Why Moms Love the Rivertowns, NY

May 12, 2019

There’s a reason moms love living in these amazing NYC suburbs!


If the popular show in the 50’s Father Knows Best was created today, it would definitely be called Mom Know Best. Our instincts are razor sharp and we just know what works and doesn’t work for our family when moving to a new area, well, on a good day. In any case, if you’re doing anything new with your life, check in with moms you trust. And then your partner can come next, of course! (wink) I polled some of my favorite mamas in the area to get the scoop on why they love the Rivertowns and here’s what they said:



The schools in the Rivertowns area are great and ranked well. Selena Coul, a Hastings-on-Hudson mom and photographer says, “My son Alex grew up in Tribeca and he attended Leman since Kindergarten. I can honestly say that the quality of education and attention Alex has received for the last 4 years in Hastings is better than anything he ever experienced in his former school. The day we visited Hastings for the first time and within the first 10 minutes of walking the hills, my son’s words made the choice for me. He said: ‘Wow, mom, I can actually hear myself think up here.’ The rest is history.”



I’m a city girl at heart, which is exactly why I need some nature around me to calm me down! Meghan Covington, a local trainer, and yoga-teacher who recently moved to Ardsley says, “I love living in the Rivertowns because of all the opportunities my family has to connect with nature. We walk the Old Croton Aqueduct. We picnic by the Hudson. We even get to chase deer and bunnies in our own backyard. The outdoor adventures are seemingly endless!”


You might think it’s not as easy to make friends when you hit a certain age, but not in this area. “What stands out the most is the close-knit, warm community. As a working mom, I was apprehensive that there would be limited opportunities to meet people, but the complete opposite has been true. There’s a local MOMS’ Club for the Rivertowns, a Dobbs Moms’ Night Out every third Thursday (and one for dads!), and an active community that regularly organizes local events. I’m also lucky that I have the most amazing neighbors. These days, it’s hard to find a weekend where we don’t have a play date or dinner plans with friends,” says Dobbs Ferry resident and head of PR at Ollie Jacalyn Lee.



Laid Back Lifestyle

Once you get off that train from the city, the pace of life has decreased a few notches, which isn’t for everyone, but was exactly what I wanted. Maybe the Hudson River puts us all in some sort of relaxing state, but we’re all a bit more chill in the Rivertowns! There’s a strong sense of community and warmth, making it great for moms looking for a laidback lifestyle, while still being close to the city.

The Living is Easy

Along with that calm, comes an ease of life and fewer crowds, yes, even at Costco. My hairdresser and Hastings-on-Hudson resident Daphne Shih says, “Household errands are a breeze even with kids! Everything is nearby with easy parking and no long lines. Schools are the biggest convenience. All the towns have great schools so there is no testing to get into a school. Once you move in (to the Rivertowns) you know where your kids will be until they graduate HS. Smaller communities allow many people to have eyes on your child, we all watch out for each other.”


Healthy Eating

Eating well is really easy in this area. You’ll find your gluten-free, Whole30 compliant, organic foods anywhere you look. Plus, we have some of the best farmers’ markets ever! “One of the things I love most about the Rivertowns is our magical farmers’ markets run by Pascale Le Draoulec. The Hastings and Irvington markets are like weekly town squares. Everyone is relaxed and off their phones, the live music is fantastic, and the array of farm-fresh ingredients can’t be beaten. You can find everything you want, and you’re sure to run into friends,” says Daniel Claro, a resident of Irvington and author of the book, The New Rules of Pregnancy: What to Eat, Do, Think About, and Let Go Of While Your Body Is Making a Baby.

Close to the City

As much as we were so ready to leave N.Y.C, we still like to be close by and visit. Well, some times. The Rivertowns are so attractive because they are only a quick 30-minute train ride away. Mom Alyssa Paolucci Mills and Ardsley resident says, “We love that the Rivertowns are so close to the city! Our son gets the best of both worlds, the beauty of suburbia and the culture and diversity of the city.”


The Rivertowns are mom-approved for all these reasons and more. Hope to see you and your family around town one day soon!


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