Why Families Love Living in San Fernando Valley

Oct 22, 2021

Moving to the Valley comes with some serious perks…

We hear it a lot: LA families who never pictured themselves leaving the city — until, one day, it just clicked. The good news? There are so many amazing communities just outside metro LA that offer urban-level perks — think world-class restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more — along with the space, schools, and other suburban amenities you’re looking for. A perfect example? The San Fernando Valley. Here’s why LA families love living in San Fernando Valley.

#1. Every town has a unique personality…
The “suburbs” aren’t a cookie-cutter place — especially in the Valley. Here, every neighborhood has its own distinct vibe. Burbank, for example, is a major media capital with plenty of small-town-style charm — think family-run local shops like Romancing The Bean plus parks and A+ schools. Or look at Northridge, well-known for its top-rated school system. And if you want easy access to both the mountains and the beach, add Calabasas to your list.

#2. A lower cost of living… (really)
While it’s not inexpensive to live here, the overall cost of living is about 20% less than it is in LA. The biggest cost savings? Housing, which is about 42% less in the Valley than it is in the city.

#3. Parking (and traffic) are more manageable
Battling traffic and navigating parking is a reality of city living. While it’s not 100% stress-free in the suburbs, most towns have permit options — and fewer permit zones — and lower-cost parking, even in cities. Plus, in a house or condo, you’ll likely have parking, versus having to rent a spot in the city.

#4. Outdoorsy families love it here
If your family enjoys being active, this is an area worth checking out. From hikes in Ojai to easy access to Malibu beaches, there’s something for every type of outdoor enthusiast. Beyond that, many of these communities are very bike- and pedestrian-friendly and offer ample spots to walk and run. Lake Balboa/Anthony C. Beilenson Park is one great option with beautiful running trails, a fishing lake, sports fields, BBQ pits, and more.

#5. Endless entertainment
LA doesn’t have a monopoly on the arts. The Valley is packed with culture. Check out The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, San Fernando Mission, or Nethercutt Museum for a taste of what this area has to offer. And when the kids want some thrills, Magic Mountain in Valencia is close by.

You’ll also find lots of renowned global restaurants. Mizlala for elevated Middle Eastern dishes and the chef-driven Petit Trois are just a few of the hot spots. And if you work in entertainment? Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, and DreamWorks, are all based in this area.

Curious about the San Fernando Valley? We’re here to help you find the perfect ‘burb for your family. Schedule your FREE Suburbs Strategy session today to get started.

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