Life in the Suburbs with Your Favorite Furry Friends

Jan 1, 2019

Must love dogs (or cats!). Here at Suburban Jungle HQ, we are obsessed with our furry friends. So, how could we not share what life is like living in the suburbs with our cutest, furriest creatures?


You have a pet. You’re just as obsessed as we are (no shame). You’d rather stay in, climb into bed, and cuddle with your furry friend(s) than go out for date night. Or, maybe your kids convinced you to get a puppy? They were good about taking care of it for, like, five minutes, but now it’s another one of your children. Whatever your pet situation, your canine, feline, porcine, etc. are a member of the family. That means Fluffy is along for the ride when you relocate. Just like you have to adjust to your new surroundings, your pets do, too. The NY Post recently reported that couples are moving to the suburbs for their dogs and we don’t blame them.

Suburban life has benefits for your pet that the hustle, bustle, and honking of the city cannot offer (read: a backyard and fresh air). In addition to more space to run with the wind, your pet will discover quieter surroundings perfect for an afternoon cat nap.


Photo: Michelle Kay Photo


Many newer animal-friendly suburban parks go out of their way to offer furry companions an experience as nice as ones enjoyed by their human escorts. One of our resident dog-lovers lives in Montclair, NY and cannot stop talking about how pet-friendly her town is. She frequents the Brookedale dog park (pictured above). The park is fully fenced with a separate area for small dogs, agility equipment, running water, waste bags, and gravel mulch.

Our favorite suburbs offer pet-friendly restaurants, activities (like local meetups) and services designed to support and welcome pets and pet owners alike.


Gofer Ice Cream located in Greenwich, CT offers a dog-friendly dessert menu, including their signature flavor, Biscuits ‘n Cream,” a frozen confection mixed with dog biscuit crumbs and, of course, shaped like a dog bone. Bone appetit!


Our four-legged friends also help with FOMO (fear of missing out). Your pet is a constant companion in the suburbs that can keep you company during a Netflix binge or a quiet walk around your neighborhood. Nothing is better than coming home to a pet eagerly waiting at the doorstep to greet us after a long day.


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