My 5 Favorite Things About the Chicagoland Suburbs

Jan 23, 2023

While expecting baby number three, Heather and her family made a move from the city to the Chicagoland suburbs – and she never looked back.

As our head Strategist in the Chicago market, Heather is constantly sharing the pros of suburban life with her clients. While her list could go on for days, here are just five of her favorite things about the Chicagoland suburbs.

#1. It’s easy to find your village 

“I feared we’d be all alone, without a solid network of friends. I can laugh about it now thankfully. We’ve met so many families who share the same interests who we now call life-long friends. We are there for one another whenever it’s needed – it truly does take a village.”

#2. You’ve got access to everything

“I can literally walk out my door and, in minutes, be shopping, eating at fabulous restaurants, grabbing a cup of coffee… and, of course, bumping into friends along the way. Many suburbs in Chicago are extremely pedestrian-friendly which is ideal for die-hard urbanites who are used to walking everywhere.”

#3. Two words: waterfront views 

“The Illinois coast of Lake Michigan spans for miles making waterfront fun an accessible reality for many families living in the suburbs north and south of the city. During the summer we hit ‘the beach’ closest to our house and make a day of it. I also love exercising along the shoreline – the views are incredible.” 

#4. It’s easy to GET OUT

“I might be biased but I think Chicagoland’s parks and rec centers, as well as the events and activities they plan for young families are incomparable. From swim lessons to pickleball, to great hiking and playgrounds that would impress even the most discerning child, we are lucky to have these facilities so close by.”

#5. Space, space, and more space 

“Three kids in a city apartment? No thank you. Moving to the suburbs meant more space for my family – a bigger kitchen to entertain friends, a yard to play outside, more closets, a driveway! You get more for your money in the Chicagoland suburbs without compromising on the things about the city that you love-culture, music, great food. It’s all here.”

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