Looking for Something Liberal? Start with These Chicago Suburbs.

Jul 24, 2019

These Chicago suburbs are perfect for families that lean more liberal…


As more and more millennial families head to the Chicago suburbs, they’re looking for something unique—they’re looking for liberal-leaning, progressive-minded communities, like the ones they’re leaving behind in the city. The good news? That’s easy to find in the Chicago suburbs.


#1. Lansing

Lansing has the highest concentration of Democratic voters in the state—and a very pervasive liberal vibe thanks in large part to its dedication to green spaces and its active, engaged, politically-minded young professional residents. The majority of residents are under 45, and the community frequently ranks among the most diverse in the Chicago suburbs. Though still considered up-and-coming, more and more families are heading here—and with good cause.


#2. Lemont

Like Lansing, Lemont has a very high concentration of active, blue-leaning voters—and tons of young professionals who lend a trendy, progressive vibe to the community.


Also feeding into that progressive vibe is the community’s commitment to arts, culture and preserving its local history. Education is also very central to life in Lemont—all three high schools are ranked A and A+ by Niche, with Hinsdale High School coming in #35 in the state. Pair that with tons of community events from concerts to festivals to car shows and it’s easy to see why Lemont is popular among the liberal set.



#3. Mount Prospect

Ranked among our hot towns to watch, Mount Prospect is a community on the move. Here, young millennial families abound and the foodie scene is booming. Lots of local chefs have recently set down roots in Mount Prospect, fueling an epicurean landscape that’s drawing people from in and around the greater Chicago area.


Mount Prospect is also an easy commute to the city, making it a good home base for young professionals working in Chicago. Commuters can hop on the L nearby while, at the same time, being close to O’Hare for work trips or weekend getaways. The downtown is also growing fast, as well as new construction, ideal for city families.


#4. Evanston

No surprise to see this college town on the list. Home to Northwestern University, residents looking for a progressive lifestyle benefit from being near one of the world’s foremost universities. In this diverse, forward-thinking community, arts, music, politics and debate abound, making it a hotspot for young, liberal-minded doers—people who want to keep pace with the discourse and culture of a big city while being out of Chicago.


Schools, here, are also among the very best, be it the university or, simply, early literacy programs at the Evanston Public Library. Niche ranks Evanston the #6 best suburb to live in Illinois, while its A+ Evanston Township High School was ranked #4 for Standout High School in Illinois. The town is also highly walkable and was designed so the majority of residents can get where they need to go on foot—a big bonus for many city families looking to maintain that city feel.


#5. La Grange

La Grange is another young community in the Chicago suburbs, lending to its progressive feel. LaGrange Road is lined with amazing restaurants and shops while, in the more residential areas, families can get larger homes on larger pieces of land than they can in many surrounding suburbs—a plus for many city families seeking space.


Also lending to that liberal vibe? The culture and entertainment scene that’s anchored in the community first. Here, you’ll find summertime arts and culture events, outdoor music, creative eateries and a vintage movie theater showing modern flicks. Together, this creates a cool, laid back vibe many city families love, with diverse housing options and top-ranked public schools.


#6. Oak Park

Oak Park recently hit Livability’s Best Places to Live list—and it’s easy to see why. Located on the west side of Chicago, this tree-lined community is filled with young professionals and millennial families who want to be close to the city and feel far away—and Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes, for the architecturally-included.


Highly bike-friendly and known for its very active arts community—think theater, dance, fine arts and more—there’s a lot for progressive-minded families to see, do and experience daily. Another fun fact? Ernest Hemingway was born here.


There are hundreds of towns to choose from. How do you figure it all out? You simply don’t, without getting a Suburban Jungle Strategist to help you through it all. Schedule here for your strategy session with our innovative suburbs strategy team. All services are completely free.


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