Meet Patti Natiss

Patti Natiss
Head of National Strategy and Emerging Markets
New York City, Indianapolis

Patti started at the company in 2013 and has helped place many happy families. Her clients appreciate her deep knowledge of the tri-state area and benefit from her personal experience as a former denizen of New Jersey & Westchester and current resident of Connecticut. Patti’s boundless enthusiasm combined with her innate ability to quickly understand her clients needs enables her to direct them towards the right town and lifestyle. She understands why so many of her clients love New York City and has helped people surrender their fear of moving to the suburbs. She is able to make a stressful process fun and loves to be a resource for her clients for years after they move into their new communities.

As Head of National Strategy and Emerging Markets, Patti combines her business background and love for helping people to keep Suburban Jungle innovative and effective. Patti attended Indiana University, moving to New York City after graduation. In her early career, Patti worked in media solutions and managed Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries: fashion, entertainment, sports, event planning, publishing and retail. She successfully built a large client base and long-term strategic relationships by efficiently managing multiple clients in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment. She brings her business acumen to Suburban Jungle by efficiently managing her client’s needs and providing them with the highest level of customer service.

Patti’s passion to help her clients find the perfect community stems from her own experience of moving to the wrong suburb before finding the right one. She knows the value of a helping hand and understands that the entire process can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when balancing a career and family. Patti lived in the city for sixteen years with her two children before deciding to make her move to the suburbs. Because of her experience, she is able to bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to help her clients prioritize what matters most when looking for a community. Above all, Patti loves helping people find a place that makes them happy.

Read Patti’s Reviews

Ronni A.

We had a wonderful experience with Suburban Jungle. They were terrific about talking us through the process of moving, pairing us with someone helpful from each town we considered, and following up as appropriate until we found our new home. I would highly recommend that anyone considering a move talk to them

Michelle O.

Suburban Jungle Realty provided us with a unique and informative service that quickly helped us find the town that worked best for our family. Leaving New York City can be overwhelming, and SJR was able to simplify the process and provide all the information needed to make the best decision.

Stacey D.

I can’t thank Patti Natiss/Suburban Jungle and her team enough for all they did to help in the search for our new home. After living in the city for 22 years and raising a family for 13, we decided to leave NYC for the suburbs. Both my husband and I are native New Yorkers and felt we were up to the task of searching on our own until we got down to it. After realizing that there are so many details to consider I knew we needed someone to streamline it for us. This is when we connected with Patti. She immediately put us at ease and started to narrow down our choices based on a brief conversation. Patti put us in touch with extremely knowledgeable brokers who are well rounded on all fronts, from neighborhoods to teaching styles within public and private schools. Needless to say after searching we found our home 🙂 The professionalism and diligence from her team were impeccable, always there to answer any question! If your struggling with your search it’s worth a try! Thank you Patti, Julia, and Susan!

Lilly W.

I would definitely recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone who is unsure of where their future hometown may be, and even if you think you know where you want to end up. Working with Suburban Jungle helped us identify and assess different areas that may or may not be a good fit for us. Working with the same contact who gets to know you and your situation is very helpful and we had a great experience touring different areas with their experienced team of realtors who felt more like friends and broke down the process in easy steps. Working with Suburban Jungle helped us realize what was important to us and ultimately what area would be the best fit, a great experience all around.

Bobby S.

My wife and I found our dream home in Darien, CT after months of searching the New York metro area. Suburban Jungle was able to funnel us to the right towns in the NY area, based on our objectives (i.e., great public schools, access to water). And they were able to connect us with the best brokers in those towns who helped to educate us on the right part of town to find a home for our growing family. The seamless nature of our interactions with Suburban Jungle and the local brokers meant nothing was lost as we translated our ideas of a future life in the suburbs into reality. Thank you Suburban Jungle for helping us make our dreams come true.

Sharon M.

We had a wonderful experience working with Suburban Jungle and ended up buying a home in a town they initially recommended that we had not planned to look at on our own. They really opened our eyes to new areas and gave us insider information on neighborhoods, schools, personalities and town vibes that are hard to get on your own. The realtors were all knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend reaching out to them when you're ready to leave the city!

Diana H.

Patti from NYC was available almost immediately and very easy to talk to. It was a pleasure. She took an anxiety provoking situation and made it an exciting one. Our initial conversation was informal and pleasant and yet resulted in targeted information that helped us focus our efforts, which, if you are restricted for time, is truly an asset. Suburban Jungle should incontrovertibly be the first stop for anyone asking themselves the what/where/when/why questions of moving to the suburbs.

