Meet Robin Hoberman

Robin Hoberman
New York City

Robin Hoberman received her BA from the University at Albany. Thereafter, she spent over 10 years with an elite global financial services firm as a Product Manager where she independently managed senior client relationships with leading hedge fund and asset management firms.

After the financial crisis, Robin joined and worked for over 5 years with a boutique recruiting firm providing executive staffing solutions for several large financial and advertising firms. After her three children were born she saw a vital need for a children’s fitness program and she created and branded a successful program servicing preschoolers through tweens. Her programs can still be found in many camps, schools, and preschool programs. Robin built on this success by adding a retail fitness clothing arm to her wildly successful platform.

Robin truly wishes Suburban Jungle existed when she was going through her home search from New York City. Unsure of where she and her husband wanted to move to, she spent countless hours scouring the internet researching towns and properties within the tri state area and trying to pick up tidbits of information from each local broker. Today, as a result of her personal and professional experiences, her vastly expanded network impart Robin tremendous resources and knowledge to pass on to families looking to transition to suburbia.

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Vincent D.

Robin is a great listener and knows how to tailor solutions and recommendations for your needs. Professional and polished. She helped us focus in on our goals and needs to help us land in a community that we would love.

Alexandra R.

Working with Suburban Jungle Realty was an incredible experience. Robin was insightful on areas that my husband and I should focus on throughout our entire journey. She gave recommendations that were ideal for our move from New York City to the suburbs of Westchester. Even when we felt stuck, Robin continued to provide excellent suggestions. Ultimately, she helped us find the perfect town and we are incredibly excited for this move!

Jason B.

A fantastic service. After years as confirmed city dwellers, the prospect of picking a new community was daunting, but Suburban Jungle helped us quickly narrow the choices and put us in the hands of some great local agents. We couldn't be happier in our new town.


Robin, and the whole concept of Suburban Jungle, is amazing: not only did Robin figure out what I wanted/needed to know about moving out of Manhattan, she put us in touch with amazing realtors in several suburbs and each one was wonderful. She, and all of her colleagues, were just as eager to help when I flip-flopped from renting to buying to renting again, and I urge any city folks looking to move to reach out to Robin. It's been a great experience!

Stacey T.

Suburban Jungle was super helpful in our long, thorough (to say the least) home buying process. They really encouraged us to find the neighborhood first and then focus on the home since what we love about the city is the neighborhood/close feel that we feared we lose when going to the suburbs on top of the commute! It truly is a process to find the place that feels like the majority of "must-haves" are met - especially when the "must-haves" to "would-live-to-haves" go back and forth sometimes too! Needless to say, we are thankful for the support we had from Suburban Jungle in finding the perfect home for us!

Molly U.

Robin was wonderfully helpful during our search in Montclair. She always responded promptly and was always willing to assist. We really appreciated her guidance and attention.

Megan P.

We had such an amazing experience from start to finish when working with Robin from Suburban Jungle! We were hesitant on whether leaving the city was the right move for our family after 14 years there, and she helped every step of the way.  The first town she mentioned may be a good match ended up being the town we picked and are so so happy here! Thank you Robin and Suburban Jungle!!!

Laurence L.

Robin and the team at Suburban Jungle were instrumental in helping us zoom in on the right community for us. Their fact sheets are very precise and save you tons of time! They are very patient and caring with their clients. I highly recommend them if you are considering a move out of the city or even relocating from abroad!

Bradley A.

Suburban Jungle and Robin were indeed the highlights of our experience buying a new home and were truly by our side every step of the way. They helped us go from ‘we have no idea where we want to live’ to finding the home in which we will start and grow our family!  We’ve found a rich and diverse town that has welcomed us with open arms all within commutable distance from our Times Square jobs.  We're absolutely grateful for and believe in the service that Suburban Jungle offers its clients.

Shawnta S.

This initial step was exactly what I needed to move forward. The strategist was friendly, charming, and a good listener. I felt like she had my needs in mind and supplied a hopeful outlook.

Pablo B. 

A true lifesaver! We relocated from Boston to NY/NJ and were so overwhelmed finding our place. Robin and Suburban Jungle helped us find a place we still can’t quite believe, by directing where to search and who to work with. Thank you!!

Pablo B. 

We had such a difficult time identifying where to go live in the NJ/NY area when we relocated from Boston. After months of struggle, I am so glad we connected with Suburban Jungle. Robin Hoberman was amazing and not only did we find our place, we got hooked up with AMAZING real estate agents, such as Jo Anne Jedd in Montclair. Life changing!! Thank you guys!!

Elizabeth D.

