Don’t fear the mid-year move: the benefits of moving during the school year​

Mar 30, 2015

Contrary to the popular belief, moving in the middle of the school year is actually not that bad. Here we list a few reasons why you do not need to wait for summer to move.

For many parents of school-aged children, moving during the summer—afterthe school year’s ended—is a must. And it makes sense, for sure—kids can wrap up their academic year, and pick up in a new town or district where they’ll spend the warmer months getting the lay of the land and, hopefully, making a few new neighborhood friends. It’s one of the big reasons why spring is such a critical time for families looking to make a move—buy in the spring, move in the summer, start school in the fall.

But ismid-yearactually a better time for a big move? While your kids may wind up changing schools during the school year, there are a host of benefits to this particular schedule—and, in many cases, those benefits far outweigh those that come with a summer move! So what are the perks to moving—and changing your kids’ schools—during the year?

#1: Instant Attention—and New Buddies!

Especially in the younger grades, a new student in the classroom equates to instant attention from teachers, administrators and, of course, students. Chances are your child will be assigned a “buddy” on day one, to help her learn the ropes—and have loads of fun while they’re at it. Additionally, most teachers implement plenty of “getting to know you” activities especially for your child—where she’s from, what she likes to do, what kinds of pets she has—which she’ll deliver to a captive audience.

During the summer, kids scatter—to camp, to vacation homes, to grandma and grandpa’s house—and it may be tough for your child to meet kids from her grade prior to September. But joining the class mid-year puts her instantly front-and-center before dozens or, even, hundreds of kids who can’t wait to welcome her to the class!

#2: Birthday Parties for Everyone!

Most schools—and parents—have an “invite everyone” policy for younger grades. That means, even if your child is brand new, he’ll be immediately invited to birthday parties and other activities, starting right away. These parties are a great opportunity for him to immediately expand his social circle and, for you, provide a chance to meet the parents in a casual, fun environment.

#3: TheRealScoop

Going back to school in the fall is tough, whether it’s brand new or not. Starting midyear gives your family a true sense of what the school and the greater community isreallylike. Summer is always so much more relaxed, laid back and, rarely, indicative of what a town is truly like once the warm weather passes. Jumping in midyear provides an opportunity for an accelerated indoctrination, of sorts, and facilitates a quicker, deeper integration for you and your kids.

Remember, there’s never aperfecttime to move—but families shouldn’t rule out anything after September 1st as a no-go moving date! Starting a new school midyear can be scary, but with a little prep and a great attitude it’s a fantastic time to move your family to the suburbs!


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