Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Oasis—in ANY Size Space​

Nov 12, 2014

One of the top requests we’re hearing—especially from millennial buyers—is that a big backyard with great entertaining potential is a must. And we couldn’t agree more! After being cooped up in a city apartment for the last few years—or decades, even—what could be more appealing than ample space to host get-togethers, barbecues and maybe even a pool party or two?

But, while backyard space comes with virtually every home in the suburbs, the size of your lot and subsequent yard can vary dramatically from house to house. However, a more compact backyard space is no reason to ditch the otherwise-dream home. Here are some great tips for maximizing the space you’ve got:

Try a pergola:inexpensive and easy to build yourself if you’re a DIY’er, a pergola creates instant separation within your yard or deck, adding not only great shade but also the illusion of more space thanks to the defined sections.
Create sections:the pergola is a great place to start! From there, maybe it’s a fire pit and more rustic furniture in this corner, a small outdoor kitchen in that corner and a patio section close to the house. By giving the space some organic flow and clear entertaining pockets, you’ll be maximizing the yard you’ve got.
Go natural with patio bricks:adding more neutral colors and textures to patios—especially the concrete or brick foundation—will make the space feel like an extension of your home, versus a separate, smaller go-to. Add a few pops of plants, waterproof furniture andvoila! It’s (essentially) an all-weather room.
Think cozy:small, inviting pieces of furniture—maybe two chairs and a small bistro table, or an outdoor loveseat—can be arranged in a yard or patio to ensure spaces to sit and stand, creating more space instantly.
Large pillows are a must:entertaining families? Throw some oversized waterproof pillows on the deck for quick seating. Kids love it, and it frees up more chair/couch space for the grownups!

Don’t let a small plot of land dash your outdoor entertaining dreams—or your dream house. With some creativity, color and smart thinking, you can create a fun, festive suburban oasis in your new yard!

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