CASE STUDY: Why working with our agents yields a better outcome time and time again…

Aug 10, 2018

We get a lot of questions from agents and clients about why we work with the agents we do. To us, the answer is very simple: we choose the right agents for Suburban Jungle and the families we work with, ensuring we’re creating the ultimate one-two punch—and, with it, a truly winning deal team.


Recently, a client came to us and needed a ton of advice. They didn’t know the NYC suburbs and were desperate for insights on everything from where to search to when to move to the unique differences from town to town. Like many city families, they’d heard about some “name brand” communities but didn’t know how to gauge if those popular suburbs were the right fit.


Like all of our clients we dug in, lead by Head of National Strategy and Emerging Markets Patti Natiss. After conducting a comprehensive strategy session and helping the family work through their questions and concerns, we had a rock-solid approach in place. From there, we started pounding the pavement to help them get a first-hand taste of life in suburbia.


Finding an All-star Local Agent

Soon enough, our clients were excited to take that next step. Not only had they locked in on the right NYC suburb for their family but they now felt totally confident and comfortable in their decision to make a move. The next step? Team up with one of our expert local agents—and this client knew they wanted the very best in the market.


Confident in our agent, we attempted to connect the dots, but this client pushed back. They felt they’d locked in on the “best” agent in the market—someone who came highly recommended by some friends. The issue? While some agents can come highly recommended and, truly, be outstanding, it’s critical they be the best in that TOWN. Each town has its own ecosystem of agents. Each local agent knows and understands and has a level of certain respect for the other. If an agent comes from another town, there is often pushback.


Beyond that, though, the agent might not know the inner workings of that community and the minor—but important—details that come with. In short, this otherwise-great agent may not be getting an A+ in the art of the deal when dipping into another town’s top agent to do a different deal.


Waving the Red Flag…

This, we quickly discovered, WAS the case here—the agent the client wanted to work with didn’t even work in their suburb of choice. It was a HUGE red flag for our team.


Ultimately, we wished the family luck as they opted to pursue the purchase process with their chosen agent. Months of bidding and losing followed and they watched as dream home after dream home came and went. Eventually, the family reached back out and asked for our help. They couldn’t understand why their agent couldn’t get a deal done, despite having multiple opportunities with multiple homes over multiple months.




The challenge, as they discovered? Again, their agent wasn’t a true “local.” Their agent was strong but didn’t know or work in that town. Our focus has always been teaming with agents who are hyper-local—people in the community who know the community and every property out there.


During this initial conversation, the family expressed interest in a home on the market—a home that, of course, our local agent knew well. She reached to the sellers—people she knew personally—and, within a few hours, the deal was done, thanks to her local expertise and lifelong connections.


To us, the message is clear: LOCAL MATTERS. Suburban Jungle strives to provide truly behind-the-scenes local insights and intel every step of the way—information you simply can’t and won’t get online or by driving through Main Street. Our Locals, Strategists, and agents know their communities in-depth because they call them “home,” too. The end result? The best insights, the best advice, the best recommendation and the best final outcomes—in other words, the best possible experience for our clients from coast-to-coast, no matter what they’re looking for next.


Ready to start your suburban search? Start here and we’ll tap into hyper-local resources to find the right town for your family.



Patti Natiss

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