At These Boston Schools, Be Prepared for LOTS of Pickup Times…

Aug 20, 2019

In these Boston suburbs, the school schedule isn’t always so 9-to-3…


Assuming your kids will hop on the bus or pour out the building around 3pm like the other elementary schools? If you’re moving to these Boston suburbs, that’s likely not the case—at least not sometimes. Because in these top-rated towns, while the schools are A+, the schedules can vary from day to day and week to week—and that means parents (especially working parents!) need to stay on their toes and ensure they’ve got coverage whenever class ends.

#1. Lexington

Lexington’s elementary schools run on a relatively normal school schedule every day—except for Thursdays. On Thursday, elementary schools in Lexington let students out at 12:15pm. Granted, in exchange for that weekly early day, your kids get access to #2-ranked school district both in the Boston area and Massachusetts as a whole. Lexington schools also rank #27 in the entire U.S. Not a bad trade-off for those extra few hours on Thursdays…

#2. Brookline

Brookline has a similar policy—and, also, top-rated schools. Here, elementary school students are released at 1:40pm on Fridays. Many parents, though, prefer the Friday dismissal—many working parents have more flexibility on Fridays, whether it’s an equally early end time or, simply, a weekly work-from-home day.

Keep in mind, though, that Brookline’s elementary schools span K to 8 before sending kids to Brookline’s top-ranked high school—top college matriculations include Brown, NYU and U Mass Amherst.



#3. Wellesley

On Wednesdays at 12pm, Wellesley schools let elementary kids out—and, throughout the year, the middle and high school follows suit with 11:19 am and 11:29 am dismissals.


While, again, it can be tough to coordinate midweek, mid-day pickup, the trade-off is worth it for most parents—Wellesley is a fantastic district with an average ACT score of 30—a full 9 points higher than the national average. Even in the higher-scoring state of Massachusetts, they beat the state’s average score of 25.4 by almost 5 points. Not surprisingly, Wellesley’s graduates attend their fair share of amazing colleges, including Harvard and Georgetown.


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