Meet Melissa Schneider

Melissa Schneider

Melissa has a BS from Cornell University and a JD from The George Washington University Law School. She began her legal career as a criminal prosecutor for the New York County District Attorney’s Office and then went on to private legal practice and also served as in-house Counsel to a full-service broker-dealer, where she provided expertise in legal advisory, compliance structure and regulatory affairs. After practicing law, Melissa became an executive search consultant where she managed and executed Legal and Compliance searches for top tier hedge funds, private equity firms, investment banks and broker-dealers.

When Melissa’s first son was born, she and her husband moved to Brooklyn Heights. While they loved the neighborhood and the easy commute to Manhattan, the birth of their second child made them realize that suburban living fit their needs better. Melissa spent the next 6 years living in a suburb of Long Island. During her time there, she became active in various school related events and committees. Her husband’s career required them to relocate to South Florida where she presently resides. Melissa’s legal and recruiting skills coupled with her various moves gives her keen insight as to the needs of families wishing to find the perfect place for their family to call home.

Fun Fact: Melissa played violin with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra in high school.

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Paul G.

Picking up and moving my family and my business came with huge amounts of stress. A big part of that stress in the early stages was the overwhelming feeling of getting lost in the house hunt. It was no coincidence that shortly after I connected with Melissa Schneider from Suburban Jungle, things began to fall into place and pretty quickly. Not only was she able to find us the perfect neighborhood and agent to work with, she was able to get us informed about and connected to things like schools, restaurants, and anything else we needed. She was extremely responsive and available anytime, and it was clear that we were more than another client to her, she really does care about not just finding the neighborhood and the agent, but making sure that the transition is as smooth as can be. We are so happy we found her and Suburban Jungle!

Aileen D.

I was working with Suburban Jungle to explore the NYC suburbs. Then in 2020, we ended up being in Florida for our annual vacation and decided to stay. I was connected with Melissa Schneider, who brought calm and reassurance to such a daunting time. She instantly understood me! She is so relatable, and has a natural talent to connect with people. Not only did she introduce me to a realtor but also has become my resource to all things South Florida- doctors, activities for the kids...she is always willing to answer questions. I can’t recommend the service enough and certainly can’t recommend Melissa enough! All it takes is one conversation with her and anyone would agree. Thanks Suburban Jungle and Melissa Schneider!!

Jessica G.

My husband and I decided to make a life changing move in the middle of a pandemic and relocate to southern Florida. But, we didn’t know ANYTHING about the area and couldn’t even visit to see it in person. We had worked with Suburban Jungle when we moved out of the city to the suburbs a number of years ago and I was delighted to find out that they now have representation all over the country.  Enter Melissa Schneider who spent hours over countless phone calls painting a picture of all of the different areas, the pros and the cons, the various lifestyles and the types of people that live in each area... and it was so vivid that we were able to picture ourselves living there, from across the country. Melissa instinctively “got me” - she understood right from the get go what would appeal to our family, what our needs are, what we were looking for in a community and where we should focus our search. We literally would never have been able to make the move without her guidance. And, since we’ve moved she’s become my go to resource for all things from pediatricians to colorists! If you are considering a move to south Florida, Melissa Schneider is your girl!

Danielle P.

My husband got a transfer from NJ to South Florida. We had never been any further in FL then Orlando. We didn’t know anything about any of the areas and had no idea where to start. I found Suburban Jungle on a Facebook page and decided to give it a shot. Melissa contacted me immediately and we connected so easily because we had the same NY NJ background. She was able to listen to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions, which I had tons. She was able to ask enough questions about us and our lifestyle to narrow down the area to concentrate on. Melissa continued to check on us thru the entire process. She set us up with a realtor who helped us find our dream rental on the beach. We can’t thank Melissa enough for her expertise and professionalism as well as ongoing friendship

Michelle S.

