughout the whole process, she kept checking in, making me feel less stressed when we kept losing houses. She connected me to local moms and most all, the best realtor in town. I have recommended SJ to so many friends. It's an incredible business idea, and you get nothing but value from them.

Danny B.

In a very difficult market, it was a pleasure to work with Allison and her team at suburban jungle. Allison is super professional, extremely responsive, and was able to quickly zero in on the areas that met my criteria. The team of real estate agents that work with Suburban Jungle are also top-notch, and I felt like I was well taken care of each step of the way.

Katie T.

We had a very good experience working with Alli. She was a good listener and willing to work with us until we found a good fit.  Generous with her time and quick to respond, I would recommend SJ and her to anyone looking to transition into moving out of a city and exploring places.

Daniel K.

Such an amazing experience. I don't think we could have navigated Westchester County without Suburban Jungle and will, without reservation, be recommending them to anyone looking for a home in the NYC area. -Mahesh P. We loved Suburban Jungle. They connected us with many great realtors and towns. Allison Levine is the best

Jenna S.

We explored some different communities on our own prior to working with Suburban Jungle, and the experiences could not be more different. We loved working with Suburban Jungle - they asked us questions about what we valued - activities, lifestyle, family plans, what type of community we'd like to live in/near, commutes, style of housing, price points, etc, and provided us with links and information we couldn't find elsewhere about different towns and neighborhoods. We then explored neighborhoods and towns with very knowledgeable agents who talked to us about schools, shopping, activities nearby, showed us what types of houses we could get at our price points. What we loved most about it is that is was simple, tailored to us, we really feel the person we worked with at Suburban Jungle listened to our feedback, was very accessible, and made additional suggestions based on our feedback, such that we were able to find the perfect community for us - we've lived in our town for almost a year now, and found the perfect house and area that we were looking for. We also loved touring the towns with the agents - we really felt we were able to have a good understanding of what each town offered, what was nearby, and it helped us really determine what was essential for us. We could not be happier or more pleased with our decision to work with Suburban Jungle or their agent in finding us the perfect home! Thank you Alison and Heather!!!!

Craig J.

We had an amazing experience with Suburban Jungle and our consultant, Alli Levine.  Within 10 minutes of speaking to her about what my wife and I were looking for in a community, she recommended we look at the town we ultimately ended up moving to.  She was a pleasure to work with and also referred us to a great realtor that we ended up using.  Would recommend anyone looking to leave a city for the suburbs to use Suburban Jungle.

Katie L.

I had a terrific experience working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle.  She helped my family narrow down our choice of towns quickly, and all of her advice was spot on.  We loved the realtor she recommended and we ended up buying the first house we saw.  Even after we were in contract on our home, Alli went above and beyond to provide helpful information, including putting me in touch with a friend who lives in our new town, who quickly became my first friend in the area!  I highly recommend Alli to anyone who is looking to relocate to the suburbs.

Alana K.

Suburban Jungle is an awesome resource! My husband and I started working with our strategist, Alli, who talked with us all about what we're looking for when we move, what we want in a town, etc. She suggested great towns and set up tours for us. We landed on two areas after the fun tours! The brokers Alli set us up with were also awesome and the interesting details about each town she shared was so thoughtful and useful! Overall, Suburban Jungle was great but Alli was and still is beyond helpful! She made our experience really awesome!

Kayla W.

Moving from Lancaster, pa to a NYC commutable city in New Jersey was overwhelming! Using Suburban Jungle helped us narrow down to a few towns that checked our boxes. The tours were invaluable! Getting to know each town by a local gave us a feel for all of the small and personal details you just can’t get from googling! We finally narrowed down to the perfect town and Suzanne was our representative. We LOVED her! This market was not an easy one to navigate. She was like our therapist, realtor, and friend all in one. She fought for us every step of the way. Can’t speak highly enough! Great experience all around and would definitely recommend!