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Feb 28, 2023

Suburban Jungle makes it easy for your talent to find their perfect community. 

In today’s competitive labor market, a well-rounded benefits package can give your company a leg up when it comes to attracting new talent and keeping current employees happy. And with flexibility and choice being a top priority, organizations that prioritize their people and offer personalized services will come out on top. 

How can you adapt your benefits package to help you stand out in today’s rapidly changing hiring landscape? Whether you’re relocating a new hire, expanding into a new market, keeping newly remote workers happy, or have local employees just looking to make a move to a new community, Suburban Jungle is a comprehensive service you can provide to potential candidates and existing employees that can make your organization stand out. With our help, you can position your company as one that isn’t just a great place to work—it’s a place that understands their needs and cares about their well-being as an individual. 

The game has changed for hiring

No question, remote work has changed when it comes to onboarding new employees. A recent study cited by found that 36% of fully remote workers and 44% of hybrid workers are planning to move in 2023 — whereas 27% of on-site workers said the same. If your organization has recently transitioned to a remote office, offering Suburban Jungle as a benefit is a great way to help your employees manage a move to a new location and help you retain staff. 

Another benefit? Offering remote work allows you to fish from a much broader pond of candidates who are likely to appreciate a service that can help them settle into a new position wherever they choose to set up shop. 

Expanding to new markets? We can help with that, too! 

No doubt about it, people are on the move. And businesses are moving, too. Relocating or expanding into a new market can be exciting for your company…but challenging for your employees. Suburban Jungle services can be included as part of the relocation package for leaders and candidates in your new market—there’s no cost to you, but the benefit of personalized, knowledgeable attention to guide your staff members is priceless.  

Moving is stressful. We can make it easier on your staff (and your HR team).

Moving is one of the most stressful life events—even more than having kids or starting a new job. But Suburban Jungle can help ease the anxiety of a big move by eliminating some of the intangibles from the equation. Our innovative approach focuses on helping home seekers find the town of their dreams first and then honing in on finding the right house—because we know that a dream house in the wrong town is, well, a nightmare. 

Standard relocation packages are set up to help employees quickly sell and buy a new home and hire movers. But what most relo packages overlook is the important upfront work that goes into moving to a new place—like familiarizing yourself with local school districts or choosing the right neighborhood—that many locals take for granted. Add a family and kids to the mix and the stress of a work-related move skyrockets. 

This is the exact scenario where Suburban Jungle can help. 

When you partner with Suburban Jungle, your employees get one-on-one, personalized help to find the town with schools, amenities, and overall vibe that suits them. Our Strategists know the towns in their markets and will hold your employees’ hands throughout the entire relocation process, from start to finish. 

Beginning with a get-to-know-you initial strategy call, we create a list of potential towns that best align with your employee’s priorities and then will connect them with our partner agents in each area. Our partner agents will plan visits to meet for town tours to help clients explore the communities, until they find the area that feels like the right fit. And that means your employees will get the help they need to feel less anxious about their move—and the pressure will be off your HR department to help them get settled and ready to work.   

Your employees deserve a benefit like this. Learn how easy it is to add Suburban Jungle to your corporate HR program. Contact for more information.

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