All About the burbs: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Feb 12, 2016

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! We’ve got LOTS of love this year — love for our amazing clients, love for our incredible new markets (looking at you, San Francisco and Chicago!) and, of course, love forspring market!Enjoy the weekend!


Despite end-of-year fears that a significant rate hike was looming, more and more experts now say a ‘16 liftisn’t likely— buyers, rejoice!
Not only will it be easier to secure home financing in the coming days and weeks, but properties will likely plateau in terms of price creating aperfect storm for springtime buyers
Rates continue to dip, even on high value jumbo loans.The end result? Tons of new mortgage and refinancing applications from new and existing home owners.


Rockland Countyis on the rise, with home sales up 26% in Q4 2015 and exceeding even historic transaction levels. Go, Rockland!
New Jerseyis poised for a serious real estate boom, with home sale prices growing just 2% — far below the area or, even, national average (start by checking out thesetop-ranked towns!)
Hitting Westchester for Valentine’s Day? Check out thesehot area restaurants, perfect for a V’Day night out.


Conforming loan limitswere raised in some San Fran suburbs making it easier for buyers to get the financing they neednow
And these increases couldn’t come at a better time —home pricesare escalating to levels not seen since before the dot com burst
In the ‘burbs for Valentine’s Day? Check out thesemust-triesin and around Palo Alto.


After a million-dollar facelift, Evanston’sOscar Mayer mansionwill hit the market this spring
The Barrington areais set for a major housing boom according to business leaders and insiders
The ‘burbs are the place to be thisweekend! Yum…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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