4 Ways to Get into the Suburban Swing (even now…)

Aug 28, 2020

Back-to-school looks a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean your crew can’t get in the mix in your new town.


With some schools going remote and others opting for partial openings, heading back to school isn’t exactly what it’s been in years past—and, unfortunately, that means fewer opportunities to mix and mingle in your new community. While, most likely, traditional back to school events like welcome back BBQs and kindergarten orientations won’t be on the agenda this fall, there are still plenty of ways to get out there and start building your inner circle. Here’s where to start…


#1. Sign up for sports


Chances are at least some kids sports are active or about to start. The CDC has issued clear-cut guidelines for staying safe while hitting the field and, armed with those guidelines, many youth soccer leagues and football teams are gearing up for a fun-filled season. If you’re new to town, consider getting your kids onto a team ASAP.

Even if your league doesn’t encourage parents to sit on the sidelines, your kids will still have a chance to make some new friends—and, chances are, many of their parents will be hanging in the parking lot or catching up on emails from a few feet away. That’s a perfect chance to strike up a conversation, get the scoop on the league, and plan for future practice-time coffee dates.


#2. Host a (virtual) back-to-school bash


Your child’s teacher will no doubt send an all-class email at some point early in the year—andthat’s a prime opportunity to take action and organize a kick-off celebration. We’re hearing from many parents who are emailing their class lists and scheduling lunch-time or after-school Zoom celebrations, complete with trivia games, getting-to-know-you Q&As, and more. One mom that we know even dropped individually-wrapped goodies off to participating kids so they’d feel a little more connected.


#3. Organize a block party


Now that we’re all pros at driveway get-togethers and drive-by birthday parties, why not kick things up a notch and host a block party for your neighbors? Keep everything safe by encouraging families to BYOE (bring your own everything) from food and drinks to music. Then grab a glass and hit up the block progressive party-style, moving from house to house to say a quick hi. You’ll get your steps in and start putting faces to names—bonus.


#4. Plan a picnic


A picnic is a great way to get out, hang with another family or two and stay socially-distanced, all while eating good food and taking in the best views in town. Grab food from a local restaurant or gourmet grocer then head to a park, beach, or another outdoor hotspot and settle in.


If you opt to invite another family it’s easy to keep kids six feet apart. Have them pack a blanket for the picnic and remind them to stick to their “island”—they can eat, chat, tell jokes and play games like charades from their blankets, and their new friends can do the same.

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