Claire H.

Contacting Suburban Jungle was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. With Patti's help at SJ, my husband and I found a perfect community that we initially thought was out of our price range. Patti was able to quickly assess our needs and dreams and match us with great communities. As a first time buyer, she held my hand throughout the entire process and was very patient. She answered everything I asked: from best schools, to 24-hour CVS runs, to whether to buy a house with a well and septic system. She also introduced us to a fantastic realtor who was just as A+++ as her. That realtor put us in touch with great RE attorneys and contractors. I honestly think our home buying process was smooth and staffed with top notch, honest professionals because we started with Suburban Jungle. Everyone deserves to have a Suburban Jungle representative by their side during the buying process. Such a value add.


“Hi Patti! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how EXCITED we are to be moving into our new home in just a little over a week. You and Susan have been absolute dreams to work with and I can't thank you enough for guiding us in our search for the right town and connecting us with Susan to help us find and get the right house."

Laura D.

“Deciding where you are going to live, raise your family and probably make one of the biggest investments of your life is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This is why I am glad I had Patti to guide me through this stressful process. After one 45 minute phone call, Patti understood what was important to me and my family. Even when I wanted to go astray and look at other NYC suburbs she wisely knew were not a fit for my family, she gracefully brought me back to where we needed to be. We found a home in one of her suggested suburbs. Looking back, I am scared on where we could have ended up if we had not listened to her feedback. Patti is excellent at what she does and the consummate professional. Not many people can "figure you out" in one call and know where you will ultimately be happy. My husband and I will be forever grateful for her guidance. She is a good listener, extremely trustworthy and truly wants her clients to be happy.”

Sabrina C.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for creating such a thoughtful experience for home buyers. Since the moment we began our journey with Suburban Jungle, I never felt alone. From the initial phone conversation to match us with the right towns, to the check-in emails and calls along the way, you were always on top of where we were in the process and what we might need. The agents you connected us with were amazing - all smart, honest, compassionate women who cared about me and my family's happiness. They became not just our agents, but our advisors and confidantes as well. I truly appreciate your unique approach to home buying - making it a fun, enriching experience. I will absolutely recommend your services to my friends who will hopefully be following in our footsteps to suburban living. Thank you.

Maura L.

We had a great experience with the suburban Jungle. We were living in Brooklyn with our 2 kids, age 2 1/2 and 6 month old... when we first reached out. We had no idea of a good affordable location that wouldn't put us into culture shock! They made the process easy. Everyone we had contact with was very nice, professional and helpful. We are very happy where we are and have Suburban Jungle to thank!

Smita and Anil A.

We wanted to tell you about our excellent experience with Suburban Jungle. In December of 2015, we learned that we would be moving from the DC metro area to the suburban NY area. We knew that we wanted to move into the suburbs, but, were completely lost as to how to begin our search and which community might be best for us. By sheer luck, we found an article about Suburban Jungle on the internet and immediately contacted you. We were extremely fortunate to have Patti Natiss as our assigned strategist. During our first phone call with Patti, we knew we had struck gold! She was very nice, a great listener and did a wonderful job of educating us about the suburban NY area. Patti gave us suggestions on where, based on what we told her, she thought we might be the happiest. It was obvious to us that Patti knew the communities of suburban NY area like the back of her hand. She also helped us realize that finding the right community was important as we were initially thinking of just looking for the best house at the best price. Patti suggested that we explore the Rivertowns, Larchmont, Pelham, and Greenwich. We did look in all of those places and liked them all. However, Patti's first suggestion during our initial phone call was the Rivertowns. Although we did a lot of searching, we were were lucky to find a fabulous home in Dobbs Ferry. After living here for about 1 month now, we can say that Patti's instinct about us and where we would feel "at home" was exactly right. Through our search, we had many ups and downs and also wondered if we needed to explore NJ when, at first, we didn't find the right home in any of the aforementioned towns. Patti was there to support and guide us the whole way. We called her many times throughout the process and she was kind, supportive and informative every time. Patti always made time to speak with us regardless of the day or time; and, when we were down, she was there to pick us up. She never lost faith that we would find the right home in the right place, even though we sometimes did. We feel extremely lucky to have found Suburban Jungle and Patti. Patti took what was an unmanageable and overwhelming search process and made it manageable and straightforward. Patti's support was invaluable. We've decided that should we ever have to move again, we are not going anywhere without Patti on our team. 🙂 Thank you so much for creating Suburban Jungle!

