Bay Area School Districts Offering Language Immersion Curriculum

Jan 30, 2024

Want your child to master a second (or third…) language? The Bay Area public schools have you covered.

Study after study reports the advantages of acquiring a second language during childhood – greater cognitive growth, cultural awareness, and the ability to unlock global doors, for starters. For many families, the quest for a community means finding a district that offers immersive language courses.

The good news? The Bay Area ‘burbs are filled with A+ schools that offer ample opportunities to explore diverse languages and cultures. So, if immersion schools are at the top of the list, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some popular programs in the area – and your Suburban Jungle Strategist can help you narrow the list even more. 


  • School: Sylvia Mendez Elementary School
  • Program: Two-Way Spanish/English Immersion
  • Description: At Syvlia Mendez,  native English-speaking, and native Spanish-speaking students learn side by side to master a second language while maintaining the child’s first language.


  • School: Holbrook Language Academy 
  • Program: Spanish Immersion
  • Description: Holbrook Language Academy is a public magnet K-8 school located in Concord that helps students master biliteracy in English and Spanish.


  • Schools: Various schools in the district offer immersion programs. For more details, check out the Fremont Unified School District site
  • Programs: Spanish and Mandarin Immersion
  • Description: The Immersion program is open to Fremont Unified School District students through an application process. All students can enter the Immersion program in kindergarten and first grade.



  • School: McDowell Elementary School
  • Program: Dual Immersion, Spanish/English
  • Description: McDowell Elementary in Petaluma offers a comprehensive Dual Immersion program, providing students with a Spanish language and culture foundation, enhancing their global perspectives. Check the website for more information and dates for school tours.

Palo Alto

  • Schools: Escondido and Ohlone Elementary Schools 
  • Programs: Escondido, Spanish Immersion; Ohlone, Mandarin Immersion
  • Description: The Spanish Immersion program at Escondido helps students acquire two languages by integrating native English speakers and native Spanish speakers in content and literacy instruction in both languages. Similarly, at Ohlone Elementary, English-speaking students and native Mandarin speakers are taught together using Mandarin and English instruction to develop bilingual fluency.


  • School: Valley View Elementary School
  • Program: Dual Immersion, Spanish/Englist=h
  • Description: In Valley View’s Dual Language Immersion Program, Spanish is used as the language of instruction throughout the primary grades. English is introduced gradually into the curriculum.

Redwood City

San Jose

  • Schools: Various schools in the district offer Spanish immersion programs. For more details, check out the San Jose Unified School District
  • Program: Spanish Immersion
  • Description: San JoseUnified has two biliteracy recognition awards for eligible elementary students at the end of fifth grade. Whichever path they take, students must meet specific proficiency criteria in English and one additional language.

San Rafael

  • School: Venetia Valley TK-8 School
  • Program: Dual immersion, Spanish/English 
  • Description: San Rafael’s Venetia Valley hosts a dynamic dual-language immersion program to develop bilingualism and promote academic excellence for our English and Spanish-speaking students. Check the website to enroll your TK or Kindergarten students in the program.

San Ramon

  • School: Quail Run Elementary School
  • Program: Mandarin Immersion
  • Description: The Mandarin Program at Quail Run is extremely popular and provides students with listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to promote practical use of language. Check out their website for enrollment information.

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