Melissa with Suburban Jungle was amazing! I've relocated previously without SJ and only wish I had them back then. When I came across their services, I had to reach out knowing we were moving. I was connected to Melissa Schneider to discuss south Florida. She was great! Very responsive, knowledgeable about the area and friendly. She provided ins and outs for a number of areas and neighborhoods and connected me with great agents to work with. Even after settling on an area and home, she stayed in touch and provided great recommendations. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Rebecca S.

My family and I had the best experience working with Melissa Schneider and Suburban Jungle! We relocated from NYC to South Florida in the middle of COVID, which was daunting to say the least! She was so helpful throughout the whole process and continued to give us so much support when we arrived. Can’t say enough great things about this service!

Jamie J.

Overall amazing experience with Suburban Jungle! I was between two locations to relocate from NYC. The Suburban Jungle team in both locations was fantastic and helpful from the jump. Their realtor connections were fabulous as well. Would use the service again and recommend to my friends!

Jamie B.

For a variety of reasons - including virtual working -  we were looking to move out of our 1 bed NYC apartment and were considering relocating. I read about Suburban Jungle in the Daily Mail and gave them a call. We were considering South Florida, Scottsdale or somewhere else. Eventually we zeroed in on South Florida and Melissa - our Suburban Jungle advisor who is beyond helpful and professional - guided us to Boca where we ended buying a house a few weeks ago. Our lives have completely changed for the better and I doubt we'd have ended up where we have without Suburban Jungle. If you're looking to move, I would strongly (strongly) recommend giving Suburban Jungle a call. They have a network of local experts/advisors with deep knowledge of their area, who can advise you on every aspect of living there. They never charged me a dollar and no paperwork. It's a great concept and I'm not aware of anything else like it. They are essentially lifestyle advisors and their incentives are aligned with yours, i.e. to find you the right place for you to live. We are very happy with the realtors they connected us to and Melissa continues to be an incredible resource, several weeks after closing.

Tina S.

Our decision to move from NY to Florida couldn't have happened without Suburban Jungle! I came across Melissa Schneider's "story" on Facebook and was drawn to her honesty, courage and relatability. After what I thought would be an informative call, it immediately turned into a two hour conversation about everything and anything Florida. She helped us  understand the different areas of South Florida, narrow down communities, connect us with parents at various schools, and be my go-to person for every other detail of this move (including pediatricians, dentists, orthodontists, sport activities and much more!). Melissa's passion for helping others through this process is vibrant and I couldn't have done this without her! Thank you Suburban Jungle for helping us make this happen!


Melissa from Suburban Jungle in Florida is an absolute STAR. I never knew what I was missing in my search for my new home until I met her. She’s intelligent, professional, trustworthy and just overall highly competent. Coming from a lifelong NYer who was looking to move down to Florida remotely and during a pandemic, I thought this process would be an absolute nightmare. I’m also a complete control freak who needs to know every detail of everything. Melissa made this process as easy as possible while coordinating everything for us seamlessly. Most importantly, I trusted her and continue to trust her…so much so that I recommended my mom work with her to find her new home as well. She is the best and has been a pleasure to work with. Suburban Jungle, you are beyond lucky to have her!

Veronika C.

We have had the most amazing experience with Melissa, and flawless search for our new home by the agent we were matched with. It was hands down the quickest we could ever think of getting a house and a neighborhood of our dreams. After initial conversation and telling we would like to get a house within next 2 months, I thought someone would laugh it off. Have you seen the market in FL nowadays?!? Real estate gets sold before it’s even posted anywhere. It’s a seller’s market, but that also means the inventory is low, the prices are high, the bidding wars are on. That’s when the great agent with knowledge of the game steps in! Of course, we could have found a thousand of agents to represent our interest. But ours was just above and beyond. I truly believe in suburban jungle they do a great work on selecting and hiring top notch agents, who also care about your experience. Melissa always called and texted to check on us. She was always up to date on any new developments, and followed our journey throughout the whole process. Mind you, we were buying from out of state, never met the woman (but planning to change that soon), and I felt like I knew her for years. Fast forward, here we are enjoying our most amazing home in the most amazing community! Melissa was SO spot on when she heard about our lifestyle and preferences, and said “I think this would be perfect for you!”. Of course we looked at few other places and various counties even. But Melissa knew even before we did, that this place is “perfect for us”. That’s what I called a pro! I’d like to add, there are many companies who try to sell, up-sell and oversell, and as soon as they get their money, they don’t care. Melissa is genuinely involved from start to finish and even after. From what I could tell, she receives satisfaction while helping people find their happiness in a new home. Bravo and thank you so so much Melissa!