Sabrina C.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for creating such a thoughtful experience for home buyers. Since the moment we began our journey with Suburban Jungle, I never felt alone. From the initial phone conversation to match us with the right towns, to the check-in emails and calls along the way, you were always on top of where we were in the process and what we might need. The agents you connected us with were amazing - all smart, honest, compassionate women who cared about me and my family's happiness. They became not just our agents, but our advisors and confidantes as well. I truly appreciate your unique approach to home buying - making it a fun, enriching experience. I will absolutely recommend your services to my friends who will hopefully be following in our footsteps to suburban living. Thank you.


“It made a great difference to work with Suburban Jungle! Your excellent and open advice about the suburbs was the foundation to everything else. It was also very helpful that you’re from the midwest and “you get” what we’re looking for, not just in terms of good schools, but the type of community. In reality we could’ve lived in any of the places you recommended, they were all a great fit, it really came down to the house (looks, features, price, condition) and its location within the city. We just happened to find the best house in Glen Rock. Also, even with the locations done, we wouldn’t have known where to start in getting realtors. All of this saved an incredible amount of time. Plus, when we decided we wanted a new agent for Westchester, that also happened very quickly and we were super happy with the replacement. This service was exactly what we needed, and it’s the ideal for anyone in the situation we were in: moving to NY metro with little knowledge about the area and doing things remotely. Thanks so much, I’ll let you know how it goes!”


“We are finally getting settled in Chappaqua and we are SO SO happy! LOVE IT here! We never had a chance to connect before the move, but I just wanted to reach out to say thank you Patti! Your guidance and wisdom made all the difference. We may have never been here without you… and we are so grateful!"

The Spectors

“We wanted to write and say thank you to you and the whole Suburban Jungle team in helping our family find not only our home but also our community and our peace of mind. You were a great support in this process, which is so often hyper and unnecessarily stressful. We could call any time to get your prospective on a situation, talk through the financial numbers, or just whine and cry about how annoying and unfair the market sometimes is. And believe us sometimes whining and crying is just as important in this situation as making the right bid 🙂 In all seriousness, our family couldn’t be more grateful for your services. We really felt like we had an advocate on our side whose encouragement, industry relationships and advice was invaluable in a real estate market where every move and minute count. Any and every family will be lucky to work with you.”

Renee and Greg

“Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with you. We appreciate the patience you showed us through our search and your help in finding us the right town to settle into. We are very excited to be moving next weekend and looking forward to planting roots here!” 

Eve & Anthony

“Deepest thanks for helping us with our neighborhood research! What an amazing few days of having all the info we needed handed to us on a platter. A great use of our time and resources. Much much obliged!!”


“Given my husband is relocating from the UK with work, he was offered corporate assistance. We had one call with the company and they didn’t even compare to SJ in terms of knowledge and willingness to help. We turned down this benefit as we didn’t see it as a value add to us.”

Matthias L.

Moving from Manhattan to the suburbs was intimidating. Suburban jungle was great, because it is a free service which advises you what towns best fit your lifestyle. I didn't grow up in the area and thought all suburbs are similar which they are not. The service was absolutely invaluable to me and made the transition much more comfortable.

Barrie D.

My husband and I recently used Patti from The Suburban Jungle to pick the right town to move to from the city. Patti was very helpful and patient with us. She followed up with me regularly, talked us through the process of buying and gave us advice about which towns were right for us. Without Patti we would not have found the town we are moving to. We can't recommend her enough.


