Suburban Jungle Founder Alison Bernstein Talks to Girlie Girl Army

Jul 27, 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Suburban Jungle has fielded 350% more calls year-over-year.


“We often joke we’re 95% therapy and 5% real estate—but lately, it’s been more like 99% therapy and 1% real estate becausethat’swhat our clients needed,” writes Suburban Jungle Founder and President, for Girlie Girl Army. “They needed help, support, and an always-friendly, always-proactive ear.” The company’s mom-owned, mom-operated model paired with our proprietary technology platform has enabled Suburban Jungle to help a record-breaking number of families looking to leave the city for suburbia.




Many of those families, Alison writes, aren’t just leaving the city for immediate suburbs, though. Many are making large-scale “lifestyle moves” which, given our offices in 11 markets, our Strategists can help.


“We’re hearingtonsof families say, ‘hey, if I can work from anywhere,I will…’ as they explore Austin or San Francisco or South Florida,” Alison explains. “Being able to help them in what, ultimately, is the biggest decision of their lives really energizes us—when we know a family is happy and settled, we’re ecstatic.”




Ready to make a move…or just ready to explore your local and not-so-local options? Get in touch to schedule your Suburbs Strategy session. All of our services are 100% free.

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