Bigger is not necessarily Better!

Mar 6, 2012

Coming from the city, you are obviously thrilled to have so much more space. You can now move your baby out of your closet and make room for all of those shoes that you have been probably storing in your oven. BUT– what we
are seeing is that our buyers need a house JUST big enough. Meaning, in many years past- we have seen people try
to get the most house for their money. The BIGGEST yard, the BIGGEST master bedroom, the BIGGEST everything.
Now we are seeing a trend with our buyers that people don’t want a 3 car garage if in fact they have 1 or 2 cars. They
don’t need 3 rolling acres because they don’t want to deal with either losing their kids or their landscaper. So what
we are seeing is homes that are big enough!

There are some must have rooms that we find you would need if you can swing it. They don’t have to be
huge, but we find that these areas definitely increase your quality of life!

1. A study. It doesn’t have to be huge. A place for you to be able to close the door and take a call for work if you need to, catch up on some bills, or plan a trip online. Having a small room to be used as an office eliminates mail
all over the kitchen and house and truly allows you to get “work” done away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

2. Playroom. Usually thrown into the basement, this is a must have if you have kids. Where are you putting
all of those toys? Now that you are out of the city you can actually buy toys that take up space!! Now…where to put
them….? Find a designated space whether it be downstairs or, better yet– on the main floor! By giving kids their
own space, you also give them a bit more independence and you are adults are able to take some of the house back!

3. Mudrooms. These are huge life changing spaces!! Here on the east coast, where you have different jackets,
hats, gloves, book bags and a million more things– you need to have an organized space upon entry to the house!
These are great…

4. -Now this is a true luxury…. His and Hers Office. That’s right. Long gone are the days when “her” office is
a desk in the kitchen. If there is space and there is in fact an office or a small area for a study- this is a huge game
changer. “Hers” usually comes with a lot baggage…tons of school papers, calendars, kids artwork that needs to get
filed away. Having a true office space will automa????cally leave the rest of your house organized (just think all the $
you save on a housekeeper 🙂 )

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5. And finally, again…huge luxury but a kids library. These are amazing for when kids start doing their homework.
Having a space dedicated to having them read, think, focus and do projects (even some arts and cra????s) is a big
quality of life changer!

The best part of all these things is that they do not need to be in an enormous house- Just a great house just
big enough to create the right spaces!

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