Words cannot adequately describe how grateful we are for Patti at Suburban Jungle. For two years, my family and I planned to move to Fairfield, CT based on many wonderful family vacations there, great schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and affordable home prices. We had one week during our children’s Spring Break where we were going to dedicate 100% of our time to finding our new home. Our time frame was tight because we were planning on moving early summer and wanted to have our children attend camp in the new town and meet friends before school starts in the Fall. One week was all we had. After a 2-day house search in CT with a local agent, we just felt like something wasn’t right. We knew that we would be making the wrong decision, but we just couldn’t articulate what it was that made the town the “wrong fit.” After returning home on the 3rd day, we both remembered reading about a company that works with people in situations similar to our own, a company called Suburban Jungle. From the car, we sent an email requesting a fast turnaround on a consultation, and Patti got right back to us and moved her schedule around to accommodate our short timeframe. In our initial phone consultation with her, we expressed that we wanted a town close to Manhattan, a house near a train station, amazing schools, parks and recreation, and above all, a sense of community. Patti’s knowledge of the local landscape is incredible, and she asked a series of questions, the right questions, to get to know both my husband and I in a more personal way. She also spoke to us about why Fairfield wasn’t a great fit for what we were ultimately looking for with this move. After getting a sense of who we are, our personalities and priorities, Patti honed in on The Rivertowns in Westchester, NY (and even within those, highlighted some that might work better than others). That day, Patti connected us with the top real estate agent for that area, and by the next day, Day 5 in our journey, we found our dream home! I’m happy to say that by Day 6, we made an offer and by that afternoon it was accepted. In one month, we close and will begin our new life in Irvington, NY, all because Patti took the time to understand and help us prioritize what we needed for this next chapter of our lives. I sometimes think where we would be without Patti’s guidance, and I absolutely think we would have landed in the wrong town, perhaps in the wrong State, and in the wrong community. There would have been a deep guttural feeling that “something isn’t right” that for a while might have been pacified by good schools and an affordable home, but over time would be replaced by regret and a deep sense that we made the wrong choice. I don’t know how Patti does what she does, but she knew us and our needs, in a sense, better than we did.  The minute we drove into Irvington, NY, we knew it was our town. The minute we met some of the local residents, we knew this was our community. The minute we saw our house, which is an easy walk to the train station and local schools, we knew it was our home. We will forever be grateful to Patti and Suburban Jungle for helping us course correct and put us on the right path for our family. You are amazing!!! 

Robin and David

“We could not be more thrilled to have learned about your unique firm and concept in real estate. You truly helped us find and settle into a town we did not even know existed! We have you to thank for helping us through our search and providing the objective advice on where to look and the right questions to be asking throughout the process. We LOVE it here, thank you!!!”

Lauren A.

I really appreciated the help Suburban Jungle was able to provide as we navigated the move from the city to the suburbs.  The agents were all really solid, and Patti was very responsive and helpful throughout the process.  Definitely recommend.

Carla K.

I am so happy we worked with Suburban Jungle.  Several years ago, I reached out and had some initial calls with Patti.  I was hesitant about moving out of NYC, and she was very supportive in discussing my family's wants and needs.  She suggested a few towns for us to keep on our radar.  We decided we weren't ready at the time to make the big move, but Patti kept in touch a couple times a year.  She wasn't pushy at all - she'd just send a quick email to say hi and let me know she was there if and when the time came for us to revisit suburb search.  Then the time came when we really wanted to move to NJ, and Patti was there for us.  She spoke to my husband and me about what we were looking for in a town, and she had considerations that we had not even thought about.  In the end, she suggested we focus on 4 towns and set us up with realtors to take town tours.  From there, we quickly fell in love with a particular town (the one Patti had ranked as our number one, just from speaking to us on the phone!) and a particular realtor (the one Patti had set us up with).  And before we knew it, we found and closed on our dream home in our dream town.  We're so thankful to Patti and Suburban Jungle for helping us navigate the huge decision to leave NYC.  It's not an easy choice, but they're there to help you figure out what's best for you and your family and to make you excited about the change.  I highly recommend working with them!

Sara R.

Amazing!! We wouldn't have found our town or home without Suburban Jungle. Patti and her agents are patient, thoughtful, honest and provide sound guidance during a very stressful time. We were starting from scratch looking at towns outside of NYC and we found the perfect spot for our family thanks to them. Thank you!!

Todd K.

We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle.  Patti asked the right questions, was incredibly responsive and thoughtful and took the time to really help us figure out the right town for us.  We would highly recommend her.

Stacey J.

Working with Suburban Jungle was a very good experience. The broker was knowledgeable and professional.

Jonathan S.

Patti made a daunting process not only painless, but enjoyable. My wife and I were planning to leave NYC for the suburbs, but had no clue what town (or state for that matter) would be the right one for us. Patti took the time to learn about our backgrounds, interests, and likes/dislikes to help us narrow down our search to a few select locations that would be the best fit. She then put us in touch with the best agents in each town for community tours and home showings. Throughout the process, Patti followed up to ensure that we were being well taken care of and to help us think through tough decisions. It’s rare to meet someone who genuinely cares about your best interests and invests the time to learn what’s most important to you, but we were lucky to have found that in Patti. We would highly recommend that anyone considering a move work with Patti! 