Marzia A.

I’ve lived in the same 20 mile radius my entire life so the idea of moving to another state terrified me! I had heard of Suburban Jungle through a friend so I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did! I was connected with Melissa Schneider to discuss South Florida. Melissa took the time to get to know me and what my needs and wants were. She was down to earth, easy to talk to and I felt like she had a real understanding of what I was looking for. She helped me narrow down my search to a few towns. When I visited these towns, they were exactly as she had described. She connected me with realtors who were equally as helpful and professional. Melissa maintained contact with me every step of the way. I truly enjoyed working with her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suburban Jungle to a friend!

Adithi M.

I am writing this review for Melissa Schneider at Suburban Jungle in Florida. Melissa has been amazing to work with - she’s a true professional with a easy going and friendly personality to match. Soon after we established contact, I got on a call with her and she instantly made me feel supported and relieved my anxieties about considering a new hometown  several thousand miles away. Having made the move to Florida herself many years ago, she was very patient answering all my questions and always followed up afterwards if there were anything she couldn’t completely answer. In addition to her personal insights in the S Florida market, Melissa was able to take me on a ‘walking tour’ (on email) of the neighborhoods we were interested with details that only a local would know. She  even gave us tips on things to do/places to go while visiting Miami with young children. I strongly recommend Melissa to anyone looking at the South Florida market - she’s truly the best!!

Pegah K

It was a great experience working with Melissa from Suburban Jungle. I read her story on Suburban Jungle and immediately felt connected to her. She is very professional and compassionate. She always checked on us through our entire journey of finding our new community and home. She is also very knowledgeable and has great information about South Florida communities. Melissa and Suburban Jungle helped us find not only our own new home but our new community. She had great recommendations of true professionals for every step of the process. In today’s tough market we got exactly what we wanted, great community, neighborhood, amazing schools and our beautiful home. Thank you so much Melissa.

Emily K.

Suburban Jungle helped us change our lives! When we decided to look at neighborhoods in South Florida, considering a potential move from New York City, we got in touch and Melissa made time to help us plan a quick trip to look around. She was an indispensable resource, putting us in touch with local realtors who understood their quickly-changing markets and went above and beyond to help.  In addition to helping us figure out what area would work best for our family, Melissa provided moral support, interior design advice and even introductions to locals who could give us even more advice! I don’t think we would have been able to accomplish pulling off a cross-country move in less than six months without all of this support. We are so happy that we made it happen and absolutely love living in Florida!

Amy S.

I worked with Melissa through Suburban Jungle and had a great experience. She introduced me to two realtors on really short notice (3-4 days!), And they were both friendly and knowledgeable. We ended up closing on a home 7 days later! Melissa was also super helpful with vendor recommendations after we made the move. Everything worked out so smoothly and we are enjoying getting to know our new community!

Nicole H

I had the best experience with Melissa! When I first contacted her, I had no idea where to start. We knew we wanted to move to south Florida, but didn't know much about the different areas. Melissa took her time, shared information about areas she thought would work for my family, and set us up with agents. Throughout the process, Melissa checked in and was always available to listen and help. Melissa is an excellent resource and made the stressful process of moving to a different state easy for me and my family. I highly recommend Suburban Jungle when navigating out of state moves and we couldn't have been in better hands!