From Urban to Suburban…in Westchester​

Apr 20, 2014

Katie Nordone made the move from Florida to White Plains, New York and, now settled, the couple began to ask the big question: where NEXT? With a baby on the way and both of them craving the suburban lifestyle, they set out to discover where they belonged in Westchester—and found it just around the corner…

My husband and I decided to settle in White Plains initially for one simple reason: location, location, location. While most young couple’s pick Manhattan because it’s just a subway ride to work, my husband’s office was in Larchmont—the reverse commute would have been tough on him, and we’d be spending much more than we needed to just to called the Big Applehome.

We scoured the area and landed in White Plains, the perfect spot for a pre-kids couple. It had endless urban amenities, great restaurants, movie theatres, shopping and, of course, a quick train to the city for nights or weekends on the town. Everything was great—we could walk to virtually anything and really lived it up in our “mini city” until…

Fast forward one year—we were pregnant. White Plains and its hustle and bustle suddenly lost some of its luster. We knew we wanted our brood to grow up in suburbia and we immediately set the wheels in motion to find where we belonged…long term.

We searched, explored, inquired and dug into every resource we could find, trying to learn all we could about the Westchester communities that topped our must-see list. The final winner? Eastchester. My husband was born and raised there and, today, his family still lives in the community. But it wasn’t until after we arrived that I learned more about the town—and, specifically, how much residentsloveit.

Eastchester is surprisingly large, spanning five miles in lower Westchester. The area encompasses Tuckahoe and Bronxville, with the largest piece being Eastchester. There are three excellent school districts, each named for the area it serves. There’s also a substantial amount of parkland in Eastchester, as well as private clubs for golf and tennis. And if that’s not enough, you can be in NYC in 30-40 minutes—bonus!

My thoughts now that we’re settled in suburbia? So far, so good! We love the town, love the schools, love the people and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in Eastchester!

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