5 Reasons Back to School is Better In The Burbs

Aug 19, 2022

Back-to-school season is a blast in the suburbs. 

The days are getting shorter and the kids are getting restless, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to head back to school. And, while we may be biased, we think back to school is just better in the suburbs. Here’s why… 

#1. Getting to School is Easier

School drop-off in the suburbs is a breeze. You won’t have to navigate city traffic and once you get to know some of the other parents, a carpool could be in your future.

Or maybe your crew is busing to school. If so, even better, grab your coffee and head to the bus stop. That’s it. Or maybe your community does it all – walks, bikes, buses. One thing is certain, though, you won’t be hailing cabs, hitting public transportation, or hoping the next train isn’t too crowded. 

#2. Back to School Shopping is a Cinch 

Just think about all of the supplies you need before your kids start school – folders, colored pencils, backpacks, calculators, a million boxes of tissues…the list goes on. Walking multiple blocks loaded down with all of the back-to-school shopping will feel like a distant memory. Simply, drive to the store (maybe even order the supplies ahead) pack your trunk and head home. And on day one? It’s easy to drive your kids, if the haul is too big for them to carry solo.

#3. It’s Easy to Create Community 

Community is a big part of the suburban school experience. From day one, your kids can start making friends in your immediate neighborhood – friends that they will likely go to school with through 12th grade. Suburban school zoning means classmates will live close by, making after-school playdates easy to arrange and summer friendships easy to maintain. 

In the city there’s absolutely a strong sense of community – but chances are the kids in your building won’t all be heading to your local school. 

#4. You’ll Make Friends, Too 

Parents also benefit from the sense of community in suburban schools – and the proximity of kids in your child’s classroom. Not only will you see classmates’ parents at school activities, but you’ll spend mornings at the bus stop, afternoons on the cul-de-sac, and weekends in and around the neighborhood, together. 

#5. There are Plenty of Public School Options

Even if you opt for public schools, navigating kindergarten, middle school, and high school admissions can be a challenge. Head to the ‘burbs and you’ll dodge the stress of lotteries and pre-admission testing. Grab proof of address and register your kids for your neighborhood school. 

Want to discover the suburbs for yourself? We can help! Schedule a time to chat and we’ll get to work building a town tour itinerary so you can find the right fit for your lifestyle.

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