These Bay Area Suburbs ❤ Newcomers

Apr 14, 2021

With active newcomers and moms’ groups, these communities make it easy to get in the mix

No need to stress about building your social network in these San Francisco suburbs. With active newcomer groups, parents’ clubs, and other ways to mix and mingle, you’ll immediately feel at home in your new community.

Mt. Diablo Mothers Club (Walnut Creek)

Since 1992, the Mt Diablo Mothers Club has provided a sense of community to expectant parents in and around Walnut Creek and Mt. Diablo. Sign up and you’ll feel like you’ve been a part of the town for years. This active group hosts tons of events — both virtual and in-person — that will help you build your suburban inner circle in no time. Between playdates, moms’ nights out, museum visits, and fitness classes, there’s always something to do. This club offers more than just fun get-togethers — they are also there for you when you need them the most. Members pitch in and provide “Mom Dins” to parents who are adjusting to life with a newborn.

Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club (Walnut Creek and Diablo Valley)

The Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club started over 45 years ago is still helping women across the Diablo Valley area meet and make lasting friendships. No matter what your hobbies are — pickleball, hiking, hand-stitching, Mah-Jongg, documentaries — this club has a group for you. Just interested in hanging out and meeting your new neighbors? They’ve got that, too — coffee dates, luncheons, and walk-and-talk meetups are all go-tos for new and long-term members.

Also in Walnut Creek? The Buy Nothing Facebook group. This group supports their neighbors by lending or giving each other items they need. Not only is this “swap” system a great way to support your new community, but many people have made lasting connections in the group. San Bruno

Parents Club (San Bruno)

For just $40 a year, San Bruno families will gain a built-in social network for parents and kids. One of the most active groups out there, the San Bruno Parents Club hosts regular family hiking trips, playgroups, parents nights out, and more. Once you join, you’ll have access to everything in their live and online community, including a virtual board where you can ask for advice and swap parenting stories with local moms and dads. The club also makes date nights a breeze with its babysitting co-op.

South San Francisco Mothers Club (South San Francisco)

The South San Francisco Mothers Club is also very active, both online and off. Join and you’ll see what we mean — the club’s calendar is always packed with family-fun events including holiday parties, game nights, book clubs, and playgroups. They also host a comprehensive online community, where members can ask for — and offer — advice for keeping kids entertained, score book recs, and more. There’s even a place for moms to vent about anything that’s keeping them up at night. Millbrae

Newcomers Club & Friends (Millbrae, Burlingame, and South San Francisco)

Members loved this group so much they extended it to include any resident of the Millbrae area, not just newcomers. For $15 a year, you and your family will gain access to everything this fun-loving group has to offer, including events and activities like arts and crafts, lunches, and other seasonal get-togethers.

Foster City Parents’ Club (Foster City)

The Foster City Parents’ Club is another members-only group, popular among newcomers and long-time residents. With your $50 annual membership fee, you and your crew will score invites to tons of online and live events including playdates and meetups, bike rides, crafting sessions, and family hikes. And when you need a night off? Check out their moms’ (and dads’!) nights out, wine tastings, and more. The club also offers an active babysitting co-op.

San Ramon Valley Newcomers Club (San Ramon Valley)

The San Ramon Valley Newcomers Club is one of the oldest groups in the area — it’s been going strong since 1967. Once you attend one of the luncheons, book club meetings, or group hikes, you’ll quickly see why this group is so popular.

The Parents’ Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park (Palo Alto and Menlo Park)

“PAMP” as it’s known to locals and members is one of the largest parenting groups in the Bay Area. One member and Suburban Jungle client remarked, “PAMP was my lifeline when I moved here and knew no one. I’m still friends with someone I met there more than 13 years ago.” Although their in-person events are currently on hold, you can still connect with the group virtually, through activities like bilingual storytimes, fitness classes, and more. You can also check out PAMP on Facebook where parents swap stories (and hand-me-downs) and connect to find quality child care. Once their events start up again, you can look forward to the annual Family Day, regular moms nights out, and bounce-house parties.

Southern Marin Mothers Club (Marin County)

Any parents or grandparents raising kids in Marin are welcome to join this group — and, with it, gain incredible insights from local moms and dads navigating life with newborns, kids, and teens. Since this is a larger group, playgroups are offered by location helping newcomers meet with local families first.

Castro Valley Mothers Club (Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo)

Since 1994, local moms have flocked to this popular group for advice and a supportive community. New moms can join weekly virtual coffee dates and everyone can participate in playgroups and moms nights out. Subgroups, like book clubs and fitness groups, also give members a way to connect with each other over specific hobbies.

Pleasanton Mothers Club (Tri-Valley Region)

Connect with the Pleasanton Mothers Club and you’ll quickly find yourself part of a supportive community of moms and moms-to-be. With a babysitting co-op and a private Facebook group for parenting tips and tricks, members of this club are always ready to jump in and lend a hand. In addition to helping one another, this group is here to have fun. You can easily fill your social calendar with the club’s many events like moms’ nights out, toddler craft clubs, holiday parties, and playgroups. There are tons of great towns to pick from, so how do you choose on your own? You simply don’t, without getting a Suburban Jungle Strategist to help you through it all.

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