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Aug 10, 2022

From Strategy Call to Town Tours to Finding “The One”

A lot’s changed since our launch more than a decade ago. But one thing that hasn’t? The way our strategy team connects the dots to help people find their new hometown.

So what happens on that first strategy call — and what can you expect when you sync with Suburban Jungle to explore the suburbs? Here’s a sneak peek… 

Start here: Tell us a little about you — and schedule your strategy call 

Scheduling your strategy call is simple — and there’s no cost to you. Choose the market you want to explore, tell us the basics about who you are and what you’re looking for, then choose a time for your kick off call. With that information, we’ll match you with a local strategist who will help power your search starting right now. 

Next: Customize your suburban strategy

During the strategy call you’ll delve into it all. From your unique lifestyle — things you love, can’t live without, and can’t wait to live without — your strategist will walk you through key questions and considerations. And nothing’s off limits. We’ll cover each piece of the puzzle, from considering public and private schools, to commute options, local activities and what people really do on weekends.

This gives us helpful insight into your lifestyle, and surfaces other considerations — your dog goes with you everywhere, maybe, or you must start your day with a perfect cup of coffee. Maybe your kids are avid soccer players and you need plenty of space to practice — or maybe they’re ready to level-up in ballet and modern dance. Either way, if there are lifestyle preferences or just something you’d really love to have in your next town (we’re looking at you, Trader Joe’s…), this is the time to share. 

And before you ask…we’ve heard it all. So whether you need an equestrian town, are seeking out sustainable living in a like-minded community, or want to make sure your kids are enrolled in a language immersion program, just say the word.

And don’t worry if you don’t have answers to everything! Again, your strategist has done this countless times and will have everything she needs to dive into your strategy.

Wait! I don’t know where I want to land…

We get it — and we hear it all the time. You’re looking in the New York City suburbs — but you’ve always wanted to be in South Florida. Or Chicago — your hometown — is calling, but the sunny West Coast is, too. Boston, DC or Denver? Somewhere in Texas? We’ve worked with countless clients on “parallel” searches, as we like to call them. And we can help you, too. 

As part of your search, you’ll speak with a strategist in each market you’re considering. From there, the process continues just like any other single-market search — but you’ll have two, three, even four strategists working on your strategy and planning. 

It’s strategy time

The next step: sharing your initial suburbs strategy. With your wants, needs, goals, and lifestyle preferences logged, we’ll dive in and create the perfect plan to explore. 

Your strategy will be shared via the Jungler, our customizable online portal. Log into the Jungler at any time to see your suburban strategy, recommended towns, partner agent contacts, and more. Read about the communities in your report, get a sense for why your strategist put these front, and center, and get ready for the next step — town tours.

Will you love every town? Maybe — or maybe one or two towns will really click with you, and you’ll decide to go deeper… and even make a move to one of those two communities.

After chatting through your strategy and getting lots of additional intel from your strategist, you’ll be ready to pound the pavement…

Start touring! 

No matter where you land, your strategy will be a critical guidepost in your search — and anchor your first town tours! To get started, your strategist will introduce you to Suburban Jungle partner agents in each town. These local experts will coordinate tours and get a true behind-the-scenes look. 

During your town tours, you’ll get the inside scoop on each community – from the town center to each neighborhood in town. You may want to be in a more central location, walkable to the elementary school, park or train. Or you may prefer a street that’s tucked away with more privacy. As you drive around each town and tour, you will start to get a sense of what feels right to you. 

Your local agent is here to share the inside scoop — what life’s really like in these communities. Check out the local diner, bring your kids to a popular area playground (or two), stroll through downtown, chat with people who call these communities “home.” 

And when your tour’s done? Loop back with your strategist — they want to hear everything! The goal? Keep refining your strategy list until you find the exact right community for you.

Drum roll…you’ve found your town! 

Sometimes it’s the very first town you tour, and sometimes it’s the 4th (or more…). But soon enough, you’ll land in a community you know is right for you. Together with your partner agent, you’ll dive into the home search process — navigating the neighborhoods, checking out the latest listings, and staying on top of what’s about to hit the market, so you can find the perfect home in your perfect town. 

We call it our “town-first” approach — and it’s central to the Suburban Jungle process. Too often, people start house hunting in towns they’ve heard of from a friend, relative or colleague who loves their town and assumes it’s the right fit for anyone. We want to take things further — to help you find the town that is the right fit for YOU based on your personal needs, wants and lifestyle.

We’re all about connecting you with communities that check all of your boxes. Because the reality is, you can always find — or renovate — a house. But chances are, the town you choose is maintaining that same “vibe” for the long haul. By selecting a town first then searching for a house, you’re more likely to feel that powerful connection from day one — and find the happiness you’re looking for in your new hometown.

The next step? Schedule your strategy session and get ready to start the first — or next — chapter of your suburban story. We’ll be here every step of the way. 

Ready to start your search? Click here to schedule your strategy session now — and get ready for everything that comes next.

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