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Sep 11, 2014

Our friends atmama{love} NYCrecently gave their readers a firsthand look at Suburban Jungle Realty and what we have to offer.

Mamalove is a great site, with info from moms in the know of what’s hot in the city. Lauren reviews the latest products on the baby market, weekly lists of mama must-haves and listings of great places in NYC for families.

Heading to the Suburban Jungle

For us it was inevitable: a small NYC apartment with 2 kids, 4 strollers, a gazillion toys, endless books, princess castles, you do the math. We knew it would be time to leave eventually, so two weeks ago we took the plunge and moved back to my hometown of Port Washington, a great area with excellent schools and on the water.

There is a long list of all the things that I miss about the city, like the food. I was worried that when I moved to the suburbs I would starve, but Fresh Direct delivery has thankfully saved me. Then there is the ability to walk outside the house and have everything at your fingertips. When I want a smoothie, need to buy a gift, crave a bagel, or need a coffee, I can just pull out the double stroller and load ’em up, and off we go. But my kids love being able to go outside now and not have to jump in the stroller, or worry about traffic in the streets. They run outside, play ball, push the mini baby stroller, they just love it!

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when I leave my office and have to talk myself out of getting on that 6 train uptown. The commute is not terrible; I have now found time to read 2 books, which is great since I haven’t read a book maybe in 3 years. Also depending on where you move, there is a TON to do in the suburbs. We hit the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, the splash park at the playground, feed the ducks on the water, there is a kids music festival this weekend. Perhaps its the lure of summer that is masking the shock of leaving the city. Ask me in the winter if I love the suburbs!

And to those of you still soul searching and deciding whether to stay or go, I have a fantastic resource that you can use and it’s completely free and impartial. Check out Suburban Jungle Realty, a unique service dedicated to working exclusively with families looking to leave NYC.

So whether you’re ready to move or still on the fence, check us out to make the process a whole lot easier.

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