Julie Starr Shares Her Passions and story about Moving to Roslindale

Jun 10, 2023

Moving to Roslindale — Starr Yoga & Julie Starr Nutrition it’s all about passion, perseverance and loving the journey.

When Brookline mom and nutritionist Julie Starr toured a vacant commercial spot nearly seven years ago, she couldn’t have believed where moving to Roslindale would lead her next.

“I kind of fell into yoga to begin with,” Julie says. “I had been a concierge nutritionist at a yoga studio and the National Nutrition Director for exhale. I started taking classes with one of the instructors when he opened his own studio. When he suggested I do yoga teacher training, I agreed — but, honestly, I didn’t think much about it then. I was tired, so I said, ‘sure, charge my card,’ and started the training.”

By 2014, as Julie navigated a divorce, her friends played a pivotal role in guiding her path. They encouraged her to explore the Roslindale location, identifying it as a potential hub for a thriving wellness empire. This was particularly resonant as she was already a well-known nutritionist in greater Boston, with skills in yoga and barre. The encouragement to consider moving to Roslindale marked a significant turn in her journey, intertwining her professional expertise with a new geographical setting.

“I started to see the possibilities,” Julie says in consideration of moving to Roslindale. “But my financial backer fell out, so I assumed that was over. But then — amazingly — the landlord offered to lend me the money to open a yoga studio in the space. I was blown away. It was incredible.”

Woman in a yoga pose

Powering forward and moving to Roslindale

Having secured both the location and funding, Julie shifted into full throttle. Now in its sixth year, Starr Yoga provides both yoga and barre classes, supported by a team of over 15 instructors. A prominent yoga teacher before opening her studio, Julie remains actively involved, teaching at least one class weekly. She also dedicates time to training new yoga and barre instructors while overseeing the nutritional aspect of her business.

Julie’s moving to Roslindale also led to founding Julie Starr Nutrition, which offers individual and group counseling and corporate wellness. She’s worked in nutrition for more than 14 years, providing targeted support to her diverse client base.

“What’s interesting is how the business has evolved,” she says. “Especially the nutrition piece. A few years ago, everything was face-to-face — I met clients in their homes, or they came to the office, I did lunch-and-learns for corporate wellness programs. Now, everyone wants to do Facetime sessions or virtual sessions. So I’ve had to adjust to that, but I get it — everyone is so busy. The benefit is that this approach lets me expand my reach beyond Roslindale and Boston.”

Staying true to herself and her passions

No matter how her moving to Roslindale transformed her business, there’s always been a constant foundation in place—everything she does, Julie says, comes from her passions and beliefs.

“I’m incredibly passionate about helping people and sharing my love for yoga and barre,” Julie says. “Everything I do is very authentic—I do it because I love it, and I love sharing those experiences with people. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true.” Often, she says, she practices yoga in her home with just a towel on the floor. “I don’t even have a yoga mat here. It’s still a tremendous passion point for me, and I will spread out on my floor and just go.

Woman doing yoga workout at home

Julie’s journey is deeply entwined with her now 11-year-old daughter Izzy, her closest ally, with whom she shares the warmth of their “home.”

Julie recounts, “When Izzy was three months old, we left Boston and moved to Brookline. We’re in the Chestnut Hill section of Brookline — so, yes, it’s the suburbs, but it’s got a real urban vibe, which we love. It suits us — we love the laid-back feel and being close to everything. It’s perfect.”

Julie and Izzy’s bond remains constant, whether in the suburbs or the city. “Izzy and I are a team — we’re always together. She took her first steps at a client’s house. She’s at Lululemon when we’re doing yoga in the windows. She comes to talks and events and travels with me. People haven’t even met her, but they know about her and ask, ‘where’s Izzy?’ when she isn’t right there. She has her own little following.”

Looking to the future, Julie is enthusiastic about expanding her wellness business further, driven by the positive experiences and connections she has cultivated since moving to Roslindale.

Roslindale sunset

“I am in love with everything I do,” Julie says. “I just want to be myself — and here I can be. I love talking to people, listening to people, and being open to them. I pride myself on being kind, too — I’ve seen that when you’re there for people, they will be there for you, too. People have supported my journey, and it’s so inspiring and touching. I want to give that back.”

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