Looking for a Green Lifestyle? Check Out These Dallas Suburbs.

Mar 3, 2020

More and more, families are looking to achieve sustainable lifestyles—and many suburban communities are taking note.

In the Dallas suburbs, many residents and government leaders are making sustainability a major focal point, improving their communities’ environmental footprint while attracting families interested in “going green.” Some of the Dallas suburbs leading the charge? Irving, Plano, Allen and Garland, among other green-focused communities.

#1. Irving

Irving consistently tops the list of green “suburban cities”—and it’s easy to see why.

Among its push for composting, heavy emphasis on recycling and resident education surrounding all things energy efficient, Irving recently launched its City of Irving’s Green Seam Project. This massive effort was designed to curb waste in the community by converting scrap fabric into reusable bags—and those bags seem to pop up everywhere in town, speaking to the community pride behind the program. Expect to snag a Green Seam bag at area events and functions like seasonal markets, holiday events and more.

#2. Plano

Plano is a frequent recipient of the coveted 4-STAR rating from the STAR Communities Rating System. Only the second Texas city to receive this recognition, the STAR rating is a true nod to Plano’s commitment to sustainability—only the top sustainable cities in the U.S. are considered for this recognition.

While there are many unique green initiatives in Plano, one tends to be particularly appealing to new residents. The city offers a Smart Energy Loan Program to aid residents in improving their homes’ energy efficiency. Participants can get the funds they need to integrate energy-efficient solutions and add-ons, decreasing their carbon footprint—and, typically, their bills. It’s a win/win, and one that’s keeping Plano on the map when it comes to green suburbs.

#3. Allen

Allen also gets major kudos for being one of the greenest communities in Texas. Celebration Park in Allen was recently named an Environmentally Sustainable Sports Facility, and the city continues to focus on green building best practices, whether its a new commercial or residential property.

In addition, the City of Allen encourages community participation in its sustainability initiatives. The city has a number of community-led environmental groups and programs including the Allen Garden Club, Keep All Beautiful, Collin County Master Gardeners and water conservation programs—think rebate offers, neighborhood outreach and a Sustainable Landscape Series hosted by the Water Conservation Department.

#4. Garland

As Garland grows, the community is increasingly focused on green initiatives. Its Envision Garland and its Efficiency Idea Book showcases—for residents—the power of sustainability and that “going green” is far from a flash-in-the-pan trend. This added education has given countless Garland families actionable insights they can apply to their own homes—ways to recycle more easily, steps for composting in their backyards and simple strategies to save energy, save water and save money in the process.

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