Sarah F.

What a great service!  We first heard about Suburban Jungle from some moms in our neighborhood in the City, and it lived up to all the rave reviews... Patti spent 90 minutes during our initial consultation getting to know me and my husband, our lifestyle, our hopes for a place in the suburbs.  Then she introduced us right away to a realtor who specializes in the suburbs we were interested in.  That realtor proved to be amazing - so knowledgeable, kind, funny, and honest - and we ended up with exactly the home we had hoped for.  Patti was always there for follow-up questions as we considered additional suburbs.  We're so grateful for her guidance and recommendations, and so happy with how it all turned out!

Diksha M.

We knew we were ready to leave the city, but knew nothing about the surrounding towns.  Patti helped us articulate our criteria in terms of what was important to us, and then identified towns for us to explore which fit these criteria. I really embraced her find the right town first, house second philosophy.  It was also interesting to see how right she was about the towns she suggested for us, and we appreciated the quality of the agents we were matched up with in the different towns. We've now been in our new home for 2 months, and are forever grateful to Suburban Jungle for guiding us through this process so smoothly!!

Allison S.

Patti, It was such a pleasure speaking to you - you are a breath of fresh air in this business. And I think the work you are doing is so important / critical - and most people don’t even know it.  

Amy B.

Patti, I just wanted to say thank you for our call! You were so insightful and everything you said really resonated and hit on all the discussions we’ve been having together. That call was more productive than the many, many hours we have spent over the last several years trying to navigate ourselves. We really felt so much more informed after speaking to you.

Alan K.

Very helpful. Would recommend. We moved out of NYC and wanted a good place to land

Ronit P.

Was a pleasure to work with! So grateful I found you!

Laura S.

We have LOVED working with Suburban Jungle!! They had fantastic insight into what areas we should consider- and ended up falling in love with a town that we hadn’t thought of before. All the realtors they introduced us to were fantastic and the town tour model of learning the areas was hugely helpful in finding our right fit. Beyond that they connected us with resources to explore our options for our kids’ schools and more, all while routinely checking in to hear how we were doing with the process, find out what our thoughts were and continuing to provide friendly, pressure-free support. We are beyond thrilled with where we’re ending up and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone even considering a move to the burbs!

Claire W.

We worked with Patti Natiss. She was wonderful. She was very knowledgable and patient. We were moving from another state and on a tight timeline and she helped us plan out each visit so we could maximize our time and find the right town for our family. Suburban Jungle uses a unique concept where finding the right town comes before finding the right home. We ended up in a great place and are so happy we were able to work with Patti and her team of realtors to gain insight into multiple areas and then work to narrow it down till we were satisfied. I can't recommend this process enough. Especially if, like us, you are very unfamiliar with the different suburbs. Thank you Patti!

E. Sung

Incredibly helpful as we knew nothing about NYC suburbs. Helped us narrow down towns and saved us a ton of time and hassle. All agents were wonderful

The Curiale Family

A few years ago when our twin boys were about 2 years old we decided to do some research on moving out of the city. We knew we wouldn't do it right away but wanted to wrap our heads around what it "looked" like. We spoke with Patti from Suburban Jungle and I remember the first phone call the questions she asked were so on point, and she understood right away how we felt about leaving the city. The towns she recommended we explore all spoke to us, but we found one in particular that we knew was the one! Over the course of the past few years we kept in touch and a few months ago we started our search seriously. Patti has kept us sane during this! She told me to keep going and not settle for somewhere else, go with what we love. We appreciate her guidance so much. We have now closed on a house! I couldn't have done it without her!! Thank you Patti!!! We are forever grateful. 

Melanie K

Our growing family needed help finding a community that we would be excited about moving to. We had lived in NYC for 20 years and had zero clue where we would relocate so we did what we always did...procrastinate. We finally contacted suburban jungle during peak covid lockdown and was put in touch with Patti Nattis. Right from the start, Patti was amazing to talk with; very approachable, highly knowledgeable, and honest. She put us in contact with great brokers and was my point person for everything from neighborhoods to schools to camps to hair salons and everything in between.  She has been super supportive, welcoming, and helpful every step of the way and I always feel comfortable contacting her even after we purchased our first home in December 2020.