Explore Suburban Childcare Like a Pro

Aug 27, 2019

With these insider tips and tricks, you’ll find the perfect town — and the perfect childcare


For many working parents moving to the suburbs, one of the biggest questions asked is, “Where will I find good childcare that covers all the hours we need?”


It’s true that when we move out of the city, we might need a couple more hours of coverage because of our commutes to the city. But between nannies, sitters, daycares, pre-schools and maybe nearby relatives, if we are lucky, there are options. The only catch is we might have to get a little creative with our child-care plan. The good news is we are savvy like that and finding a solution to any challenge is what we do well!


In the meantime, we’ve got you covered. Here is what you should know and do to make sure you and your children are settled with the right care in the suburbs.


Find the Right Town

Make sure of the culture of childcare in the neighborhood you’re moving to fits with your values and lifestyle. Ask other moms in the area to give you the scoop on what’s normal. Some suburbs are filled with mostly nannies and some mostly have stay-at home-moms walking around. Others, have a nice even divide of both. Where do you fit? Pick the area with the childcare culture that is in line with your lifestyle, so you don’t feel like the odd mom out.



Price Out Costs

Daycare and nannies in the suburbs might be a little more expensive than you thought, so make sure to do all the math before your move. According to a care.com piece, “The average weekly childcare cost for one infant child is $199 for a family care center, $211 for a daycare center and $596 for a nanny.” But find out if costs might be higher in the suburb of your choice. Though for many, good daycare combined with living in the beautiful suburbs is worth every penny.


Visit With Eyes Down

When you plan your visit to daycares, look down to see how the teachers and caregivers are treating each child. Are they attentive and kind? How many teachers are there per student? Plan on visiting every daycare and preschool once or twice and focus your attention on what happens three-feet and under.


Get Straight on Philosophy

What type of discipline makes you comfortable? How should your childcare providers handle play, free-time and learning? How much structure do you want your child to have daily? Get clear on the type of childcare that fits with your parenting style before making your pick for daycare or a nanny.


Nanny Check

Many families in the suburbs are referred to nannies from other families, either by word of mouth or through a local Facebook community forum. Aside from getting glowing recommendations, make sure you do your own criminal and background check.


Also, pay for a trial run to see how things work out before you commit. It might also be a good idea to have a mom friend report back to you on how things looked on the playground with your nanny. Don’t feel bad about being as investigative and thorough as possible. You can’t be too careful.


Sick Day and Snow Day Alternatives

In the suburbs, schools are more likely to be closed due to snow days. Driving up icy roads with kids on a school bus isn’t pretty. Also, if your young kids get sick they won’t be able to attend daycare, so make sure to find some alternative care options, like getting relatives to fill in or back up nannies.


Finding the right childcare in the suburbs might feel challenging, but it always works out in the end, and remember, you got this! Stay positive and take your time researching the right situation and you can rest assured that your “babies” will be under the best care in the burbs.


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