From Coast to Coast: Third Time’s the Charm

Jun 21, 2024

Moving once is hard enough, but even more of a challenge when your family goes cross-country — and back.

After their second child was born, Brooklyn began to feel small to Maura Loving, Brand Ambassador for Suburban Jungle. While she and her husband had lovingly called it “home” for 15 years, they were ready for a suburban change. “We didn’t have a washer and dryer. We didn’t have a parking garage. I just wanted a driveway and a backyard. I wanted easier.”

Step one — where to go?

Maura and her husband were unsure where to start until Maura saw an ad for Suburban Jungle and contacted Strategist Patti Natiss. Patti introduced the Lovings to Stamford, CT, which turned out to be the perfect fit for their family. “Stamford couldn’t have been better. My husband was commuting to Manhattan, which was a very easy train commute, and our kids were thriving. I didn’t think we’d ever leave Connecticut.” 

But four years later, Maura’s husband had a work opportunity in Palo Alto, California. The Lovings knew who to call and were referred to Pam Goldman, Suburban Jungle’s California Market Strategist, who shared five towns she knew would align. “We finally pinpointed Pleasanton, and it was beautiful and idealistic. Forty-five minutes to San Francisco without traffic, close to San Jose, Napa, and three hours to Tahoe. There was so much to see and do.”

Home is Where the Heart is

The Lovings were living the California dream, but pieces of their hearts were still back east. Maura’s family was still in Connecticut, and her in-laws had just moved to Florida. “The kids missed having grandparents around, and we had a whole family network down in Florida.” Once they learned her husband was approved to work remotely from Florida, they contacted Suburban Jungle for a third time. Suburban Jungle Strategist, Melissa Schneider, guided them to Naples. “It’s been two years, and I couldn’t be happier.”

With the beach as her happy place, the sunsets never get old for Maura. “People bring blankets, wine, and their families just to watch the sunset. It’s like an event where everyone claps at the end. I love it here and I am never moving again. We even got a ranch-style home so we can age gracefully without worrying about stairs!”

A Suburban Jungle Representative was Born

When Maura first moved to Connecticut in 2015, she joined the Suburban Jungle team as a local Stamford representative, paralleling the skillset she had acquired as a former parent educator. The opportunity helped Maura get to know her new town as she began writing concierge guides on the Stamford community. She then wrote a blog article for Suburban Jungle about the decision to move out of the city. ”It was very cathartic. I think everyone who’s been in that spot of, ‘should I stay or should I go from the city to suburban living’ can relate to the ‘Oh, yeah, you know, when you’re ready’.”

A Forever Floridian—and local expert 

As South Florida continues to thrive, Maura is fully immersed in the Suburban Jungle scene, relishing the opportunity to delve into trends and provide the team with insights into areas where people seek further information. “I think that everyone should work with Suburban Jungle to find their community. There’s nothing like talking to someone who has local expertise to help guide you on your journey. Moving is one of the most stressful events in life and Suburban Jungle makes this important step so much easier. The service made a world of difference for me… three times!”

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