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Apr 29, 2024

Our award-winning “town first” approach is all about finding your perfect town and then diving into the home search process. As we’ve seen over and over, focusing on the town first ensures you find the right community for the long term – because as we’ve said since day one, you can always change the house but you can’t change your town. 

The key to our town search process is our network of locally-focused partner agents. We have relationships with the most “in the know” agents in each town. They live in the communities they represent and their depth of market knowledge makes a world of difference in helping our clients. 

“After we refine a client’s strategy, the next step is planning tours to visit and explore the towns with our partner agents,” says Alli Levine, Suburban Jungle’s Director of Communications and NYC Strategist. “Clients are introduced to agents early on in the process for town tours. The first visit is all about exploring the community and getting the lay of the land for each area.”

Looking for hyper-local insights and access

Suburban Jungle’s NYC team works with expert agents located in more than 500 towns across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – and that’s key. 

“We only work with agents who are true locals in a town,” Alli explains. “They live there, work there, raise their families there. They know all about the local schools because their kids are in the district. They know all of the shortcuts to a quicker commute. They know which Little League and dance school and day camp kids in town to sign up for. And they know where to get the best pizza, the best cup of coffee, the best sushi.”

Instead of having agents cover entire regions, Suburban Jungle clients are, in most cases, assigned one agent per community. 

“If you’re touring three towns, that might mean three agents,” Alli says. “That’s ensuring you get hyper-local knowledge and insights from those agents. And that’s going to help you better connect with different communities and, ultimately, find the right place to call ‘home.’” And when you do, Alli adds, your agent will continue the process with an eye on exactly what you’re looking for. “Once you’ve zeroed in on a town, your agent will start the home search process – it’s simple and seamless. And your agent will have all of the background intel, so they can jumpstart the search process.” 

Market Intel

We explain to clients the advantage of having an agent who is established in a specific area, rather than generalists who cover wide regions. 

Our agents are active in their communities and have networks across the towns. They often will know about people who may be looking for a new home in town but have not yet listed their current home. There may be a family thinking about downsizing or relocating after their youngest graduates high school. This local knowledge provides a major advantage for inventory opportunities. In addition, familiarity with local zoning, inspection issues and district details makes a significant difference that agents from elsewhere would not be able to offer. 

Layering on the “local” 

Beyond just your agent and Suburban Jungle Strategist, our team has access to an extended network across the communities – former clients, partners, and staff ready to talk towns anytime.

“It’s local insights and experiences you wouldn’t normally get until after you make a move,” Alli says. “And sometimes that can be too late. Because we’re so focused on delivering those hyper-local insights – sometimes down to the part of town or even the street or cul-de-sac – clients get a good sense of what’s going to be the right fit now and in the future. Our Strategists and agents work together to provide clients with first-hand local knowledge to help ensure a successful search. And we’re there through every step of the process – we often say it’s 98% therapy and 2% real estate. It’s so true!” 

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