Top 5 Reasons I Love Living in the Philadelphia Suburbs

Jodi Bloom grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, but spent her post-college years living and working in Manhattan. While she loved NYC, when it was time to find her family’s new hometown she was drawn back to Philadelphia – and now she’s Suburban Jungle’s head...

What are Your Suburban “Anchors?” 

Your go-to’s are key to finalizing your suburbs strategy – here’s why. Our goal is to help you zero in on the perfect community – a community that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, interests, and more. And that means considering everything, from how you’ll...

New York Family Features Suburban Jungle And Why It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Search.

New York Family, a website for engaged parents in the New York City metro area and beyond, featured Suburban Jungle and our advice on why it's never too early to start your suburban search. Leaving the city and heading into the suburbs can feel like a big leap. You...

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