5 Ways to Make Friends When You Move Before You Hit the Road

Aug 19, 2023

Shore up your mom-friend list before heading to suburbia, and you’ll smooth the transition from the city to the ‘burbs.

The older and wiser we get, the more we want a good mom tribe around because it’s getting clearer that we can’t do it alone!

Mom tribes include our best girlfriends who just get us to our core. We can call or text them anytime, to share the highs and lows – or just to see if they’ll take our kids off of hands for a few minutes (or a few hours…). 

When we move, it’s easy to get nervous and wonder if we’ll ever find a mom tribe in the ‘burbs. The good news? Almost everyone worries about making friends post-move – and there are plenty of ways to make friends when you move. So, how to get started?

#1. Ask Your Friends

Looking to make friends when you move? Ask around! You’re often only a degree or two away from a future friend. Be proactive and email or post something on social media announcing where you will be moving and seeing what connections you have in common – then don’t be afraid to ask for an intro! 

#2. Join Clubs and Groups

Find clubs that interest you in your soon-to-be community and join. Tennis is your thing? Many communities have established moms’ clubs. Check out Meetup.org and local Facebook groups, and don’t be afraid to hit a meeting or two pre-move. It’s always great to have a few community connections ahead of the big day. 

#3. Get Sitter Recommendations

Whether you’re working, work-from-home, or stay-at-home parent, it’s a good idea to line up sitter recommendations ahead of your move. This is also a great way to connect with other parents in your community. 

Check out local Facebook pages and other parent groups in the area for sitter or nanny recommendations. Nextdoor is another great platform to get sitter recommendations – and could even be a good way to make friends when you move. 

#4. Book Play Dates

One of the easiest ways to make friends when you move? Get class lists from your children’s schools or playgroups and set up some playdates! Sure, it may take a little extra effort, but kids are a perfect connector – chances are, you’ll find at least a few moms perfect for your inner circle. 

#5. Get Your Sweat On

Whether it’s your local SLT, an early morning boot camp, or a mom-and-me yoga class, sweating together creates serious connections. Scout out some local gyms and workout studios and see what syncs—look for a workout that feels exciting and energizing but, also, where you could likely make friends when you move, scoring a mom friend or two along the way. Sign up pre-move, grab your gear, and get to it.

Connecting with your new mom tribe before you move will happen in your new community with a little planning ahead. And if it doesn’t, rest assured if you stay open and positive, over time, your tribe will find you!

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