5 Ways to Meet Your Mom Tribe Before You Move

Aug 19, 2019

Shore up your mom friend list before heading to suburbia, and you’ll smooth the transition from the city to the ‘burbs.


The older and wiser we get, the more we want a good mom tribe around because it’s getting clearer that we can’t do it alone!

Mom tribes include our best girlfriends who just get us to our core. We can call or text them without hesitation when we are having a hard day or having an amazing day and want to share. Our tribes might also include sitters or family member saints who can watch our little ones when we need a break and would rather not let Netflix take over.

When we move, it’s easy to get nervous and wonder if we will find our new and awesome mom tribe again. Of course, many members will travel to see you, but in almost every case, after a few months, you will find your tribe again. Your new friends in your new community will have your back, or at least be fun to hang with for a nice dinner and prosecco!

Though many of us can’t or won’t wait too long for good friends, so here are five things you can do to start creating your mom tribe now before your bags are packed.

#1. Ask Your Friends

Some of the best friends we can make come from our current friends. Send out an email or post something on social media announcing where you will be moving and ask if anyone can recommend some good connections or friends to contact. Then line up some coffee and after work wine dates and see who you click with.

#2. Join Clubs and Groups

Find clubs that interest in your soon to be community and join. Maybe tennis is your thing? Many hoods also have established Moms Clubs, with some great members. Visit Meetup.org and other local Facebook groups. Join any clubs before you move and start scoping out members through their online profiles.

#3. Get Sitter Recommendations

Line up your sitters early by asking other moms in the area for sitter or nanny recommendations. You can always ask on a local Facebook group but also check out the app Nextdoor which is another great way to meet your neighbors. It’s a fun private social networking tool for your specific neighborhood and it allows you to post announcements.

#4. Book Play Dates

Many families say that they found their best friends through their kids. Get class lists from your children’s schools and set up some playdates. Yes, this will involve some extra travel before you move but that’s what it takes is you want to get a leg up on creating your mom tribe!

#5. Get Your Sweat On

Whether it’s your local SLT, an early morning bootcamp or a mom-and-me yoga class, there’s something about sweating together that creates serious connections. Scout out some local gyms and workout studios and see what syncs—look for a workout that feels exciting and energizing but, also, where you could likely score a mom friend or two. Sign up pre-move, grab your gear and get to it.

Connecting with your new mom tribe before you move will happen in your new community with a little planning ahead. And if it doesn’t, rest assured if you stay open and positive, over time your tribe will find you!

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