The Hoyme’s Search for a Close-Knit, Commute-Friendly Massachusetts Suburb

Dec 20, 2019

The Hoyme’s family was growing…and so was their desire to get out of the city and into the Boston suburbs.


Though they loved living in the city, Lindsey and Dave Hoyme knew it was time to ditch the hustle and bustle—and their rental apartment—and start exploring the Boston suburbs.


“I’d seen Suburban Jungle ads on social media,” Lindsey says. “And it seemed like a good next step—we definitely needed some help figuring out what to do and how to structure our search.”


At the time, she says, they’d been using online resources to scour the suburbs, but nothing really resonated. After connecting with Suburban Jungle, though, everything began falling into place.


“Dave needed to commute to the Financial District every day, and Lindsey was going to be home with their daughter, Madeline,” who was then 18 months old, explains Barbara Hirsch, the Suburban Jungle Strategist who worked with Lindsey and Dave. “So they wanted something close enough to the city but still comfortable, friendly and close-knit, with other young families around during the day.”


Lindsey agreed. “We wanted to be somewhere where we could actually get to know the families down the street—we pictured an area with lots of activities going on during the day so we could have playdates while Dave is working.” In the city, she adds, they sometimes struggled with this. “Everyone was always doing their own thing,” she said.


Beyond just wanting to find those family connections, Lindsey and Dave had another factor expediting their search: baby #2 was on the way.


“We started with a few areas that synched with their objectives—a strong sense of community, lots of young families, a quick, comfortable commute, good schools,” Barbara says. “They considered Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, Sharon and Natick right out of the gate.” And, almost immediately, they felt a powerful connection to one town in particular.


“We loved Reading,” Lindsey says. “We saw it and we knew that was it.” Now settled in Reading for more than six months, she says they wouldn’t have it any other way. Their neighbors, she says, welcomed them from day one, and they’ve had no trouble finding activities, events and fun ways to engage with, now, two young daughters in tow.


“Reading is an incredible place to raise a family,” Lindsey says. “While the girls aren’t old enough yet, it’s clear the elementary schools are amazing, and I’m excited to enroll our girls. Families are super engaged and very connected to the community and to each other—we made great friends very quickly.”


Families, she adds, truly step up and support the schools and the community as a whole. From volunteering and planning events at the schools to decorating around town for the holidays and helping host seasonal events and activities, there’s a lot to get involved in—and a lot for young families to do every single day.


“And it doesn’t even have to be a special event or anything like that,” says Lindsey. “The town recently refurbished the library, and my kids and I practically live there now. It’s so easy, they love it and I always run into other families. It’s great.”


Looking back on the last year, Lindsey admits she can’t believe how long they waited to start their suburban search. She encourages other families to start early and, beyond that, to really embrace Suburban Jungle’s town-first approach.


“Don’t pay so much attention to the house,” she says. “That stuff can be changed. But the community isn’t changing anytime soon.” She also recommends working with Suburban Jungle to help ensure searches are structured, efficient and broad-reaching.


“Suburban Jungle helped us refine our wants, needs and goals so we could make a move with total confidence and clarity,” Lindsey says. “We found an amazing community that we might not have found on our own.”



There are hundreds of towns to choose from. How do you figure it all out? You simply don’t, without getting a Suburban Jungle Strategist to help you through it all. Schedule here for your strategy session with our innovative suburbs strategy team. All services are completely free.

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