All About the burbs: February 5-7, 2016

Feb 5, 2016

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FEBRUARY? We’re now well into 2016 and about to shake off another winter market — and, with it, there’s tons of activity from coast to coast.


What are buyers looking for? According tothis report, they’re all about the walk-in closets and a host of smart features.
Rents are on the rise, buthome affordabilityremains solidly in a buyer’s favor.
Mortgage lenders and underwriters focus on thewholeborrower — butthis considerationis the one most likely to keep them up at night…
Whether you’re moving from the city to the ‘burbs orpacking it up and crossing the country, the journey to suburbia has some similarities foreveryone


Long Island real estate istrendingup, up andup
And good news for you Long Islanders and soon-to-be Long Islanders — by2022you’ll be able to commute into Grand Central, too!
Thinking CT?Mommy Poppinshas 25 more reasons why that’s a great decision!
It’s snowing now, but this weekend’s actually looking pretty mild — a funWestchester playground, anyone?


It’s time to head to the ‘burbs when…anaverage homeis San Francisco averages just over 800 square feet — but costs at least $1 million
Is this Palo Alto’s newhotspot?
These are thetrendsBay Area buyers can expect in 2016 and beyond — look familiar?
Not to be outdone, the ‘burbs have their fair share ofamazingplaygrounds


Ready for your suburban garden? These are the outdoortrendsChicago area homeowners are seeing more and more this year.
Even in the‘burbsrents are rising
Welcome toBurr Ridge— and its100million-dollar homes for sale
Like the NYC area, the Chicago suburbs are slated for a milder weekend — get the family to aplaygroundoutsideof city limits!

Enjoy the weekend!

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