Like so many people, my family decided to start thinking about making the move out of the big city into the suburbs. We were constantly having the conversation about "where" and we were doing endless hours of research, until we had heard about Suburban Jungle. After one conversation with Robin, we already had SO much more direction than we had before. Robin really listened to what we were looking for and in less than 24 hours, came back to us with a narrowed down list of places to start looking, information on each place, and assigned real estate agents to set up town tours. Throughout the entire process, Robin made herself available and shared in our excitement every step of the way. Not even a year later, we found a home that we love in an area that we didn't even know about before Suburban Jungle. Big thanks to Robin and the Suburban Jungle team!!

Jackie M.

Robin was so helpful both during our search and after we moved!

Michelle T.

Robin Hoberman at Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource when we began our initial search for homes outside NYC. She was always available to answer our questions about the different towns and how they all compared and ultimately connected us with the best broker in the town where we found our forever home. Robin continued to follow up with for a year after we found our home to make sure we are getting acquainted and to see if there is anything she can do to help make the transition to suburbia as smooth as possible. Suburban Jungle was instrumental in making our hunt for our dream home less overwhelming and we are forever grateful to Robin and Suburban Jungle.

Scott G.

We worked with Robin Hoberman and really could not have had a better experience.  Robin was always available to answer questions and help steer us when we really didn't know which way we were going.  Coming from the city, we did not have a feel for the different towns in Westchester, but the brokers she linked us with knew their towns inside out and were all a pleasure to work with.  We couldn't recommend Robin and Suburban Jungle any higher!

Lindsay S.

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience using Suburban Jungle and in working with our strategist, Robin Hoberman. We have referred this service to several couples thinking about moving out of the city and all have been very happy as well. We first were introduced to Robin several years back when we started to slowly think about life outside of the city. Robin was extremely receptive, informative, and knowledgeable when speaking about towns we should consider based on our suburban wish list. We fell in love with several towns that she suggested we see and we enjoyed working with the realtors that she connected us with in those areas. Robin (and all the individuals we connected with through Suburban Jungle) were always very eager/willing to get on the phone with us to discuss any questions/concerns that we had. In the end we ended up in a town that Robin suggested we consider when we first spoke with her several years back and we could not be more excited!

Amy S.

We have lived in NYC for over 20 years, so when the serious talks about leaving for the suburbs came up we felt lucky to discover Suburban Jungle. Our experience has been wonderful. Working with Robin Hoberman was the best thing that could happen to us. She was so knowledgeable, patient, and helpful, and really understood what we were looking for in a town. And she connected us with outstanding people in the towns we were interested in. Moving out of our beloved city is overwhelming, but we have felt supported and confident in this decision thanks to the Suburban Jungle team. They gave us all the tools we needed to be comfortable with this huge life change. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this opportunity to confidently move forward with the next chapter of our lives.

Amanda D.

We had a great experience with Suburban Jungle. Robin was amazing! She communicated often and made the whole experience so easy. She connected us to an amazing realtor, we had a great city tour and an unbelievably seamless experience overall. As first time homebuyers, this is just what we needed!

David K.

My wife and I used Suburban Jungle to find a home in the suburbs on a very tight timeline and we highly recommend their service. We spoke with a consultant about what we were looking for and she put us in touch with two great agents that covered different areas. Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and professional and we found a great home.

Robert V.

My wife and I recently moved from NYC to Princeton, NJ and Robin from Suburban Jungle was incredibly helpful in narrowing down where we wanted to live, as well as introducing us to valuable contacts, such as our real estate agent.

Lauren C.

Robin Hoberman was great to work with!  She helped us focus our search as we are making the move from Brooklyn to the suburbs.  She has been a wealth of knowledge and she continues to be my go-to person whenever I have questions!

Bridget M.

We worked with Robin Hoberman on and off for 3 years. She set us up with tours in multiple towns in NJ and in queens. She sent us information on all the towns and was always available if we had questions or needed more information. I can’t even believe she had the patience to keep working with us! Our parameters changed a lot since we originally were looking for a multi family home in nj, then a single family, then a multi family in queens and then finally, we found our single family home in nj. I highly recommend working with her. She is a wealth of information and knows so much about towns in nj, nyc, westchester and Long Island!

Michael R.

We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle. We had a good idea of what towns we were interested in, but even knowing that piece found great value in the partnership. They connected us with realtors that were highly professional and true experts in their field. We’ve had the best experience and look forward to enjoying our new home

Faran D.

Working with Robin Hoberman at Suburban Jungle was instrumental to our town and home search. She truly helped us narrow down the towns that could be a fit. She made a very stressful process a bit less overwhelming and manageable. I recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone considering moving to the suburbs. All of the local agents are amazing as well. Super knowledgeable and a delight to work with.

Rachel K.

We got very helpful tours and insights into a number of towns and ultimately were matched with an incredibly skilled and experienced realtor who really got our family and what we were looking for. We could not be happier with the town we chose and the amazing house we got. Highly recommend Suburban Jungle.